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Episode 1: The Next King of Games

"Okay, I've got my deck, my gear and I've got about 2 minutes to get to the Duel Academy entrance exams before they start," Jaden says. Oh well, at least since he's not a student yet, they can't throw him in detention hall for being late! He races off and the infamous Yugi Muto makes a cameo appearance. Jaden bumps into him and apologizes. He notices a Winged Kuriboh card "You're a duelist aren't you?" asked Yugi.  Yup, Jaden's going to try out at the Academy. Jaden recognizes Yugi and Yugi asks him to take the Winged Kuriboh card telling him he feels it belongs with Jaden. Jaden thanks him and Yugi gives him a thumb's up and leaves. Jaden hears a noise. What was it? He looks at his watch. He's going to be late for the exam! He can't be the next king of games if he late to the games! At Duel Academy, the announcer tells those who passed their exam to proceed to registration and those who have failed to go home.

Meanwhile, Syrus is dueling another applicant who summons Leghul (0300) in Attack Mode and attacks Syrus directly. Syrus can't concentrate with everyone staring... judging him! What he wouldn't give to be already enrolled in an academy like this! "Last call for all participants," the announcer says. The two men standing near a fence say that's all of them and tells the women to mark all no shows no shows. "Wait!" Jaden yells. He's not a no show! They can count Jaden as present, as long as he doesn't lose his grip! Elsewhere, Bastion Misawa is dueling.


 (Which I'd like to note the change in the Lifepoint graphic at 3:44 into the episodes but why we have to have something high-tech looking is beyond me -_-.) Anyway, the applicant gives him 3 options: Throw in the towel, beg for mercy or run to mom. Bastion says he'll go with none of the above and activates Ring of Destruction, which shown at 4:04 into the episode gets modified for US. It allows him to destroy any Monster that's in Attack Mode (the real card lets you destroy a Monster regardless of position) and both players take damage equal to that Monster's ATK points. Bastion wins the duel and the opponent congratulates him.


Up in the audience, Chazz and his friends are talking about Bastion's duel. Chazz calls him a punk telling them they don't know what they're in for but they'll learn the Chazz Princeton way. Syrus says that Bastion got the highest score on the entrance exam of anyone. Syrus has no clue how he won his match since he has a thing for test anxiety. "So what, you're in, I'll be in too as soon as I win my duel," Jaden says. Syrus asks him about not being in yet. "Nah," says Jaden. "You might have a problem, I think that was supposed to be the last one," said Syrus. Crowler gets interrupted by one of the guards telling him that one more person has arrived to take his exam. Crowler questions him on calling him "mister" and telling him that he earned a PhD in dueling and therefore deserves the title "Dr.". Come on Dr. Crowler, they have time for one more. He was just a little late!


Crowler exclaims that late is rude and gets a call from Chancellor Sheppard who tells him to make sure everyone gets a fair shot. "Absolutely" Crowler says. Doesn't he realize there are enough talentless flunkies at this academy? Two of the students question Crowler on who to duel Jaden and with what exam deck. Crowler says to leave it to him. "Tight duel, Bastion," Jaden says. From the looks of it, he might be the second best duelist here. The announcer calls Jaden to booth 34.

As Jaden races off, Bastion asks him who's first. "Yours truly," Jaden says and races off. Crowler questions his name and Jaden gives it to him as does his own. He then tells Jaden that he is department chair of techniques at Duel Academy. Jaden says he didn't realize that that's who Crowler was and by the way Crowler was dressed, he thought Crowler was some weird mascot. Crowler isn't happy at hearing this. He turns on his duel vest and Jaden asks where he can get one and Crowler responds with hard work and high marks. Of course, Jaden has to get into the Academy first and he intends to make certain that it won't happen!


Jaden starts with Elemental Hero Avian (1000) in Defense Mode and this is the first episode in which the ATK and DEF are shown. The ATK/DEF graphic, shown at 8:46 into the episode, has been redesigned for US. He sets 1 card and ends his turn. Crowler draws and activates Confiscation, letting him look at Jaden's hand and toss one of his cards into the Graveyard by paying 1000 Life Points. He selects Monster Reborn. Then he sets 2 cards face down and uses Heavy Storm, destroying all other Spell and Trap Cards on the field.


Oops! It actually destroys all Spell and Trap Cards) "Whoops," Jaden says. Didn't Crowler realize he had face down cards too? Crowler informs him that nothing's happening.....not yet! Syrus asks what's going on and Bastion tells him they are Statue of the Wicked, which summon a token to the controller's field when destroyed. Chazz's friends say no one can defeat the deck of an expert like Dr. Crowler and ask for Chazz's opinion. Chazz says that he'll enjoy watching Crowler mop the floor with Jaden and wishes that he treated all second-rate duelists at the academy the same way.

Alexis says what a snob Crowler is for using his best cards against someone like Jaden but Zane tells her she's too soft. Crowler asks Jaden if he's ready for his next lesson. "You bet!" says Jaden. Crowler then tributes his tokens for Ancient Gear Golem (3000) in Attack Mode. This time, the graphic only shows one or the other or in this case, ATK as it does for the remainder of the season. He questions Jaden if he's scared of his Monster but Jaden tells him he's always wanted to take one on! Crowler attacks and destroys Jaden's Avian. Syrus says that Jaden's Monster didn't stand a chance. It doesn't look good for Jaden. "It's about to get a lot worse," Bastion says.


If Gear Golem attacks a Monster in Defense Mode, the difference between its ATK points and the defending Monster's DEF points are dealt to the opponent's damage. "Then, that means...Jaden's Life Points are going to take a hit! Jaden's Life Points drop to 2000. Jaden draws and hears the noise again. Finally realizing it's Winged Kuriboh making the noise, he plays him (0200) in Defense Mode and ends his turn.


Crowler draws and attacks Winged Kuriboh, destroying it but Jaden's Life Points don't drop. He tells Jaden to check his gear. Jaden says his gear is fine and explains that during the turn Winged Kuriboh is destroyed, he doesn't take damage. (In the TCG, Jaden would've lost because Winged Kuriboh has to hit the Graveyard for his effect to activate and since Kuriboh had only 200 DEF, Jaden would've lost the duel.)


Nonetheless, destroying Winged Kuriboh activates Jaden's Hero Signal card, allowing him to summon Elemental Hero Burstinatrix (1200) in Attack Mode. He draws and uses The Warrior Returning Alive to bring Avian back to his hand. He summons him in Defense Mode and uses Poly to fuse them for Elemental Hero Flame Wingman (2100) in Attack Mode, a level 8 Monster (Flame Wingman is Level 6 in the TCG.) Crowler asks Jaden if he's done yet. Jaden says of course he's not done yet and activates Skyscraper.


He attacks and Crowler says its fine with him for Skyscraper hasn't lowered his Gear Golem's ATK by one point. Jaden agrees but what Skyscraper has done is raised his Flame Wingman's ATK by 1000! Gear Golem is destroyed and Jaden wins the duel. Everyone is shocked. "It must've been dumb luck," Chazz says. No way Crowler loses to some flunkie! Everyone cheers. Jaden made it into the Academy!