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Episode 1: The Next King of Games

Freshmen Jaden Yuki is running late to his entrance exam at Duel Academy when he runs into an older Yugi Muto and receives a Winged Kuriboh card. After finding nothing to confirm the noise he hears, Jaden remembers the exam he's late for and arrives, only to find out he may be too late. Bastion successfuly defeats his opponent and Dr. Crowler is all set to deny anymore students from applying when Chancellor Sheppard calls to make sure everyone gets a fair chance to prove themselves. Jaden gets his Duel but he's facing Dr. Crowler using his own Deck. Everyone watches with anticipation, wondering if they'll see Crowler's Ancient Gear Golem. Jaden struggles as his cards prove to be no match for Crowler's, especailly when Ancient Gear Golem is Summoned. However, Jaden manages to survive long enough to pull out a victory with a Fusion Monster and a Field Spell that gives his monster 1000 ATK when battling a stronger monster. Not everyone is so impressed but Jaden has made it into Duel Academy.

Episode Cards
DUEL 1:  Bastion's opponent: Leghul
Bastion: Ring of Destruction
DUEL 2:  Jaden: EHA, WK, HeSi, EHB (via HeSi), TWRA,
Polymerization, EHFW, Skyscraper
Dr. Crowler: Confiscation, Heavy Storm, Statue of the Wicked (2 copies), AGG
Deviations from the TCG
1. Players started with only 4000 LP.
2. Elemental Hero Flame Wingman had different artwork and was Level 8.
3. Winged Kuriboh was also a Duel Spirit and reduced battle damage the turn it was destroyed to 0, even during its own battle.
1. In the Dub, Bastion says Ring of Destruction destroys a monster that's in Attack Mode when actually it can destroy monsters in Defense Mode as well.