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Episode 194: One Step Ahead (1)

With the duel before the championship duel upon them, Zigfried and Leon have taken to the Kaiba Dome, which opens up and Kaiba drops in to stop the duel, declaring it invalid as Zigfried entered under a false name and is really Zigfried von Schroeder of Schroeder Corp, which doesn't get much talk these days (and thus his true name will be used for this Duel's Episode Cards). After declaring Leon the winner, Kaiba agrees not to have Zigfried arrested if Zigfried never shows his face anywhere near Kaiba but Zigfried laughs, saying that Kaiba has been exposed as a coward instead of facing him but Kaiba is throwing Zigfried out because he doesn't like him not because he's scared of him.

Instead, Kaiba agrees to duel Zigfried with Zigfried staying if he wins and disappearing forever if he loses. The duel preparations are made with a coin toss and shuffling of decks before Zigfried lets Kaiba go first despite winning the coin toss. Kaiba draws and summons X-Head Cannon (1800) in Attack Mode before setting 2 cards to end his turn. Zigfried draws and activates Ride of the Valkyries to Special Summon Valkyrie Zwei, Valkyrie Erste and Valkyrie Dritte (1600 x2) and (1000) respectively in Attack Mode.

Due to VZ's effect, Kaiba's XHC is destroyed. VE's effect removes XHC from Kaiba's Graveyard and makes its ATK equal to XHC, putting its ATK to 1800 and VD's effect gives it 100 ATK for each of Kaiba's removed from play monsters, raising its ATK to 1100. (Helios the Primordial Sun has this effect in the CG but it's ATK and DEF are undefined.) Zigfried's attack with VZ prompts Kaiba to activate Negate Attack but Zigfried's monsters are still on the field as Zigfried activated Mischief of the Time Goddess to obtain a second Battle Phase and skip Kaiba's turn.

Zigfried attacks again but Kaiba activates Magical Trick Mirror to activate MotTG's effect and skip Zigfried's turn. Kaiba draws and plays Z-Metal Tank (1300) in Defense Mode, then plays Clone Dragon (????) in Defense Mode by its effect and it takes on Z-Metal Tank's appearance and other info, giving it 1300 DEF and the appearance of ZMT. Zigfried draws and plays Valkyrie's Embrace to put VD to Defense Mode and remove from play Kaiba's ZMT.

Next his attacks destroy Kaiba's Clone Dragon and leave Kaiba down to 2400 LPs.Kaiba draws and summons Pitch-Dark Dragon (600) in Defense Mode, then sets 1 card to end his turn. Zigfried draws and attacks, destroying PDD and letting Kaiba activate Flat Lv 4 to let him play Y-Dragon Head (1600) in Defense Mode and Zigfried play another Valkyrie Dritte in Attack Mode.Kaiba draws and uses Dimension Fusion to pay 2000 LPs and bring back X-Head Cannon and Z-Metal Tank from being removed from play, bringing his score down to 400.


Next he plays Soul Absorption, giving him 500 LPs each time a card is removed from play, then removes from play all 3 of his monsters for XYZ-Dragon Cannon (2800) in Attack Mode, raising his score by 1500 to 1900 by SA's effect. (The real SA gives you 500 Life Points each time 1 or more cards are removed from play.)  His attack destroys VD and bringing Zigfried down to 2500 LPs. Kaiba has been one step ahead of Zigfried, even when Zigfried was proposing the dueling hologram technology. 

Zigfried draws and plays Nibelung's Treasure, letting him equip Nibelung's Ring to Kaiba's XYZDC. Yugi knows Kaiba isn't out of danger as it's Zigfried's turn and Zigfried tributes one of his Valkyries for Fortune Chariot (0000) in Attack Mode and equips it to VZ, letting it attack Kaiba directly by halving its ATK to 800, leaving Kaiba down to 1100. Zigfried doesn't usually kick a man when he's down but makes an exception and uses Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Kaiba's SA card. Since Kaiba can't replenish his LPs, who's one step ahead now?