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Episode 194: One Step Ahead (1)

All that's left in the tournament is the championship match between Leon and his brother Zigfried but Kaiba intervenes as Zigfried had entered the tournament with a different name than the one he was born with. Zigfried questions Kaiba's decision and ridicules him when he finds out what Kaiba's answer is. As a compromise, Leon is automatically set to Duel Yami but Kaiba faces Zigfried for the rights to stay in the tournament. Both Duelists start off strong but Zigfried quickly gets the edge and a 2nd turn thanks to a Spell Card, leaving Kaiba struggling to mount a solid defense. Kaiba soon brings out a powerful monster but still ends up down less than half his LP. Zigfried sees through Kaiba's strategy and takes away the key card in it.

Episode Cards
DUEL 1: Kaiba: XHC (2x, 1 via DiFu), NA, MTM, MotTG (via MTM), ZMT (2x, 1 via DiFu),
lDr (via its effect), PDD, Flat Lv 4, YDH (via Flat Lv 4), DiFu, SoAb, XYZDC

                Zigfried: RotV, VZ, VE, MotTG, VD (3x, 1 via Flat Lv 4, 1 via RotV), VE, NT, NR (via NT), FC,                                MST
Deviations from the TCG
1. Players started with only 4000 LP.
2. Mischief of the Time Goddess didn't require the owner to have Valkyrie monsters out.
3. XYZ-Dragon Cannon appeared by combining its Fusion Materials.
4. Zigfried's Valkyrie cards had different artwork.
5. Fortune Chariot halved the affected monster's ATK.