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Episode 177: A Duel with Dartz (1)

At the former duel, Tea` realizes the building is collapsing and the group take Raphael's advice to get out while they still can but the building's only ride down crumbles and the roof opens up. Just when it might be the end, Roland appears from inside Kaiba's helicopter and lands on the helicopter pad a few feet away. While the others are scrambling inside, Yami is steadily carrying Raphael up the steps but the steps give way before they reach the top so Raphael throws Yami to the helicopter pad before he finds himself clinging to the pad with one hand. He hands Yami some kind of computer chip that is necessary to take out Dartz before falling into the abyss below. The copter lifts off the ground but hovers close enough for Yami to jump before the ledge gives way.


On board, the gang get to see what Paradias HQ really looks like before Yami hands Kaiba the computer chip for analysis. The results yield a map and Kaiba orders Roland to follow it and it takes Roland a bit to physically grasp Kaiba's device first. They aren't the only chopper in the sky as several others appear and their pilots ask for the group to follow. Meanwhile, Duke is swerving on the road and stops to be surrounded by Orichalcos Soldiers so Rebecca gets out to face them with her Duel Monsters cards but stops as Dartz calls his Orichalcos Soldiers back. On the ground, Raphael has made it and is carrying the lifeless Mai Valentine. The helicopters land on an aircraft carrier and learn of their situation. With little more said, the group board their helicopter and resume their journey, into a storm that appeared when they landed.

At last they arrive and enter, finding the wall of souls. Dartz appears, stating that the souls have already been put to use so they cannot be released. The lights are turned on and the gang see just how many souls were captured over those 10K years. Dartz proposes a duel and Kaiba accepts but Yami joins in as he feels Dartz is too dangerous to duel against alone. As they get set up, Valon is placed in the back seat of a car as Raphael vows to make Dartz pay. Back in the "Soul Room", Kaiba begins the duel with White Dragon Ritual, discarding the Vorse Raider in his hand for Paladin of White Dragon (1900) in Attack Mode. Finally he uses Paladin's effect to tribute itself for Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000) in Attack Mode. Yami draws and uses Black Luster Ritual, sending his in-hand Valkyrion the Manga Warrior to the Grave for Black Luster Soldier (3000) in Attack Mode and sets 1 card to end his turn (but you are given no indication of this until later).

Dartz plays the card that has existed since the dawn of time and the card that will take Yami and Kaibas' souls, the Seal of Orichalcos, creating a shock to everyone around it and blowing out the flames. Next he plays Orichalcos Gigas (400) in Attack Mode, getting the 500 ATK boost from the Seal to 900 (although it's shown to be in Defense Mode as shown at around 15:27 into the episode and I'll note that the card also has the writing in place of its ATK and DEF).

Then he pays 500 LPs, bringing his score down to 3500 and summoning Orichalcos Kyutora (which also has the writing on it instead of ATK and DEF like Gigas) (1000) in Defense Mode in his back row to end his turn. Kaiba draws and laughs, saying that no one has mastered Duel Monsters like he has and uses Poly to send his 3 Blue-Eyes (2 in hand and one in play) to the Graveyard for Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (4500) in Attack Mode. Yami draws and uses his Poly to send his and Kaibas' monsters to the Grave for Master of Dragon Soldier (Dragon Master Knight in the CG) (5000) in Attack Mode.

Then he activates his hidden card, Meteorain, inflicting the extra Battle Damage to Dartz when MoDS/DMK attacks a Defense Position monster (they plan to attack Gigas, which has 1500 DEF but you don't see that number on the card). Their attack is revealed to be in vein but the gang are taken to outer space as Dartz explains they haven't left and they're seeing a vision from the Orichalcos. This is the day Dartz first encountered its power and it opened his eyes and isn't surprised that Yami doesn't buy it and shows them how Atlantis looked 10 millennia ago and once he defeats Yami and Kaiba, paradise shall return!