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Episode 103: Freeze Play (2)

Outside, Kaiba and Mokuba find a conveniently placed house in the woods but when they open the front door, it's another visit from their past, their stepfather's old house. In the vision, young Kaiba and Mokuba are walking through before YK is enduring a math lesson at 3:30 AM when the butler interrupts to keep YK awake. The butler doesn't have any patience for slackers but YK says he doesn't slack.Later, Gozaburo has gotten word of YK's slacking and removes his free time on weekends as discipline. He must have discipline to crush his enemies and trust no one, including Gozaburo (then why bother telling YK this if he shouldn't trust you, though I bet he already doesn't).

The butler has finished and takes the box of toys away, telling YK its for his own good and advises not to disappoint his stepfather. YM doesn't like how YK is being treated and goes to make his brother smile.

Just when YK can't take another textbook, the butler hands him the last textbook of the night with one lesson still to go an hour away from then. Still, YK can't take anymore and tosses the book aside, where it lands on the floor, open to a page that's been  cut open, revealing his Duel Monster cards, including a hand-drawn Blue-Eyes White Dragon card and a note. Someday he'll own the real card but Noah appears, applauding the show Kaiba and Mokuba gave him and says it'll be a very bumpy ride as the duo will see every moment of their lives. Meanwhile, Yugi and Yami slowly figure out what the doors mean before Yugi summons Obnoxious Celtic Guardian (" ") and uses it to destroy the Firegrass monster behind the door. Yugi darts through the door while the score of the duel stands with Tea` at 2250, Crump at 2200.

All Tea` can do is set a monster. Crump promptly takes out Tea`'s hidden Skelengel, whose flip-effect lets Tea` draw 1 card. Tea` draws Maha Vailo, quick to dismiss it as good enough until she remembers a conversation she had with Yugi about it. Next, she summons Maha Vailo (1550) in Attack Mode and equips it with Magic Formula, raising its ATK by 500 to 2050, then 2550 by MV's effect. (The real MF can only be equipped to Dark Magician or Dark Magician Girl and raises its ATK by 700.) Her attack takes out Flying Penguin, leaving Crump a bit fried and down to 1850 LPs. She's safe for now.

Back in the hallways, Yugi finds the 3-star door and summons Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight (2300) in Attack Mode and attacks but Yami's warning comes too late and Gaia is destroyed by Mirror Force from the door. Now the door powers up its Dark King of the Abyss with an Equip Spell but Yugi is ready by playing Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts (1500) and Berformet (1400), then using Polymerization for Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast (2100) and taking out the DKotA to go through the door. They find the four-star door and Yugi goes to play Dark Magician but is convinced to play Heavy Storm to get rid of all Spell and Trap Cards in play. Next he summons 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom (800) in Attack Mode and uses its effect to get rid of the Flash Assailant that attacks it.


 (The real 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom must be Set before its effect can be used.) At last, the duo reach more-or-less where Tea` is and tries telling her to be strong. Crump summons Bolt Penguin (800) in Defense Mode, then sets 1 card to end his turn. Tea` attacks, destroying VP and activating Crump's face down Revenge Sacrifice card, destroying MV since it destroyed his monster and letting him play Defender Iceberg (2450) in Defense Mode. For his turn, Crump sets 1 card and summons Penguin Torpedo (550) in Attack Mode, getting 200 more ATK to 750 by his Deck Master's effect. Due to PT's effect, it can attack directly and does, leaving Tea`'s score down to 1500 and increasing the ice around her body to around her waist. Tea draws, out of options, (well both those cards aren't all THAT bad, especially Graceful Charity) and moves her Deck Master Dark Magician Girl to the field in Attack Mode.

Crump uses Ocean of Regeneration to bring back Penguin Torpedo (though it's not explained how it got in the Grave, perhaps it self-destructs after attacking directly) and uses it to attack directly again, leaving Tea` down to 750, not hesitating to throw in an iced tea joke. DMG says the card she first picked can save them (not Mirror Force, which was the card for US audiences since that was already destroyed earlier). She needs the Sages Stone card so DMG uses her other Deck Master ability to let Tea` draw 1 card for each monster called upon in her Grave for a total of 4 new cards. She draws and uses Sage's Stone, bringing out Dark Magician (2500) from Yugi's deck to her field in Attack Mode. (The real card can only bring out Dark Magician from your hand or your Deck.) Her attacks with DM and DMG win the duel and Crump vanishes while she collapses. She awakens to seeing Yugi and is glad to see him. Noah is just getting warmed up, they'll never escape!

Episode 103's Episode Cards