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Episode 104: Courtroom Chaos (1)

In his lair, Noah is regretting that he hired the Big Five and figures it's time to do things himself but Johnson interrupts, requesting to make up for the others' failures (though Gansley's defeat isn't as embarrassing as Noah claims because Gansley lost to the King of Games but I guess Noah has already forgotten this) and after some disagreement, is allowed to take part. Noah can't allow Yugi and his friends to make him look like a failure. Kaiba tries in vain to contact the airship.Meanwhile, Joey continues barking orders and name-calling when he kicks a wall that crumbles to the floor, revealing a door that Joey discovers hides the airship. He steps into the airship to find the door to Mai's room open and remembers how Mai got to her current state. To his surprise, she gets up but her voice isn't hers and Joey learns that it's really Johnson, attorney of Kaiba Corp. Joey declines both  Johnson's offer to take his business card and to speak further.

The room begins spinning as Johnson says he treats Duel Monsters like a trial and dueling in a courtroom is fitting. He takes his spot and turns into his Deck Master Judge Man (a little redundant I think). Before they can begin, Joey needs a Deck Master and he chooses Flame Swordsman (which at 7:45 into the US is again a Normal Monster). With the duel ready, Johnson starts by playing Hysteric Fairy (not Hysteric Angel, its Japanese name, as Johnson says at around 8:28 into the US episode, although the card's artwork is still in Japanese as shown at 8:27 into the US episode) (1800) in Attack Mode. Joey plays Gearfried the Iron Knight (1800) in Attack Mode, then uses his Deck Master's ability to drain its own ATK by 500 down to 1300 and add that to GtIK, giving it 2300 ATK.

His attack takes out HF, leaving Johnson's score down to 3500. Johnson sets 1 monster to end his turn. Joey brings out Little-Winguard (1400) in Attack Mode and gives it 300 ATK with his Deck Master's ability, giving FS now 1000 ATK and LW 1700 ATK. (The real Little-Winguard is an Effect Monster.) His attack with LW, taking out Johnson's hidden Skelengel (400) in Defense Mode and activating its flip-effect to let Johnson draw 1 card. His direct attack with Gearfried leaves Johnson down to 1200 LPs. Joey doesn't realize that Johnson has let Joey get ahead and Johnson plays Mystical Elf (2000) in Defense Mode, then sets 1 card to end his turn.


Elsewhere, Yugi and Tea` would give anything for a hot chocolate but gives Tea` his jacket to keep warm but is still worried about his friends as some are just beginners and will be trapped here if they lose. While they hope for the best, Tristan, Duke and Serenity are regretting their time in the lake as Tristan and shortly after Serenity have gotten sick. Kaiba and Mokuba find another door in their path and see the vision it holds to be of their office in Kaiba Corp but it's Gozaburo in the seat and young Kaiba talking to him in a soon-to-be-argument. (To be fair, if Kaiba were to take over the company, why would he have to run it like you do when he'd be the one in charge?)


Back in the virtual world, Kaiba realizes that Gozaburo had later stolen his own idea and claimed it as his own. He demands Noah to face him and Noah will, all in good time. In the courtroom, Joey thinks he needs to take out Johnson's monster (no, his face down card is a bigger threat and should be the first on your mind to get rid of). He summons Rocket Warrior (1500) in Attack Mode and goes to attack with Gearfried but Johnson uses his Deck Master's ability (you really thought you'd have the only Deck Master with abilities, Joey?) to pay 1000 Life Points and destroy all of Joey's monsters, leaving his own score down to 200 and Joey's down to 2500 after Joey tries recalling his multiples of 5. Joey also has a Bottomless Trap Hole card, which he sets face down.


 Still out in the cold, Yugi and Tea` discover a door and  see that it leads right into the courtroom featuring Joey's duel. Johnson summons Curtain of the Dark Ones (600) in Attack Mode, then uses Polymerization for Kamionwizard (1300) in Attack Mode, too weak for Joey's BTH card. Next he activates Sinister Justice, letting his Fusion Monster attack the turn it was summoned and the direct attack leaves Joey's score down to 1200. Plus, since his Fusion Monster attacked directly, Johnson gets 800 LPs, bringing his score up to 1000. Johnson then sets 1 card to end his turn. If it wasn't for the Spell Card (not Trap Card as Joey says at 19:43 into the US episode), Joey would've won the duel. Johnson planned this all along and has far worse in store for Joey!

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