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Episode 104: Courtroom Chaos (1)

Noah is having second-thoughts about The Big Five and is ready to do everything else himself. Johnson interrupts, pleading to Duel someone to make up for Gansley's failure. Noah agrees but it's not soon enough for Joey, whom kicks down a a wall that revreals a door in front of the airship. While Kaiba and Mokuba try in vain to contact the airship, Joey encounters Johnson, whom brings their Duel to a courtroom and transforms into Judge Man. Joey starts to get the upper hand thanks to his Deck Master's ability but Johnson's Deck Master ability takes away all his hard work and puts Joey in a tight spot.

Episode Cards
Joey: Gearfried the Iron Knight, Little-Winguard, Rocket Warrior
Johnson/Judge Man: Hysteric Fairy, Skelengel, Mystical Elf, Curtain of the Dark Ones, Polymerization, Kamionwizard, Sinister Justice
Deviations from the TCG
1. Players started with only 4000 LP and were forced to choose a monster to serve as their Deck Master.
2. If their Deck Master was destroyed, the Duelist lost the Duel automatically.
3. Little-Winguard was a Normal Monster with different artwork.
4. Flame Swordsman could transfer any amount of its ATK to another monster.
5. Judge Man allowed the owner to pay 1000 LP to destroy all the opponent's monsters and deal the opponent 500 damage per monster destroyed.

6. Polymerization had different artwork in the Dub.
7. Hysteric Fairy was called "Hysteric Angel" in the Dub.