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Episode 99: Isolated in Cyber Space (1)

The Big Five snicker before Crump says their odds of victory are 0% and falling sharply. (What? If the odds are 0%, then it can't fall at all! So contrary to what Gansley says next, it was NOT well put.) It's only a matter of time before they escape from their virtual prison and Kaiba remarks that they  haven't changed a bit but when Joey adds that they're gong down, he learns that he's mistaken and the others soon follow on different paths. When each of them land, they scope out the area with Noah watching all of them, deciding which to be first to duel before picking Yugi Muto.

Yugi can't believe it's all virtual but Gansley protests he'd better get used to it once he's trapped forever. When not immediately recognized, Gansely explains that he's taken the form of Deepsea Warrior but that doesn't scare Yugi, whom remarks that Gansely is a feeble old man behind the disguise, then becomes Yami. Since Gansley has already taken the form of a monster, he'll be the duelist and Deck Master. Yami chooses his cards and goes to choose Dark Magician for his Deck Master but Kuriboh intercepts, coming out of his card and is forced to be Yami's Deck Master instead. Gansely goes first by setting a monster in Defense Mode (since you cannot summon face-down without a card effect saying so).

Yami plays Obnoxious Celtic Guardian (Obnoxious Celtic Guard in the CG, due to not wanting to include it in Arsenal Summoner's effect) (1400) in Attack Mode. His attack takes out Gansley's hidden Ashinigray (500) in Defense Mode, triggering its ability that forces Yami to discard 1 card and bring out another Ashinigray face down. (Its stats are revealed later.) Meanwhile, Serenity is finding her area pleasant but can't fathom that it's not real but when dark clouds form, she realizes it's not so friendly and must find Joey, wherever he is. Even Joey doesn't know where he is or what happened. He demands the Big Five show themselves but no response. Elsewhere, Tristan and Duke aren't having any luck finding Serenity but are determined to do so. Mokuba wants to know what Noah wants in all this but Kaiba has no answer but guesses it's to be as powerful as he is.


Back at the duel, Gansley summons Ipiria (500) in Attack Mode, letting him draw 1 card. Then he flip-summons his face down Ashinigray from before, forcing Yami to discard another card. Back inside the hallway, Duke has given up searching when Tristan gets an idea to tear down the walls with the axe held by the nearby suit of armor.

Tea` meanwhile is not liking where she is, especially when a pack of Hitotsu-Me Giants hear her and give chase, throwing one of their weapons nearby and kicking up rock shrapnel that hits her on the cheek. Yami draws, using Polymerization to bring out Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast (2100) in Attack Mode. His attack prompts Gansley to activate his Deck Master ability, tributing 2 monsters and turning Yami's attack back at him directly, leaving his score down to 1900. One more attack and Yami's LPs will be wiped out, leaving him trapped here forever!

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