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Episode 100: Isolated in Cyber Space (2)

Yami is finally able to deal damage but Gansley quickly strengthens his defenses with a single monster effect. Meanwhile, Kaiba and Mokuba get a glimpse of their past playing chess. Elsewhere, Duke and Tristan work to find Serenity but are having no luck until they hear Serenity's cry for help as she is chased by Mad Sword Beast. They manage to escape being injured but not without getting wet. Tea` is having her own trouble against some Hitotsu-Me Giants that want her for their next meal and end up dropping her off to where they figure she can't escape. At the Duel, Yami finds an opening and attacks directly but faces his own monster's attacking instead. Worse still, Gansley now has 2 monsters thanks to his monster's effect.

Episode Cards
DUEL 1: Yami: None
               Gansley/Deepsea Warrior: RtSK (2 copies, 1 via its effect), Yowie, PB, Ipiria (via PB),
                                                          WoI (via RtSK)
Deviations from the TCG
1. Players started with only 4000 LP.
2. Deepsea Warrior was a Deck Master with the ability make the controller of an attacking monster take the attack by Tributing 2 monsters when about take a direct attack.

3. Mad Sword Beast was a virtual monster.