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Episode 43: Legendary Heroes (1)

Kaiba learns that his prototype virtual pods are ready for use but while things seem okay at the start, Kaiba soon finds that not everything is how he designed it. With Kaiba missing, Mokuba turns to Yugi and the gang for help. The group agrees to help, with Tristan and Tea` staying behind to guard the pods while the others are gone. Yugi, Joey and Mokuba arrive safely in the game and get a bit of deja vu when they face an army of invincible zombies. However, Joey helps take them down but is disappointed that they didn't earn much, even as they briefly look at the cards for sale.

As a bonus, there's added danger as their LP isn't restored after the battle and now they need a way to cross the desert. An old man tells them how they can get across but it involves winning the prized Niwatori card in a tournament. They agree to participate in it but not everyone likes the attire they've been given for competing. Soon enough, Joey faces off against Mai, a champion Duelist in the area.

Episode Cards
Kaiba: Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Yugi: Dark Magician
Mokuba: Rude Kaiser
Joey: Shield & Sword, Flame Swordsman
Deviations from the TCG
1. Flame Swordsman was a Normal Monster.
2. Shield & Sword had different artwork in the Dub.
3. Players started with only 2000 LP and could Normal Summon monsters of any Level without Tributing.