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Episode 44: Legendary Heroes (2)

Inside the pod room, Tea` and Tristan barricade the door as Pegasus' goons arrive at said door. Tea` hopes they're close to finding Kaiba for they don't know how long they'll be able to keep the goons back. Inside the Virtual Reality, Madame Butterfly remarks on Joey's costume but what Joey likes about butterflies is their lack of speaking roles. Their duel gets underway as Joey summons Flame Swordsman (which is back to a Fusion Monster) (1800) in Attack Mode and recognizes MB's opening play of Harpie Lady (1300) in Attack Mode but figures his monster can take her and attacks but MB activates Mirror Wall, halving FS' ATK to 900 and Joey realizes it must be Mai inside the costume. MB uses Rose Whip, giving HL 500 ATK to 1800 and attacks but calls it off when Joey reveals himself.

She's confident she can get the Niwatori card and orders her HL to snatch it with ease. They dart off and with the audience following, Joey uses Trap Hole and snares the group. Back at the desert, Mai brings out the Niwatori monster (or rather monsters but I don't know how since only one is shown in the artwork). As they cross, Mokuba knows that Pegasus' associates couldn't have counted on all of them being there but they run into a Sand Stone monster that Joey destroys with his Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Inside, they find a set of double doors and upon entry, it's a maze like from Yugi and Joey's duel with the Paradox Brothers (and there's a bit of music from that duel playing in the background). The encounter a trio of Labyrinth Tanks so Yugi uses Magical Hats to get them in another area of the maze. A second Key Mace appears (or perhaps the same one) and it leads them to a little girl whom reveals the Key Mace's name to be Eru, which leads them to the maze exit where a Gate Guardian is waiting. Together, Yugi and Joey use Polymerization for Black Skull Dragon (3200) in Attack Mode but when not enough, Joey gives it Dragon Nails, raising its ATK by 700 to 3900 (I thought it was 600 but GG is still destroyed so whatever).

What looks to be her family arrives and she invites Yugi and friends to her palace. Meanwhile, Kaiba awakens to discover Witty Phantom has taken him prisoner and all his safety protocols for his game have been rewritten. With another sacrifice, he'll get the honor of being sacrificed to the Mythic Dragon. Upon arrival to her palace, the group learns her name is Princess Edina and Joey scarfs down all the virtual food he can eat before choking on parts. When asked about Kaiba's whereabouts, Edina mentions where Kaiba is and all about the offerings and how to reach the castle. The gang are given new costumes to wear and a storm quickly moves in along with thousands of Duel Monsters. Mai summons Dark Witch and takes one down but Yugi says they need a better strategy and tries to use Dark Hole but an Armed Ninja stops it and also captures what is actually Mokuba. With their sacrifice in their grasp, the storm lifts and uncovers the burial grounds of the Ancient Flying Machine. Joey summons his Time Wizard and uses its magic to restore the AFM. While they deal with the ground's unearthing, Tea` prays for the trio to come back soon or they might nit be able to come back at all!