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Episode 44: Legendary Heroes (2)

While Tristan and Tea` work to keep Pegasus' goons from intervening, Joey and Mai get their Duel going but Joey soon realizes whom he's up against and reveals himself to stop Mai's attack. With both Duelists having revealed themselves, Mai gets the Niwatori card so they can cross the desert. However, the crowd and organizer aren't happy that they're just stealing the card and race after them so Joey counters with a Trap Card. Away from the angry crowd, the group face a Sand Stone monster and Joey again saves the day. After crossing the desert, they find a building that inside houses a labyrinth.

It brings back memories of dueling Para and Dox but they have to get to the end and haven't a clue how to do that. Labyrinth Tanks threaten to take them out until Yugi steps in with a classic Spell Card. They make their way to the maze exit, picking up a guide and a lost girl, and find Gate Guardian in the way. Just as they did with the Paradox Brothers, Yugi and Joey bring out a powerful Fusion Monster but they need more power and give it enough to take Gate Guardian down. As thanks, the lost girl takes the group to her palace and explains the reason they're all here.

Once outside, the group find the Castle of Dark Illusions but it's no easy task to get there, especially when the army of Duel Monsters thwart every attempt they make. Down on the ground, the group find the Ancient Flying Machine's marking and attempt to bring it back to life.

Episode Cards
BATTLE 1: Joey: FS, TH, REBD, TW, Polymerization, BSD (team effort with Yugi), DN
                    Mai: Dark Witch, Harpie Lady, Mirror Wall, Rose Whip
                    Yugi: Magical Hats, Dark Hole
Deviations from the TCG
1. Players started with only 2000 LP and could Normal Summon monsters of any Level without Tributing.
2. Time Wizard aged the surrounding landscape if successful.
3. Rose Whip allowed Harpie Lady to get the Niwatori card.
4. B. Skull Dragon was called "Black Skull Dragon" in the Dub.
5. Polymerization had different artwork in the Dub.
6. Magical Hats was a Spell Card that could hide just about anything under the hats and allowed the gang to teleport somewhere else in the maze.

7. The Niwatori card allowed people to cross the desert after being Summoned.
8. Armed Ninja could stop activated Spell Cards too.
9. Castle of Dark Illusions had no impact on the monsters around it.