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Episode 1: The Heart of the Cards
Episode Cards  Text

At what appears to be a school, a boy tells another boy named Joey it's his turn as they're playing a game called Duel Monsters. A girl adds that the two players have been playing for hours. As Joey plays Kagemusha of the Blue Flame (800) in Attack Mode, the girl explains a bit of the basics of the game (and we see at 1:31 into the episode that the card get the same redesign we saw in Yu-Gi-Oh Gx). Yugi, the name of Joey's opponent that is trying to be nice, saying Joey's move was good but not good enough and plays Blackland Fire Dragon (1500) in Attack Mode, apparently enough to win the duel. Oops! At 1:45 into the episode, the US forgot the attribute icon for BFD's DARK attribute! Yugi explains that he has better cards courtesy of his grandpa's game shop and perhaps his grandpa will show off the super rare card, possibly the card apparently another nearby student has been searching for.

They arrive at the game shop and with a little pleading, get Yugi's grandpa to show off his rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon card and one of Yugi's friends quickly shuts down grandpa's claim about the card never leaving his hand, finding nothing special about it. They're told that only 4 exist in the world (boy would you be disappointed in coming to the US then because BEWD is barely worth anything and with its most recent reprint, it's Common). Joey wants to trade but before anything can be done, the same student from before enters, and Yugi's group identify him as Seto Kaiba. Kaiba adds that he's the number one duelist in the world and he came to see the card. He quickly finds it and both his offers are denied as the card is special for what it means to him. (Looking at the suitcase, I don't see why any of those cards would be worth the trade anyway.) Kaiba leaves, thinking cards are all about power and that the BEWD card will be his.

At his company, at least what I presume is his company, he asks his men to pick something up at the game shop and they willingly agree. At the game shop, Yugi's grandpa greets the men, only to quickly see something is up as they request him to go with them for a duel arranged by Kaiba. Grandpa (as I'll now call him until his name is revealed) is determined to show Kaiba about the Heart of the Cards. Later, Yugi and his friends enter the shop to find no one there and a phone call from Kaiba tells them Grandpa is with him but isn't feeling well and requests Yugi, whom answered the call, to pick him up. They arrive at the floor to find Grandpa laying there, explaining that he lost to Kaiba, whom explains that they dueled and he won Grandpa's BEWD before ripping the card up.


 (Almost like he's been to the CG here because you can only have up to 3 copies of a card in your deck.) Kaiba solves their problem to have Yugi's friends take Grandpa to the hospital while Yugi and Kaiba duel themselves. The girl marks their hands with a smiley face as a symbol of their friendship and while she and another of Yugi's friends (identified as Tea and Tristan respectively) take Grandpa to the hospital, she asks Joey to cheer Yugi on.

At the dueling arena, Kaiba boasts about his self-built dueling arena and explains the rules (which are clearly different from ours as duels here start with 8000 Life Points). Yugi becomes another being via his Millennium Puzzle and the new being declares that the duel begin.

Kaiba begins with the not-so-mighty Hitotsu-Me Giant (1200) in Attack Mode and Yu-Gi-Oh (as I'll call the being Yugi becomes until his name is given, just to avoid confusion between him and Yugi himself) is astonished at how real the hologram looks. (Hard to believe you're a champion Kaiba if you run cards that weak without any protection at all. You must've taken down some pretty sad duelists to get there.) Yu-Gi-Oh brings out Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress (Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 in the CG) (1400) in Attack Mode When Joey arrives, he too is amazed at the life-like holograms. Yu-Gi-Oh's attack destroys HG and leaves Kaiba down to 1800 LPs as his little brother calls out to him.

Kaiba plays Saggi the Dark Clown (600) in Attack Mode, not enough to take down WDGF until he gives it Negative Energy Generator, multiplying his monster's ATK by 3 to 1800. Oops! When he plays the Equip Spell at 11:20 into the episode, it isn't formatted for US as you can see the Spell Card "attribute" just under Kaiba's 3rd visible finger and at 11:25 you can see its proper formatting. Kaiba attacks, destroying WDGF, leaving Yu-Gi-Oh down to 1600. Yugi draws, thinking the drawn card is useless and will put another monster in Defense Mode and that's what he does to (apparently) end his turn. Kaiba attacks, destroying the face down Sangan and Battle Steer among others. Yu-Gi-Oh isn't fairing any better than Grandpa did.


 However, Yu-Gi-Oh protests that his Grandpa is a better duelist than Kaiba will ever be (then how did he lose?) and draws, summoning the drawn card Gaia the Fierce Knight (2300) in Attack Mode. (Here's the other part where their version of the game doesn't match with ours as GtFK is a Level 7 monster, needing 2 tributes for our version.) Yu-Gi-Oh's attack on Saggi destroys Saggi and leaves Kaiba down to 1300 LPs. Kaiba draws and summons Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000) in Attack Mode and the others protest that there's no way, given that Kaiba tore the card up. Did they really think they were the only one with the card?


(So why go through the trouble of searching for one when you have one yourself, Kaiba?) Kaiba attacks, destroying GFK and leaving Yugi down to 900 LPs. Turns pass and Yu-Gi-Oh's Horn Imp and Beaver Warrior (1000) and (1500) in Defense Mode respectively for those respective turns and Kaiba brings out another BEWD in Attack Mode, suggesting Yugi admit defeat. (It's obvious they can't attack directly, which is another deviation from our version, because Kaiba could've won right there.) At the hospital, a nearly unconscious Grandpa tells Yu-Gi-Oh not to give up and Yu-Gi-Oh naturally doesn't, playing Swords of Revealing Light, stopping all monsters on the field for 3 turns.

Kaiba asks what a 3-turn delay will do and Yu-Gi-Oh thinks about the pieces of a monster in his hand, remembering that Exodia involves pieces. He draws another piece of Exodia. Oops! That said Exodia piece shown at 15:52 into the episode should be the Right Arm of the Forbidden One because in the earlier shot at 14:55 into the episode also shows the Left Arm of the Forbidden One card. Kaiba summons Judge Man (2200) in Attack Mode and attacks, since this monster isn't affected by SoRL, destroying Yu-Gi-Oh's face down Rude Kaiser (1600). (The real SoRL stops all opponent's monsters from attacking, including ones summoned after the turn it was activated.) Yu-Gi-Oh draws, playing and attacking with Dark Magician (2500) in Attack Mode, destroying Judge Man and leaving Kaiba down to 1000 LPs.

Kaiba draws and plays his 3rd BEWD in Attack Mode. Yu-Gi-Oh now realizes that Kaiba only wanted the 4th so it couldn't be used against him and his only chance is to assemble the pieces of Exodia but the odds are against him. His part of the friendship symbol on his hand reminds him of his friends and he draws the final piece of Exodia, winning the duel. (They were played but technically the duel is over so I won't really count them as being played.) Kaiba and his little brother are shocked that he lost and Yu-Gi-Oh takes something out of Kaiba's mind.

At the hospital, Grandpa awakens, knowing somehow that Yugi won. Elsewhere, a man named Pegasus is informed by his associate of Kaiba's loss to Yugi.

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