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Ridiculed Yu-Gi-Oh Cards (Page 4)

Cards below have been recreated with humorous names and card text to reflect my actual views on them.
Wasted Souls
Normal Spell
Bring back any number of monsters from your Graveyard by wasting 1000 Life Points per monster. You also lose your Battle Phase so your army has very little to do this turn. Sorry, you can't waste any more Life Points to use another copy of this card but you probably literally can't afford to do it again anyway.
Comments: Field Advantage doesn't mean much if I don't need to attack with my monsters to beat you. Draining you LP by up to 5000 points is already a bad investment regardless of what monsters you bring back due to the countermeasures your opponent will probably have in place. Plus if you bring back only 1 or 2, then you've basically played a worse version of other cards that already exist.
The Will to Lose
Normal Spell
If you lost a monster on your field this turn, you can replace it with another one that is probably weaker just this turn.
Comments: It's banned because of cards that are pretty much useless, either from their first print or due to recent erratums. No reason this card can stay Forbidden.
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Summoned Sorceress of Stupidity
DARK / Spellcaster-Type Link / ATK 2400 / Link-3
2+ monsters with the same Type, except Tokens
If you wasted monsters to Link Summon this card, you can give your opponent a free monster that will then also be ridiculed by this monster. Then you can attempt to even the playing field by bringing out another monster that will be ridiculed by this monster and have no effects.
Comments: Supposedly this guy does well with monsters like Destiny HERO - Malicious (which is crap) and other monsters for "mass Link Summons" but how exactly are you going to pull off those alleged "mass Link Summons" with just this guy? The Wiki makes no mention of this either. As much as I trust the Wiki for info, they're seriously lacking in this department.
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Terribly Gummed Up Dragon
DARK / Cyberse-Type Link / ATK 3000 / Link-4
2+ Effect Monsters
If a player is foolish enough to Special Summon a monster to a zone a Link Monster can ridicule, you can pointlessly reduce the options in your hand to do the same to your opponent's hand. If you were extra stupid and had this card ridiculed by other Link Monsters, you can deplete your opponent's hand further, then deal them 3000 damage. It's such a bad idea that we're preventing you from being able to do it again.
Comments: The Wiki alleges that this card can be looped to make your opponent start with fewer cards out of the gate but doesn't state how and there's no link to this alleged combo either. Plus, I guess they don't know that effects can be triggered when they're discarded/sent to the Grave so how is this good for you exactly?
Drained of Usefulness
Continuous Trap
Waste 1000 Life Points. Monsters that are worthless in the Graveyard or banished can't do anything useful there either.
Comments: It was Limited to 1 because everyone and their grandma runs a specific kind of Deck. Ironic considering they still want people to run basically the same Decks.
Broken Dagger - Erronenous Design
Equip Spell
Apply a mere 300 ATK to any monster and then when it's gone, you can do it all over again.
Comments: All the combos listed are either pointless or they'd take forever just to have any major advantage. I can gain more LP in a single turn without any of them. Even burn damage is much better done without it.
Reject Number 95: Garbage-Eyes Doesn't Matter Dragon
DARK / Dragon-Type Xyz / Rank 9 / ATK 4000 / DEF 0
3 Level 9 monsters
If you really want to waste effort, use a "Garbage-Eyes" Xyz Monster for Xyz Material and bring all its useless Xyz Materials over. We guarantee you'll regret bringing this guy out because it can't be Xyz Material and poorly cosplays as Foolish Burial 3 times. If by some miracle that doesn't deter you, let this guy attack twice and risk that 0 DEF coming into play.
Comments: So apparently this guy caused trouble with Arkbrave Dragon and Amorphage Goliath and was 3 Foolish Burials for Dragons. None of that seems all that powerful, especially since 3 Foolish Burials can be done with the regular copies. Plus, Arkbrave has nothing to do with the Extra Deck so that leaves some crappy Pendulum Monster and it only locks out anyone when it's a Monster Card.
Grounded Golem
DARK / Fiend / Level 8 / ATK 3000 / DEF 300
You must first give your opponent this monster for free while giving yourself 2 useless Tokens in Attack Mode. Just to make sure your turn is a failure, you can't Normal Summon or Set the turn this card is Special Summoned.
Comments: It has alleged "nasty loops" as the Wiki puts it to eventually bring out a Link 4 monster. So why isn't Scapegoat or Scapeghost forbidden when each can create four free Tokens on your field? You don't even need to Normal Summon or Set anyway. Seems like a desperate attempt for Tokens to me.
The Yawning Lawn
Normal Spell
When your Deck has more cards then your opponent, increase your chances of losing by making your Deck equal your opponent's.
Comments: It was apparently hit because of 60 card Decks abusing it. It's bad enough to run a 60 card Deck but then to somehow draw this card just to mill much of your Deck? This'd be useless as a COMMON.
Rusty Sword - Useless Blade
Equip Spell
Make an already bad Warrior even worse by giving them a mere 300 ATK. Just to show how bad this is, we're also letting you get this card back by getting rid of two Warriors in your Grave that did nothing wrong.
Comments: The Wiki brings up how this card makes for discard fodder by removing Warriors in the Grave. Last I checked, to be discard fodder, they have to be in the hand not in the Grave. Even if that were true, it doesn't make this card any more useful.
Wimpasaurus Junior
EARTH / Dinosaur / Level 2 / ATK 500 / DEF 500
If this guy is inevitably destroyed by a card effect and ends up in your Graveyard, you can bring out a Level 4 or lower Dinosaur that is likely a predator for this guy from your Deck.
Comments: Even this little tyke is too good for tournaments but I don't see any combos that can make it bannable in anyway.
Absolute Multifailure
DARK / Spellcaster / Level 3 / ATK 1200 / DEF 800
After wasting a Trap Card, you can let this guy attempt to protect your Life Points. When Special Summoned, this guy can bring another weakling to join it. We're so confident you'll fail at your strategy that we're locking you out of any other Special Summons that turn and can't allow you to use the effects again that turn.
Comments: Allegedly, this combos so well with its members and support that it's too good to remain allowed in tournaments anymore. Sorry, not seeing any of these so-called amazing combos the Wiki talks about and yes I've read the cards' effects.
Pitiful Choice
Normal Spell
Select 5 underwhelming cards from your Deck and show them to your opponent. Your opponent picks one of them and you add it to your hand. The rest are discarded to the Graveyard, where you probably won't want them later anyway.
Comments: It's Forbidden mostly to Decks that thrive on the Graveyard but then it becomes dirt obvious to the opponent and it can be quickly thwarted. On top of that, since your opponent is the one choosing, you have no control over which card you're keeping.
Mirage of No Playability
Continuous Spell
During your opponent's Standby Phase, draw cards until you have 4 probably useless cards in your hand. During your Standby Phase, ditch an equal number of cards from your hand.
Comments: Yes the combo Jaden used with it is viable but not by much. You can also use other cards to destroy it but all that proves is that the card sucks because if it were actually good, you wouldn't need to do that.
Normal Spell
Tribute 1 perfectly good monster. Special Summon 1 useless Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck with ths same Level (and likely playability) as the Tributed monster.
Comments: Broken my left foot. Yu-Gi-Oh Wiki mentions all these underwhelming monsters that this was used on. Thousand-Eyes Restrict came off the Forbidden List because "it's not doing anything" so then what's making this card broken? It's utterly useless because how likely are you going to get a monster with the same Level as one monster in your Extra Deck? On top of that, this isn't Fusion Summoning it so it's not coming back later.
Lameazoness Archer
EARTH / Warrior / Level 4 / ATK 1400 / DEF 1200
You can Tribute two of your precious monsters to inflict 1200 damage to your opponent. Too bad there are cards that can deal near or at least that for next to nothing, or nothing at all.
Comments: So Tributing 2 monsters for 1200 damage is apparently broken now (the OCG list has made it Forbidden)? It's a fairly balanced effect and it's not even a good one because we have cards that deal close if not that damage or more for less effort and they're not banned.
Royaly Unsuccessful Suppression
Continuous Trap
Both players can waste 800 Life Points to negate 1 of their opponent's Special Summons by a card effect or from the monster itself.
Comments: So where's the brokeness of this card? It's a balanced effect that locks out both players Special Summons. It's not like you get to block your opponent's Special Summons only. Any Deck can use it so there's no good reason why this card is Forbidden.
Some Sorry Lotus
DARK / Plant / Level 1 / ATK 0 / DEF 0
During the End Phase, if your Spell and Trap Card Zones are empty, you can Special Summon this card from your Graveyard in Attack Mode to risk damage next turn. The owner of this card also takes 1000 damage during each of their Standby Phases.
Comments: Futher proof that Konami doesn't knoiw what they're doing, or are using a dart board to randomly change the status of cards on the Forbidden & Limited List. I don't see any reason why this card is Forbidden on the TCG list. It's a huge let-down from the anime.
Neutral Beast
EARTH / Beast-Type Synchro / Level 5 / ATK 2200 / DEF 1700
1 EARTH Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner EARTH monsters
While this card is face-up on the field (which probably won't be long), you can foolishly send the top 2 cards of your Deck to the Graveyard to negate the activation of a Spell Card that probably sucks and destroy it.
Comments: It was pretty underwhelming because of not only its somewhat specific Synchro Materials but also having to mill the top 2 cards of my Deck just to negate a Spell Card. Magic Jammer costs less to do the same thing.
Failed Chalice
Quick-Play Spell
One face-up monster on the field gets even weaker and loses its effects but it won't mean very much.
Comments: Even to this day, these cards are bad IMO as they do so little and are just pitiful stall tactics that undermine your monster's ability to survive.