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Yu-Gi-Oh Anime Episode Comparisons

Season 5 1. Kaiba stages a special tournament that invites duelists from around the world, including one that would become his greatest enemy.

2. Travel back in time with the gang as they work do discover Yami Yugi's past and see the battle between good and evil as it first began.
Season 4 A new threat emerges where losing a Duel means so much more than learning a lesson.
Season 3 The gang is trapped in a virtual world where the only means of escape is to defeat the group that trapped them there in the first place.
Season 2 It's time for the Battle City tournament where the competition is fierce and three of the most powerful rare cards are all in one place.
Season 1 Follow Yugi and the gang as they journey to Duelist Kingdom in hopes of defeating Maximillion Pegasus, whom is holding the soul of Yugi's grandpa captive.