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Lightning A force no bigger than the average thumb that can reach 50,000 degrees.
Tornadoes One of nature's strongest forces with the power to destroy lives in an instant
Hurricanes An often large storm system that can cause widespread destruction in its wake.
Floods One of nature's more silent killers, costing lives of everyone, including those in vehicles.
Avalanches Another killer that lurks on mountains, waiting to be triggered by unsuspecting skiiers.
Blizzards A chilling force that can leave thousands stranded for days.
Droughts When nature turns up the heat, she may not let go for days, leaving many to suffer the consequences.
Thunderstorms Nature's own mini family with potentially lethal personalities.
Ice storms When the temperature drops, this killer proves that winter comes with both beauty and terror.
Earthquakes A phenomena that shakes the very ground that we stand on.
Volcanoes Towering peaks that carry a multitude of hazards when the time comes.