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Robot Wars Toy Playset Reviews


This toy is rather interesting. It's an obstacle course for the Pullback toys. The little holes at the gauntlet's center are for spikes that pop up when you squeeze the, er black accordions. They aren't very effective since most, if not all, of the Pullbacks can stay on. It also has other accessories as shown in the picture. I think the only problem with this toy is putting it together. Those ramps sure are stubborn (at least for me) when staying attached to the "spikeball section".

Smash 'N Crash

Another good design! Of course it doesn't match anything I've seen on Robot Wars but a good design nonetheless. The Pit is the only downfall to this product as it isn't really there, it's just painted on.

Arena and Drop Zone
Comments I'll admit that the arena was very well designed, looks just like the real thing! The flipper is quite effective also since you can perform the rare flipper-to-pit combo! The one thing I don't like is that there are only a few sounds on the arena back wall. There is no introduction of the robots, no "Cease" from Stuart McDonald (it's done instead by Jonathan Pearce) and no "Roboteers....standby...." from Stuart McDonald (it too is done by Jonathan Pearce) Even the "3......2......1......ACTIVATE" is done by Jonathan Pearce. The flame pit doesn't even have a bulb to at least make it seem like there is a flame there. The Pit is probably the least accurate of the arena hazards since instead of dropping down slowly, it opens like at trapdoor and there is no siren sound for when the Pit is opened. Instead of the Pit Release button, there is a lever that you move and the Pit descends as you move the lever but I think the button would be more accurate and would be easier to use.