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Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds Season 3 Episodes

*This episode was not dubbed.
Shining Forth to the Future*
Episode 154 The Duel comes to a close and everyone has chosen their path of the future.

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Clashing Souls*
Episode 153 As Jack and Yusei's latest rematch continues, it gives Crow, Akiza, Leo and Luna inspiration on where to take their paths of the future.

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An Advancing Future*
Episode 152 With the Divine Temple taken care of, there's lingering doubts about the future, leaving Jack and Yusei to have another Duel.

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Converging Wishes*
Episode 151 With Z-ONE finally defeated, the gang must now figure out how to stop the Divine Temple.

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Entrusted Feelings of My Father*
Episode 150 Yusei stares down the might of Z-ONE's Timelords and gets an unexpected visit from his father.

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The Revived Hero*
Episode 149 Z-ONE tries to convince Yusei that he becomes Z-ONE in the future, but when Yusei refuses, Z-ONE tries flipping the script to reveal how he became Yusei.

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Just One Chance to Turn it All Around*
Episode 148 With Team 5Ds joining the fight, Yusei manages to bring out three powerful Synchro Monsters, but will they be enough?

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A Hope Bound for the Future!*
Episode 147 The gang are left puzzled as Aporia's strategy seems to be falling apart in front of their eyes!

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The Last Human, Z-ONE*
Episode 146 Team 5Ds heads to Z-ONE and aims to make them pay for using Bruno, but Aporia intervenes and opts to Duel instead. Which way will it go?

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Faster than Light!!*
Episode 145 Yusei is backed into a corner as Antinomy demonstrates the Delta Accel Synchro and gets a black hole to appear, which will take the loser down after the Duel ends.

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Beginning of the End, Struggle to the Death for
the Future!
Episode 144 Vizor reveals himself as Antinomy and Yusei must now learn a higher level of Synchro Summoning.

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The Miracle of Life, Life Stream Dragon!!*
Episode 143 Leo, Jack and Luna take down Aporia, leaving Yusei to contend with Vizor, the mystery man that told him the Synchro Solution!

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A Life-or-Death Battle! Machine Imperial God
Dragon Asterisk
Episode 142 Leo gives his all, but comes up short and ends up with a new power and a new signature monster!

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Duel of Despair! Fortissimo the Mobile Fortress!*
Episode 141 Inside the Divine Temple, Jack, Leo and Luna encounter Aporia, whom not only still lives after being defeated, but forces them into a Duel where losing a Duel means losing their lives!

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Soul Binding Gate! The Sealed Future!*
Episode 140 Crow and Akiza tackle Sherry and her Field Spell, but once they take it down, there's something stronger to take its place!

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The Enchanting Field! École de Zone*
Episode 139 The group arrive inside the Divine Temple, only to find that Sherry LeBlanc has a new trick up her sleeve and a new plan to Duel!

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Suspension Bridge toward the Future, The Rainbow Bridge Bifrost*
Episode 138 In spite of the danger looming overhead, Yusei decides to enter the Divine Temple in hopes of saving New Domino City.

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An Approaching Terror - The Citadel of God,
Ark Cradle
Episode 137 Aporia and Team New World fall, but the Divine Temple still emerges. Are Team 5Ds too little too late to celebrate their victory?

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Victory or Doom
Episode 136 Yusei is backed into a corner thanks to Aporia's Astro Mekanikle, but there's still a card out that Jack Set at the beginning of the Duel. Will it be enough to stop Aporia?

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Fight for the Future
Episode 135 In a surprising twist, Team New World have joined forces into Aporia, whom has their own anti-Synchro strategies that Yusei must stop!

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For Synchro's Sake
Episode 134 Yusei is now the sole survivor of Team 5Ds and faces Jakob with overwhelming odds against him!

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Against All Odds
Episode 133 Jack beats Primo, but falls against Jakob's Meklord Emperor Granel, leaving an injured Crow Hogan to take his place. However, Crow must not only tackle the Meklord, but Jack's very best monster as well!

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Dawn of the Machines
Episode 132 With Lester down, Jack faces Primo, whom starts using cards intended for Jakob down the road, but manages to bring out Wisel to face Red Nova Dragon. Which side will prevail?

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The Beginning of the End
Episode 131 Jack takes on Lester, but while Jack believes his superiority is to blame for such a quick victory, the rest of his team aren't so convinced.

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Bound to the Future, Bonds to Our Companions*
Episode 130 With Team 5Ds soon squaring off against Team New World and their anti-Synchro Monsters, it's going to be a tough road ahead. Meanwhile, Carly loses another scoop coffee is spilled on the computer she's using.

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Fight to the Finish Line
Episode 129 Yusei finally Accel Synchro Summons, but is it already too late when Haldor activates the one Trap Card that could end Team 5Ds' chances of victory in a single blow?

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Yusei's Last Stand
Episode 128 It's down to just Yusei and Haldor as Crow and Broder end up facing defeat. When Haldor summons the third and final Nordic God, can Yusei figure out what his team members couldn't?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/yuseis-last-stand/611
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Tricking the Trickster
Episode 127 Crow faces off against Broder and stares down two Nordic God Cards with a mere 50 LP left.

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When the Nordic Gods Attack
Episode 126 Jack defeats Dragan but his Life Points are no match for Broder's opening plays so it's up to Crow to tame not one but two Nordic God Cards!

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Soul Solution
Episode 125 Dragan bringins out the first Nordic God Card, Thor and gets Jack on the brink of defeat but Jack brings out his own ace monster in hopes of turning the tide.

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Duel for Redemption
Episode 124 Jack faces Dragan, his opponent from the past where Dragan was forced to throw the match thanks to Rex Goodwin and they find themselves with the same starting hands!

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Eyes on the Prize
Episode 123 Team Taiyo is defeated so now Team 5Ds is about to square off against a team that has a strong belief in 3 special Synchro Monsters but Jack has a score to settle with one of their opponent's team members.

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The Power to Believe! The Strongest Giant Zuishin vs Shooting Star Dragon*
Episode 122 Yusei's Shooting Star Dragon now faces off against the toughest monster the world has ever seen!

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The Miraculous Trump Card, Zushin the Sleeping Giant*
Episode 121 Team Taiyo puts Team 5Ds' Crow Hogan in a bind by bringing out their ace monster, a monster no one in the history of Duel Monsters has ever seen before!

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Hold onto Those Feelings! Hand-Holding Djinn*
Episode 120 With 1 member of Team Taiyo down, Jack faces the 2nd member and he too wields Hand-Holding Genie, a monster that prevents other monsters on its owner's field from being attacked and gains DEF equal to those other monsters' DEF!

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The Impregnable Scrum! Crush the Unbreakable Defense!*
Episode 119 Team 5Ds is now in the semi-finals where they face a virtually unknown team called Team Taiyo, which has an ace monster up their sleeve!

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A New Rival*
Episode 118 While Leo tries to get help from their next WRGP opponent, Jack, Crow and Akiza head to an arena where an exhibition match is about to take place.

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The Distorted Past*
Episode 117 Clark Smith, whom Yusei, Jack and Crow came to see for info, had seen through their disguises and has activated the Infinity reactor, which proves that Momentum Express is with Illyaster!

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Momentum Express Development Agency*
Episode 116 The trio still need more info and seek out the Momentum Express Development Agency under cover! What will they find there?

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Read here: https://yugipedia.com/wiki/Yu-Gi-Oh!_5D's_-_Episode_116
Press Him About the Mystery! The Endgame Riding Duel!*
Episode 115 Yusei, Jack, Crow and Akiza learn info from Lazar but the secret database they need is hidden behind Duel Puzzles.

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Operation: Capture Yeager II!*
Episode 114 Lazar is on the run, looking Noodles-to-Go cups to steal for his family but Yusei, Jack and Crow are after him to force him to Duel using a promotion as a cover.

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Burning, Seething Soul! Scar-Red Nova Dragon*
Episode 113 Jack's usual power tactic isn't working against the entity of Red Nova Dragon so Jack needs a counter strategy. Will he come up with one before it's too late?

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The Crimson Devil*
Episode 112 After coming up short against Max, Jack feels he's lost the power he once had and Duels an entity of Red Nova Dragon to obtain more power.

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The Ancient Land - To Nazca*
Episode 111 After reuniting with Greiger in his village of Nazca, Jack goes to challenge Max to a Turbo Duel using Greiger's words as a guide.

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Primo's Plan (5)
Episode 110 Jacob of Illyaster finally makes himself and his Meklord Emperor known but  will Team 5Ds have the courage to defeat their opposition in the finals, if they make it that far?

Watch Here: https://yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/primos-plan-part-5/629
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Primo's Plan (4)
Episode 109 Primo continues to upgrade his Meklord but Yusei finally brings out an Accel Synchro. Will it be enough to bring down Primo and his prized behemoth?

Watch Here: https://yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/primos-plan-part-4/630
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Primo's Plan (3)
Episode 108 Yusei is once again starting down Meklord Emperor Wisel but this time it has upgrades that can block Yusei's moves! How can Yusei defeat this upgraded behemoth?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/primos-plan-part-3/648
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Primo's Plan (2)
Episode 107 As some fail against the Duelbots, Visor steps in to help out and faces the Meklord Emperor Wisel while Yusei battles Primo himself.

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/primos-plan-part-2/649
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Primo's Plan (1)
Episode 106 Primo unleashes an army of Duelbots but is there any way to overpower such a large army?

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Rook Takes Knight
Episode 105 Crow has figured out a connection between Team Catastrophe, their Shadow Card Hook the Hidden Knight and the crashes but now has to avoid the same fate in the tournament.

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Knight Takes Pawn
Episode 104 Akiza takes to the streets on her Duel Runner as a bit of bait for Team Catastrophe in hopes of learning more about their secret weapon. Can Akiza avoid crashing and is there anything Team 5Ds can get out of their investigation?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/knight-takes-pawn/652
Read here: https://yugipedia.com/wiki/Yu-Gi-Oh!_5D's_-_Episode_104
Party Crashers
Episode 103 Yusei and crew celebrate their hard-earned victory but while Bruno struggles to figure himself out, the others find Team Unicorn's match against Team Castastrophe had a very unfortunate ending!

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/party-crashers/653
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The Edge of Elimination (3)
Episode 102 Breo has lost to Yusei, which leaves only Jean, whom has no intention of losing but Yusei gets to a point where he may defeat Team Unicorn all on his own!

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/the-edge-of-elimination-part-3/654
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The Edge of Elimination (2)
Episode 101 Having defeated Andre, Yusei faces Breo's Deck Out strategy and is losing cards fast. How will Yusei make use of what cards he has left?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/the-edge-of-elimination-part-2/655
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The Edge of Elimination (1)
Episode 100 Akiza falls victim to Andre as well but makes a bold sactifice to give Yusei a fighting chance. Will her actions be in vein?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/the-edge-of-elimination-part-1/437
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Trouble for Team 5Ds
Episode 99 Having lost to Andre, Jack is badly injured and now struggles to even make it back to the starting line. Will Jack arrive in time to keep Team 5Ds in the tournament?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/trouble-for-team-5ds/438
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Power Plays
Episode 98 Team Unicorn showcases their chosen Deck but it's not what Team 5Ds had anticipated and Jack pays the price as he gets down to 1000 LP in a hurry! Can Jack turn things around before it's too late?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/power-plays/439
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Natural Instincts (2)
Episode 97 Yusei has a practice Turbo Duel against Team Unicorn but little do they realize it's a ploy to get a peek at Team 5Ds' strategy in the tournament!

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/natural-instincts-part-2/440
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Natural Instincts (1)
Episode 96 The World Racing Grand Prix is upon them and Team 5Ds squares off with Team Unicorn but they have to win twice to even have a shot at winning the tournament.

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/natural-instincts-part-1/441
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Keeping a Promise (2)
Episode 95 Crow finally manages to turn the Duel around but faces a Synchro Monster that makes damage real and was responsible for Robot Pearson's disappearance!

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/keeping-a-promise-part-2/447
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Keeping a Promise (1)
Episode 94 Despite being friends with Bolton, Crow becomes suspicious about Bolton's actions regarding Robert Pearson, a good friend of Crow's. Bolton refuses to give the info unless he's defeated in a Duel so Crow takes up the challenge, only to struggle against Bolton's strategy!

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/keeping-a-promise-part-1/446
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The Question of the Card
Episode 93 Sherry LeBlanc learns that one single card is tied to Illyaster and needs to know more about it but Yusei is in the way and her father refuses to let him proceed any further unless he's beaten in a Duel.

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/the-question-of-the-card/451
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Clash at Crash Town (2)
Episode 92 Kalin manages to survive with 0 LP thanks to a monster in his Deck but how long can he hold out with its effect?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/clash-at-crash-town-part-2/452
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Clash at Crash Town (1)
Episode 91 With Lawton still unwilling to cooperate or make any sort of compromise, Yusei and Kalin team up to try and take him down but Lawton gets twice as many cards in his hand to start, which means 2 chances to pull off his infamous OTK!

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/clash-at-crash-town-part-1/453
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The Race to Escape (2)
Episode 90 Yusei Turbo Duels against Lawton, the Duelist whose signature monster can OTK the opponent! Can Yusei stop him before it's too late and escape with Kalin as he intended to?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/the-race-to-escape-part-2/457
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The Race to Escape (1)
Episode 89 Barbara reveals the letter Yusei had been sent was a trap and now Yusei joins Kalin in the Mines but Yusei refuses to allow either of them to work this way and devises a plan to get them both out but Lawton, the owner, isn't willing to let them leave so easily.

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/the-race-to-escape-part-1/456
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Showdown at Sundown (2)
Episode 88 Kalin puts Yusei in a bind thanks to his Infernity Deck. What can Yusei do against a Deck that relies on its owner having an empty hand?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/showdown-at-sundown-part-2/466
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Showdown at Sundown (1)
Episode 87 Despite his victory, Kalin has deep regrets of what he's done and feels his fate is working in the Mines but Yusei isn't willing to let him throw his freedom away and has to learn how Duels are done out west as Kalin faces Yusei to determine Kalin's future!

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/showdown-at-sundown-part-1/465
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Duelist for Hire
Episode 86 Yusei arrives at Crash Down, a western town where the Duels take place at sundown with the ultimate stakes imaginable and is looking for his friend Kalin but has to Duel his way to have any chance of being hired.

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/duelist-for-hire/467
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Mother Knows Best
Episode 85 Zora's son Lyndon is paying her a visit but Zora shows no compassion for her son and refuses to acknowledge any good he's done or is willing to do considering her prized clock is about to be replaced. Can Lyndon prove her wrong?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/mother-knows-best/464
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Will the Real Jack Atlas Please Stand Up? (2)
Episode 84 Despite losing the first time around, the real Jack Atlas gets a rematch but will he fare any better than last time?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/will-the-real-jack-atlas-please-stand-up-part-2/463
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Will the Real Jack Atlas Please Stand Up? (1)
Episode 83 A Duel Robot poses as Jack Atlas and frames the real Jack Atlas for a criminal act, leaving the Duel Robot to do as it pleases while the real Jack faces jail time. Is there any way the true Jack Atlas can be freed of his predicament?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/will-the-real-jack-atlas-please-stand-up-part-1/473
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Get with the Program (2)
Episode 82 Yusei struggles to break through the countermeasures of the Duel Robot and is on the verge of defeat thanks to the Duel Robot's Trap Card. Can Yusei figure out a way around the blockade of cards and win?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/get-with-the-program-part-2/472
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Get with the Program (1)
Episode 81 The gang find out Lazar has stolen the disk but finds he's harder to pin down than anticipated, especially when they enter a building that is forced into lockdown and the only way out is for Yusei to defeat a Duel Robot that knows his strategies!

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/get-with-the-program-part-1/475
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The Super Genius
Episode 80 The gang meet Bruno, a person experienced in hacking and mechanics but while they don't trust him, Bruno gets things going for them. The next day, the gang find their engine prototype disk has been stolen. Will they be able to figure out who took it before it's too late?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/the-super-genius/474
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Putting it All Together
Episode 79 As the group assembles a new engine prototype for use, the group discuss what they've seen and experienced and try to understand  the bigger picture.

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/putting-it-all-together/485
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Dawn of the Duel Board (2)
Episode 78 Lester's Meklord Emperor Skiel leaves Leo and Luna in major trouble. Is there any way Leo and Luna can defeat it and Lester?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/dawn-of-the-duel-board-part-2/484
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Dawn of the Duel Board (1)
Episode 77 Leo and Luna meet a new student at their school named Lester but little do they know, he's part of Illyaster and soon he puts Luna in danger using a Duel and his infamous Meklord Emperor, prompting Leo to step in and Duel with her!

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/dawn-of-the-duel-board-part-1/482
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Syd is Vicious
Episode 76 Jack Atlas agrees to help track down a gang of Duelists led by Syd that shot Officer Trudge's fellow officer Kaz but after they beat him up, he finds their hideout! How will Jack take them down when they make him Duel with high stakes?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/syd-is-vicious/489
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Episode 75 Akiza is eager to become a Turbo Duelist but must pass a final exam and Officer Trudge is her opponent. How will Akiza overcome her issue of crashing?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/acceleration/488
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The Synchro Solution
Episode 74 A Turbo Duelist named Visor agrees to help Yusei overcome his problem but Yusei must master a new technique if he's to stand a chance against his anti-Synchro opposition.

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/the-synchro-solution/487
Read here: https://yugipedia.com/wiki/Yu-Gi-Oh!_5D's_-_Episode_074
Synchro Straits
Episode 73 Yusei struggles to Duel as he mind cannot shake the horrors of the Duelbot he faced, leaving Jack to try and set things straight.

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/synchro-straits/486
Read here: 
French Twist (2)
Episode 72 Yusei got free and now Turbo Duels against Sherry LeBlanc, learning about her own troubles thanks to Illyaster. However, Yusei struggles against Sherry's Chevalier de Fleur and risks a possible explosion from his Duel Runner!

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/french-twist-part-2/494
Read here:
French Twist (1)
Episode 71 An unknown party captures Yusei and takes him away inside a truck but Akiza and others are determined to break him out but keeping track of the truck proves difficult. Will they get Yusei out in time?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/french-twist-part-1/493
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The Wicked Spirit
Episode 70 Leo, Luna and Yusei face trouble from a seemingly wicked spirit named Haley and her protective brother, whom is so intent on protecting her that he traps Leo in a Duel while Luna is stuck inside!

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/the-wicked-spirit/492
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A Duel with Interest
Episode 69 Don Piero is confiscating various belongings of his residents that have not paid back loans he'd given them so Jack Atlas puts everything on the line to put an end to Don's debt collecting but soon faces his own financial struggles in a Duel.

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/a-duel-with-interest/491
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Trash Talk
Episode 68 Yusei and the gang arrive at a junk yard, where Mr. Bashford resides as he waits for his missing son but proves to be bitter against trespassers so Crow decides to Duel him for the rights to learn more. Can Crow overcome Bashford's persistant Scrap-Iron strategy that seems to be blocking every move he makes?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/trash-talk/490
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Lessons Learned
Episode 67 Rudolph Heitman, a teacher at the new Duel Academy, ridicules his students on their poor Dueling skills and considers their cards trash so Yusei decides to prove him wrong using their cards. How can Yusei possibly win after Rudolph brings out 3 Ancient Gear Golems at once?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/trash-talk/490
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A New Threat (2)
Episode 66 Yusei Fudo has opted to take on the Duelbots after Officer Trudge falls victim to them but is he any better off?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/a-new-threat-part-2/498
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A New Threat (1)
Episode 65 Duelbots built by Illyaster are let loose in the streets of New Domino City after dark, leaving Duelists to lose, crash and end up in the hospital! Can anyone stop their rampage?

Watch Here: https://www.yugioh.com/yu-gi-oh-5ds/a-new-threat-part-1/497
Read here: https://yugipedia.com/wiki/Yu-Gi-Oh!_5D's_-_Episode_065