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Episode 52: The Past is Present

At an airport, a plane lands and a woman steps out with several other men, learning that her artifacts are safely being transported. Meanwhile, Yugi walks along the street, unsure of what to do after nearly losing Yami in the fire. He crosses to the other side of the street and Tea` sees him but cannot catch up before the crosswalk signal changes. A series of TVs behind her shares news of the woman (identified as Ishizu Ishtar)'s opening of her exhibit. At Kaiba Corp, Mokuba is the only one of the Kaiba duo to watch and is declined of their trip to the museum but Ishizu calls, asking Kaiba to pay closer attention to the TV (when he hasn't even looked up from his laptop and therefore WASN'T watching) and when he does, he learns she's inviting him to a private exhibition.

He arrives but gets bored quickly but Ishizu thinks it's in his best interest to stay and requests him to follow. Once again, Kaiba wants the point to be reached as he's here for the exclusive offer and Ishizu asks him to follow once more to see why she called him here. Later that night, while Yugi and Yami stay troubled about what they just went through, Tea` dreams of Yami, awakening only after he leaves her for his destiny.


Back at the museum, Kaiba encounters a stone carving and is in complete shock. She calls him over to the very tablet she invited him here for and he stays in shock (though I still have doubts, given that the so-called carving of Blue-Eyes resembles little compared to the stone carving of Dark Magician, which is quite clear). Kaiba isn't fully convinced, protesting the carving must be a fake so Ishizu uses her Millennium Necklace to show him the events while Yugi continues dealing with his inner troubles with Yami, whom tries cheering him up. Once his last tour of Ancient Egypt finishes, Kaiba stays stunned for a minute and is about to leave when Ishizu tells about the Egyptian God Cards and Rare Hunters. She then suggests a Duel Monsters tournament and hands Kaiba Obelisk the Tormentor (whose design is strangely different card wise as there's no ATK and DEF printed like all past episodes have shown). Kaiba warns that Ishizu may never see the card again but she foresees that he will return it. Kaiba agrees to host the tournament to become the world's greatest duelist. Once in his limo, while Yugi and Yami are still discussing their enemy, Kaiba proudly gazes at his new card with two more left to go.

Episode 53's Episode Cards
 There were no cards played in this episode.