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Episode 49: Dungeon Dice Monsters (4)

Still involved in the Dungeon Dice Monsters game being broadcast worldwide, Yami takes his roll and moves his Knight of Twin Swords to near his Heart Points. Duke's roll enables his Orgoth the Relentless to jump into the Warp Vortex and out the other side to Yami's territory. Yami follows a similar move to his last roll by moving his monsters closer still to his Heart Points to form a wall. Duke continues moving OtR towards Yami's monsters and takes out Thunderball.

Yami uses his Help Screen to trigger Mighty Mage's effect and attack but Duke uses a Defense Crest to save his OtR, dropping its Hit Points by 10 to 20. Taking his turn, Duke uses another 6 Magic Crests to boost OtR by 30 points to 70 Attack Points. His attack takes out Mighty Mage.Yami begins doubting himself until Joey provides a speech that keeps even Duke's cheerleaders at bay. Yami can't forget what made him Duel Monsters champion and he just needs to have the same faith in his dice that he has with his deck. His roll gives him enough to provide enough Attack Power to take out OtR but Duke uses Yaranzo's effect to turn any type of crest he has in his Crest Pool to Defense Crests, enough to block all six of the Knight of Twin Swords' attacks.


Despite Yami's next speech, his roll doesn't back him up and he takes Duke's attack, losing another Heart Point to even his score with Duke's. However, Duke protests that Yami has no more room to summon monsters but Yami counters that one just has to believe the other ways to summon and to Duke's amazement, Yami not only is able to summon a monster on his roll but it's his Dark Magician that appears and takes out OtR with its 40 Attack Points to OtR's 20 Defense Points. Duke takes his turn by moving his Dark Assailant to the treasure chest and opens it to reveal Monster Cannon, which fires monsters at other monsters and attempts to fire at Yami's Dark Magician using DA but Yami uses Dark Magician's ability to create Magical Hats and Duke guesses wrong. Yami's roll allows him to use another of Dark Magician's abilities called Mystic Box, which destroys Yaranzo and leaves Duke open to DM's attack, which wins Yami the game.

Later, Duke apologizes but Yami, (now Yugi')s friends say DDM has the potential to become a great hit (well it didn't turn out that way here. In fact, I recall seeing the game still in box on shelves at my tournament's previous location and I don't think it got past the starter set.) Duke gets new email that states a contract was made after all and DDM will go global. The game is about having fun and meeting new friends and you never know where you'll find them or how close you'll be with them.

Episode 49's Episode Cards
 There were no cards played in this episode.