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Episode 72: Not Playing with a Full Deck

On his boat (Marik's in the original series), Aster questions if Sartorius has been lying to him the entire time. Another boat arrives and a man in a black suit walks out, briefly glancing at Aster, whom recognizes the man as Sartorius' lawyer but what's he doing here? The man walks along and spies a young blossom, knowing that it's full of potential and easy to destroy and crushes the plant, saying Jaden's next. In his lair, Sartorius talks about Jaden overcoming his predictions twice. He flips the next card and places it face up on the table, saying it signifies Jaden's defeat.

He waits to see Jaden prove him wrong. Inside the White Dorm, Bonaparte protests to Chazz about them having a deal. Chazz says it's under control. Jaden's as good as gone since he's walking into Chazz's trap as they speak. Outside, Syrus asks if they're there yet and Hassleberry tells him to relax, asking if Syrus has been invited a party, which Syrus hasn't. Jaden says that the "party" is right where they are and Syrus asks if parties are in caves. (If they were, Syrus then they wouldn't be getting many guests because caves generally aren't the most inviting of places for parties) Inside the cave, a voice welcomes them as several lights turn on. Jaden asks if they're early but the man tells him they're right on time.

Hassleberry asks the man who he is and the man reveals himself as Howard X Manor Esquire but prefers to be called "X". He tells Jaden that they have a contract. Jaden didn't sign anything.  X asks Jaden about him signing the guest list and warns him about checking the fine print. Guess Jaden's not much of a reader. X explains that the fine print outlines the stakes of the duel; if Jaden loses, his dorm is destroyed. Jaden's not worried, losing isn't on his schedule today. Behind a stalagmite (or what looks like one), Aster says Jaden has no idea what he's up against. X makes way for opening statements and Jaden says to simply start the duel.


X starts with Card Destruction, forcing both of them to discard their hands and redraw and equal amount of cards. Next, he uses Elegant Light Level 4 (whose effect apparently activates when sent to the Graveyard by a card effect, though the card itself is never shown), allowing him to summon a Level 4 monster from his deck and he chooses Trap Sluzer (0800) in Attack Mode. X sets 2 cards to end his turn. Syrus says that while annoying, X is a good duelist. Aster says they don't know the half of it, X is Sartorius' attorney, is undefeated and isn't known for his honesty. He says the last time someone attempted to defeat X was thrown in prison for 7 years due to disorderly dueling.

Syrus feels Jaden's doomed. Jaden plays Elemental Hero Sparkman (1600) in Attack Mode. X says Jaden's out of order and activates Monster Register by paying 1000 Life Points, leaving him with 3000, and explaining that Jaden loses 4 cards since Sparkman was Level 4. Jaden says they're his best cards. (Hardly, Jaden, you have better cards than those, like your Sparkman.) X says that his TS makes him immune to Trap Cards. (Why didn't he announce that when the card was summoned?)

Aster explains X's dueling style to the rest of the gang. Jaden attacks with Sparkman but X activates Threatening Roar, ending Jaden's turn. (This is probably based on the assumption that if you can't attack, you're done with your turn but as we've seen in previous episodes and in the CG, this is most often not the case.) X tells Jaden he has much to learn about the real world, saying dueling is work but he wouldn't expect Jaden to understand. X sets 2 cards and 1 monster to end his turn. (First time this has happened in quite a while, probably since the original series)

Jaden knows he's going to lose cards but he must play monsters and uses Poly to summon Elemental Hero Flame Wingman (2100) in Attack Mode and due to MR, he loses 6 cards. (They seem to have corrected/changed FW's level to match the CG's version.) Jaden attacks with FW, destroying the face down monster (Level Pod in the Japanese) (0500) in Defense Mode and triggering not only its own effect but the hidden monsters' too, leaving X with 2500. (Why didn't he just attack TS? It'd deal more damage to X and it's a monster Jaden at least has some knowledge about.)

Due to the effect of X's monster , all monsters on the field are returned to their decks and they each draw cards equal to the total Level of the monsters returned to the decks. If at least one monster is drawn, the controller can keep the cards but if not, they go to the Grave. Jaden inspects his hand and gets to keep his cards. Oops! Major goof here! Several cards in his hand aren't his in the US version! The rest of his cards have been changed to different cards he uses in the US as shown at 9:35 into the episode.


X discards his newly drawn cards. X didn't want Jaden to get off so easily and activates Purse with a Hole, which randomly discards cards from Jaden's hand until Jaden has only 5 cards and prevents Jaden from using the cards in his hand. Next he activates Soul Connection, letting him add a monster from his Deck to his hand (though X makes it seem like he retrieves it from his Grave) and he selects TS. Jaden ends his turn. X uses Pot of Greed. Next he summons his Trap Sluzer in Attack Mode, causing Jaden to lose 4 cards by MR's effect. (Apparently the card affects both players.)

Jaden draws and X activates Gachi Battle, forcing both of them to summon a monster from their deck each turn. Jaden plays Neo-Spacian Glow Moss (0300) in Attack Mode and with MR's effect, he loses another 3 cards. Then Jaden uses GM's effect, letting X flip over the top card and trigger 1 of GM's effects or pass and if he does, Jaden loses another 2 cards from the top of his deck. (The real card doesn't let the opponent choose whether or not to flip the card.) Next Jaden uses Neos Energy, giving GM 800 ATK to 1100.


Since X picked up a Spell Card, Jaden attacks directly with GM but X activates Compulsory Evacuation Device, returning a monster to its owner's hand and he selects GM. X activates Super Guard by paying 500 LPs, leaving him with 2000 and preventing his monsters from being destroyed in battle. Jaden uses Common Soul to summon GM on X's field. and giving his TS 300 ATK to 1100. Next he uses Miracle Fusion to summon Elemental Hero Electrum (2900) in Attack Mode and with his effect, every card removed from the play returns to the deck. Next he summons Sparkman in Attack Mode. Then he attacks and destroys GM with Electrum but X activates Recycle Barrier, reducing damage he takes to 0.

GM returns and Jaden uses De-Fusion to summon Elemental Hero Avian (1000), Elemental Hero Burstinatrix

(1200), Elemental Hero Bubbleman (0800) and Elemental Hero Clayman (0800) all in Attack Mode. X tries to find another solution but Jaden's starting to have fun. After the attacks, X is down to 2 cards, saying Jaden actually had him worried. He has no monsters left that can attack. Jaden agrees, then says he was kidding and uses Instant Fusion to again summon Electrum and attacks, winning the duel. (The real card can only summon Level 5 or less Fusion Monster and costs 1000 LPs.)