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Episode 65: No Pain No Game

Inside the jungle, Jaden thinks the only thing worse than being lost is being hungry and lost. He sees what he thinks is food and darts over, then becomes disappointed as he discovers he can't eat magazines. He realizes that Zane is on the cover and that the magazines are quite old, from a time when Zane was undefeated. (Well they wouldn't be THAT old if Zane hadn't lost to Aster.) He wonders what Zane is up to seeing as how he disappeared after losing to Aster. At the dorm, Syrus is reading the newspaper, wondering what happened to Zane.


He used to be the best but has lost 10 duels straight, putting him at the amateurs level. Just outside the doorway, Bastion and Hassleberry are discussing Syrus' depression. Chazz shows, saying that there is still hope to join the Society of Light. Alexis will join, right? Alexis says no by flicking Chazz away. She takes the magazine away from Syrus, saying it's trash and to not believe what it says. Zane's going to win tonight, she just knows it. Syrus isn't so sure but Bastion says Alexis made a good point, questioning Syrus if he's seen Zane's opponent. If Zane loses to thus guy, his career really is over.

At the dueling site, the crowd is displeased with the duel as an unnamed duelist attacks directly with Magical Scientist and wins the duel. A disappointed Zane walks away as the crowd throws insults at him. Inside the shower, (I am amazed that they kept this scene and not others like it in prior episodes.) Zane recalls a brief chat he had inside a restaurant with his "manager" , who says that when they hired Zane, they expected a champion but what they got was him and they don't pay for failures.

Zane questions what is wrong with himself and why he's afraid to duel. Inside a hallway, a voice tells Zane it was quite the duel he just had. He has heard it'll be Zane's last one. Who says? Various members of the press but who really reads the newspaper or watches TV these days? (Syrus reads the newspaper) Zane tells the man to get lost and the man apologizes, saying he is Mr. Shroud and that he can help Zane. After being questioned on how that can get accomplished, he tells Zane he's going to help him get back on top.


Of course, they're going to have to start at the beginning. He's going to reinvent him. He asks Zane if he's heard of underground dueling but those types of duels aren't Zane's thing. Shroud tells him he doesn't have a choice if his intent is to salvage his career. At the new arena, Zane's opponent (whom looks quite fierce might I add) is introduced as Mad Dog. Zane enters, saying the duel shouldn't be too tough as the guy probably hasn't had any training.

Two men strap on strange wrist bands and a neck brace. Shroud tells Zane not to worry about them, they make the duel better. He warns Zane that his opponent is known to be quite dangerous (and annoying as we now get a glimpse of his horrible voice.) Mad Dog, showing his babyish lack of manners, draws and plays Acid Slime (1000) in Defense Mode and sets 1 card to end his turn. Zane draws, setting 1 card and activating Different Dimension Capsule, letting him select and remove from play 1 card from his deck and after 3 turns, it returns to his hand. Oops! The removed card actually is added after 2 turns (as revealed in earlier episodes.) Then he plays Cyber Dragon (2100) in Attack Mode.

He thinks that if he destroys AS, he takes 800 damage so he decides not to attack but Mad Dog activates Last Machine Acid Virus, which by tributing a WATER monster, destroys all Machine-Type monsters Zane controls, dealing him 500 damage every time that occurs, which lasts for 3 turns. Zane's score drops to 3500 as he discovers the shocks from the equipment on his arms and neck, (which Shroud did mention and somewhat warn about.) Shroud lied to Zane! (Well no he didn't for he never stated that there were or weren't any "shock bands" involved.)

He gave Zane exactly what he promised. Zane wants fame then he has to pay the price. Mad Dog plays Contingency Fee, letting Zane draw cards until his hand holds 6 but Mad Dog gains 1000 LPs for each card drawn and with the Acid Virus, he gets to check for Machine-Type monsters. MD's score rises to 7000. Next he uses Card Destruction, forcing both of them to throw out their hands and redraw and equal number of cards. Again with the LMAV, he looks at Zane's cards and finds 4 Machine-Type monsters. Cyber Laser Dragon (third left) has been slightly changed for US as shown at 10:25 into the episode.


Thanks to his AV, he gets 2000 in LPs, (Well actually Zane takes 2000 damage, 500 per Machine-Type monster destroyed by LMAV's effect) leaving Zane with 1500. Then he plays Pot of Greed and Clone Slime (0000) in Defense Mode. He sets 2 cards to end his turn. Zane plays Future Fusion, letting him summon a Fusion Monster right away by sending its Fusion Material monsters from his deck to his Grave but Mad Dog activates Jammer Slime, which by discarding a Slime monster negates FF and since he discarded Draw Slime, he can draw 1 card.


Deep down he's really just a big softy and decides to help Zane out. Despite Zane's refusal, he activates Despised Reality, letting Zane summon a Level 4 monster but if he does, Mad Dog draws twice and if he doesn't, MD takes 1000 damage. Zane accepts by playing Proto-Cyber Dragon (1100) in Attack Mode. He says that his monster is stronger but Mad Dog doesn't care, saying that he gets 2 cards. Zane tells him its his last and attacks Clone Slime but MD says that when CS is attacked, he can exchange it with a monster from his Grave and chooses Acid Slime, which gets destroyed, leaving Zane with 700. Everyone smirks.


Mad Dog plays Slime Base, letting him summon a Slime monster and he chooses Multiple Slime (1500) in Attack Mode. He attacks and destroys PCD, leaving Zane with 300. He sets 2 cards to end his turn. Shroud says he told Zane. He's reached the bottom of the barrel and there's only one place to go. Zane agrees, it's out, he doesn't want to be part of this world. Shroud tells him it's impossible, the match isn't over yet, if he wants out, he must win. (Earlier he stated the match just had to be over so which is it?) Zane says he can't, if he plays a Machine-card, it'll be destroyed by his Slime monster, it's over. Shroud says that he has nothing to lose, for he's already lost everything else.

Zane, now madder than ever draws and his Capsule now activates, returning the card to his hand. Next he uses Power Bond, letting him summon a Fusion Monster but he's short on cards. (This is illegal in the CG because you must have enough cards to use.) He then plays Cybernetic Fusion Support, which for half his LPs lets him summon the Fusion Monster now and he chooses Cyber End Dragon (4000) in Attack Mode while his LPs drop to 150 and with PB's effect, CED's ATK rises to 8000. Oops! As Zane explains Power Bond's side-effect, the card art for CED is shown as Chimeratech Overdragon's in the US as shown at 16:12 into the episode!

Mad Dog activates Slime Ball, giving him LPs equal to Zane's monster's ATK for a total of 15,000 and also destroys the monster.

Through his anger, Zane says that he should've been focusing on winning and activates Call of the Haunted to revive Proto-Cyber Dragon, then uses Overload Fusion to remove 6 Dragons from play (most of which aren't Dragons btw.) He brings out Chimeratech Overdragon (4800) in Attack Mode. (Chimeratech's effect gives it 800 ATK and DEF for every monster used to summon it, which was 6 for a total of 4800 ATK and DEF.) He attacks and destroys Multiple Slime, leaving Mad Dog with 11,700. Oops! At 18:42 into the episode, they forgot to take out the card underneath MS for MD took damage when it was destroyed! Mad Dog asks if that's all Zane has and explains that when MS is destroyed, it summons 3 Slime Monster Tokens (0500 x3) in Attack Mode. Then he activates Trap Trip, letting him retrieve a Trap Card from his Grave and he chooses LMAV.


Zane admits the card is powerful if Mad Dog can use it. MD says he can since all he needs is 1 token to tribute to activate it but Zane says none of them will survive as CO can attack 6 times since he ditched 6 cards. (The real card can only attack a number of monsters equal to the monsters used to summon it.) Neither Mad Dog nor Shroud can believe CO's effect. (This is a first for the show.) The Tokens are destroyed and Zane wins the duel. It worked, Zane has been reborn. At the dorm, the gang is watching TV as the announcer says Zane has won yet another duel. Syrus knows his brother wouldn't duel like this. Whomever the guy is it's not Zane!