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Episode 54: Champion or Chazz-Been

Inside the classroom, there is constant chatter as two duelists, one of which is Chazz, are going to duel. The other student taunts Chazz for being a Slifer Red, saying he's going down but Chazz replies that while he can respect obnoxious little punks, no one can stand up to him. Meanwhile, Jaden and his gang are rushing to see the first official duel of the year as Syrus asks Jaden why he doesn't run this fast when late to class and Alexis says that he saves his energy sprinting out of class.

Bonaparte takes center stage, assuming they know him, which Syrus apparently doesn't but Bonaparte lets everyone know who he is for those who don't. He explains that if Chazz wins the duel, he goes back to Obelisk Blue. Syrus says it should've been Jaden, after all what boob would pick Chazz? Dr., or Chancellor Crowler! Do they know why he chose Chazz? Crowler says his reason is very good. Alexis somehow doubts it. Crowler requests Alexis repeat her sentence, then asks them if they know who just enrolled in Freshman class.


The gang is amazed that Aster enrolled here and Jaden asks where he is. Crowler says that's just it, he hasn't showed up. We are shown a flashback where Crowler uses the old hates us/hates us not flower routine when Bonaparte interrupts, saying he's been looking for Crowler everywhere. Crowler wanted some "me" time, is that alright? (apparently not) as Bonaparte questions Crowler's possible reason with torturing flowers but Crowler says it was to deal with the Aster democracy. He shows Bonaparte a poster featuring the Obelisk Blue student and Chazz, saying that the duel will be Chazz's chance to return to glory. He then says that crowds will be rushing to see if Chazz still has what it takes.

Alexis says the plan is the most selfish, egotistical thing she's ever heard but Crowler thanks her. Bonaparte announces the players with the Obelisk Blue student (now revealed as Reginald Van Howell the Third). He then says no direct attacks below the belt (as if that's possible with monsters). After hurling insults, the duel finally begins as Reggie plays Marauding Captain (1200) and Warrior Lady of the Wasteland (1100) in Attack Mode with MC's effect. Chazz asks if he can yawn and if Reggie is done but Reggie says no and plays Jewel Sword, giving his MC 300 ATK to 1500. He selects another card and Call of the Haunted gets the usual card art alternation for US as shown at 5:41 into the US episode.

He activates Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade on Warrior Lady, giving her 300 ATK to 1400. Jaden's friends are impressed with Reggie's skills (but I wouldn't since his monsters are pretty weak). Reggie sets a card to end his turn. He tells Chazz it's his turn and says that the black outfit Chazz has doesn't fool him. Chazz asks if Reggie ever shuts up and draws, summoning X-Head Cannon (1800) in Attack Mode. Next he uses Graceful Charity for another 3 cards by tossing out Chthonian Polymer and Ojamagic, which Reggie has never heard of.


Chazz explains that it lets him add the Ojama brothers to his hand. Reggie doesn't understand why Chazz would play 3 wimps (Chazz never played them, they're in his hand, Reggie) Chazz shows him by playing Ojama Ride, letting him summon 3 Machine-Type monsters by discarding the Ojama brothers and he chooses Y-Dragon Head and Z-Metal Tank (1500 x2) in Attack Mode. Oops! Z-Metal Tank is shown as a Normal Monster in the US at 7:41 into the US episode!

With all 3 of them out, Chazz can combine them and summons XYZ-Dragon Cannon (2800) in Attack Mode. Next he uses XYZ's effect to toss his remaining cards to destroy Reggie's monsters and attacks directly, leaving Reggie with 1200. He asks if Reggie still has a shot. Reggie says he'll be sorry for doing it and tells Chazz that Jewel Sword lets him draw 1 card since it was destroyed.  Next he draws and activates Pot of Greed. Chazz says stalling won't help.

Reggie asks if his next move looks like stalling and activates Call of the Haunted to bring back Warrior Lady of the Wasteland and equips her with Great Sword, raising her ATK to 1400. Chazz says that move was pointless. It's simple math, he only raised her by 300, not enough to destroy Chazz's Dragon Cannon. Reggie says that's why he plans to sacrifice it and does so to summon Gilford the Legend (2600) in Attack Mode. (Great Sword also treats the equipped monster as 2 tributes if tributed for a Warrior-Type monster, which is how he got to summon GtL by tributing only one monster)

Then he explains that Gilford can get every Equip Spell in Reggie's Grave, for a total of 3500 ATK. How's Reggie's math now? He also activates Flamberge, discarding a card to give Gilford 500 more ATK to 4000. (The real card's name is Wicked-Breaking - Flamberge Baou). He attacks and destroys XYZ, leaving Chazz with 2800. He asks if Chazz gives up but Chazz says he always has a backup plan and plays Pot of Greed. Next he plays Ojamandala, letting him Special Summon Ojama Black, Ojama Green, and Ojama Yellow (1000 x3) in Defense Mode, then says while they look weak, they'll what'll take Reggie down.


Reggie says he's bluffing but Chazz shows Reggie he isn't and plays a Spell Card (Ojama Delta Hurricane!!), destroying Gilford and leaving Reggie baffled and amazed, saying that his strongest monster was beaten by dweebs. He then reminds Chazz about his Jewel Sword card, which lets him again draw 1 card since it was destroyed. Chazz sets a card to end his turn. Reggie guesses that Chazz's face down is another weak Ojama card. Chazz sarcastically asks why he thinks so and Reggie answers sarcastically saying that Chazz built his deck around the 3 stooges.

He draws and plays Premature Burial to revive Armed Samurai - Ben Kei (0500) in Attack Mode while his score drops to 400. He uses Divine Sword's effect to remove from play 2 Warrior-Type monsters to get the card back. Then he adds it and Lightning Blade to Ben Kei, raising its ATK to 1600. He attacks and destroys Ojama Yellow, then explains that BK can attack again for each Equip Spell Card he has, letting him destroy Chazz's remaining monsters and leave Chazz with 200 LPs.

Chazz activates Ojama Delta Wear, which brings his Ojama Brothers back again. Next he uses Poly to summon Ojama King (0000) in Attack Mode. Reggie doesn't understand why Chazz would play such a weak monster. Chazz thanks him and plays Mecha Ojama King Transformation, tributing OK for Mecha Ojama King (0000) in Attack Mode. Reggie still doesn't understand but Chazz already knows, saying that what he does have is a handy special effect, letting him summon an Ojamachine every turn so he plays Ojamachine Yellow (0000) in Attack Mode, whose effect lets him summon 3 Ojamachine Yellow Tokens to his field field.


Chazz attacks with them and Reggie is baffled at the attacks. When one is destroyed, Reggie says he's won but Chazz explains that when one is destroyed, he takes no Battle Damage but Reggie takes 300 damage. Two are destroyed and Chazz wins the duel. The group of Slifer Reds pick him up and repeatedly toss him into the air. Crowler sees this and realizes that Chazz wants to stay a Slifer Red. Chazz tries to change it but Crowler says there's no need to thank him, he's just doing his job, which Bonaparte says won't be a job for much longer.


Later, Syrus is walking through the halls when he catches Crowler and Bonaparte having a conversation and hears that they want to tear down the Slifer Dorm. Shocked, Jaden asks Syrus if it's true, which Syrus says it is. They feel the room shake and fear that it's really happening and go to warn Chazz, who says he's getting a private room. Jaden wonders if it's really true about the Slifer Dorm being torn down.