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Episode 53: Back to Duel

Jaden starts the episode by actually narrating. He tells about how he passed his finals and is again in the Slifer Red dorm again. Who's he talking to? His fans, he guesses. He decides to let the viewers watch the episode (which, I might add is what they came for). Crowler shows and he brings along a part English, part French-speaking short guy, whom we are introduced as Vice-Chancellor Bonaparte. Syrus cuts in, saying Jaden's narrating again.


 Bonaparte asks what the "big news" is and Crowler says the new boat is arriving. Bonaparte isn't impressed, saying that now Crowler CARES? Surly Crowler didn't drag him out to greet the new students. He tells Crowler to explain himself and Crowler shows him a magazine. Did Bonaparte miss the joke? Crowler asks if Bonaparte is calling Aster Phoenix a joke. Not only is he the top-ranked duelist in the world but he's joining DA and with a celebrity under his tutorage, he'll be famous! Everyone knows Aster Phoenix, except Jaden and his crowd as they all ask who he is and the student says to call him "AP".

Jaden immediately decides to duel him. Chazz and Alexis show and Alexis says that Jaden doesn't waste time, or does he? Chazz isn't surprised, saying it figures Jaden challenged a Freshman. Syrus corrects Chazz, saying that AP challenged Jaden. He swears he's seen AP before. Dorothy tells Chazz that perhaps AP graduated from the same school Chazz did. Syrus agrees, saying that AP is definitely rich and stuck-up enough.


Chazz disagrees, saying they aren't alike but AP plays Ojama Yellow (1000) in Defense Mode. Chazz collapses, then rises, saying he'd never start out with a lame card like that. OY asks Chazz if he'd play the best for last but Chazz tells him he's wrong and to get lost. Alexis isn't liking what was just said but Chazz says it's nothing. She then wonders what else AP has in his deck. Dorothy bets not much since AP assembled the deck that morning with random cards from the shop.

Jaden draws and plays Elemental Hero Sparkman (1600) in Attack Mode. He attacks and destroys Ojama Yellow. AP says that Jaden really is as good as they say. Jaden responds by saying that when you play cards like OY, it isn't too tough. Chazz smirks at Syrus, saying he's right. What did AP do, take lessons from Chazz? (well better Chazz then Syrus) AP draws, thinking he'll soon learn all of Jaden's strategies. He sets 1 card and is about to play another card when his phone rings.

AP says he isn't busy (when technically he is). Jaden tries to keep his cool, saying that he was a crazy person like him. Chazz says it's obnoxious to whip out a cell phone during a duel and Syrus adds that AP is more like Chazz. AP says that he's dueling Jaden as they speak. We are introduced to a robed man with tarot cards, who flips one over and says that AP knows what must be done. So AP is going to play a good card, right?


Does Jaden mean like this and activates Reload, which tosses out his hand and places it back into the deck and he redraws. (The real card doesn't toss out the hand, it just places them back into the deck) Next he plays The Sanctuary in the Sky. Then he plays Warrior of Zera (1600) in Attack Mode, then tributes it for Archlord Zerato (2800) in Attack Mode. Next he tosses out Mystical Shine Ball to destroy Jaden's monsters. He then attacks directly, leaving Jaden with 1200. Jaden plays Elemental Hero Clayman (2000) in Defense Mode, then uses Metamorphosis to tribute it for Elemental Hero Clay Guardian (2800) in Defense Mode.

Next, he uses its effect, which deals AP 200 damage for each card on the field, leaving him with 3400. Jaden then explains that AP's problems  are that his hand is empty and he has a 95% chance of winning the duel. Aren't those good odds? Jaden says he was just testing him. Aster says Jaden really is nuts. He can't compute a simple math problem, he hears voices in his head and he gives bad advice. Guess it's time he end this duel and move on with his life. We are now again greeted to the robed man, who flips another card and is obviously good at predicting the future, seeing as how he says that with his inverted chariot card, the end is near.

AP draws. Jaden asks if AP got a bad card. AP says maybe he doesn't want to win or that it's not a bad card and activates Beckoning Light, which forces him to toss his hand and return a LIGHT monster to his hand from his Graveyard. He selects MSB and uses AZ's effect to destroy Jaden's field. He attacks directly but Jaden activates The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh, which brings out Winged Kuriboh (0200) in Defense Mode, which is destroyed. Aster remembers the chat he had with the robed man about throwing the duel, which AP has never done before.

The robed man says it's for the best. Jaden draws and plays Elemental Hero Bubbleman (0800) and uses his effect to draw twice. Next he uses The Warrior Returning Alive to take back Sparkman. Then he sets 1 card and plays Poly to bring out Elemental Hero Tempest (2800) in Attack Mode and attacks Zerato. Syrus says Jaden will lose but Chazz and Alexis (and I) say he won't. Jaden sends his face down card to the Graveyard so that only Zerato is destroyed. Next he uses De-Fusion to trade Tempest for Elemental Hero Avian (1000), Sparkman, and Bubbleman all in Attack Mode and attacks directly to win the duel.

After trading compliments, AP walks away, not understanding why he's here or why the robed man is so obsessed with Jaden. He guesses the robed man (whose name is finally revealed to be Sartorius) knows what's best. No one's impressed with Jaden's victory except Syrus. Syrus recalls that the newcomer's name was AP and looks in the magazine, where his real name is revealed as Aster Phoenix. Jaden's not impressed but Alexis tells Jaden that Aster is the top-ranked student in the world. Jaden gets excited, thinking he beat a pro but Dorothy says that Aster's deck was built from random cards that morning.

Hearing this, Jaden becomes bummed but Alexis says at least he won. Back outside, Bonaparte and Crowler see another new student arrive, whom asks why he was placed in Ra Yellow. Crowler starts to give a reason why but the sergeant grabs Crowler and asks why he was put in Ra Yellow. After two times of Crowler waiting for Bonaparte to speak, Bonaparte speaks, adding to Crowler's "too daring" speech. The sergeant becomes happy and walks away.  Bonaparte then suggests they remove the Slifer Red dorm and the two of them laugh.