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Episode 47: Chazz-Anova

Inside his planet, Alexis calls Chazz's name, saying that she wants to tell him how much she loves him. We find that it was only a dream and now Ojama Yellow call his name, then is shocked to see Chazz smiling. Who is "romeo" dreaming about? Chazz says his new love. A large crowd congratulates Jaden and the gang for defeating the Shadow Riders and Jaden will sign autographs later. Syrus is baffled at how they're heroes and Chumley prefers a hero sandwich.

Up on the rooftop, the Ojama brothers are talking about Chazz being in love and Chazz hears this and says he won't have time for them anymore. He takes out his deck and lets the wind carry it and the brothers away. He knows Alexis really loves him as he felt it in her heart. However, she either hangs out with Atticus, Zane and worse ...  Jaden. Down below, Zane and Alexis are talking as Zane suggests a body guard but Alexis declines, saying she can take care of herself. Zane is going to miss Alexis when he graduates from DA. At the beach, Chazz questions how he can get Alexis to notice him. Atticus is surfing when Chazz realizes that Atticus can help him. Two girls race over to Atticus, asking for his autograph, which he gladly does.


The girls are shocked that he wrote "BFF" and after Atticus' explanation of what "BFF" stands for, they collapse. Chazz runs over, begging for Atticus to help him, which he does as he tells Chazz that Alexis loves dueling and he should impress her by dueling. He needs to let his cards tell Alexis how he's feeling but Chazz lost his cards...or did he as the Ojama brothers run over, saying they put his deck back together again. Atticus scans the cards, saying he needs some love cards. How is Chazz going to get Alexis to duel him? Atticus thinks he has just the way.

At DA, Sheppard talks about what was said by the last Shadow Rider and decides to hide the box with the Sprit Keys under a plant (which I don't think is a good idea despite being in a place that no one would think to look.) He walks out and shuts off the light. Chazz enters as does Atticus, who tells him he's late. Later, Sheppard yells that the keys are missing and discovers a confession note from Chazz (How can he read it?). The gang rush over to see that sure enough Chazz has the keys. Alexis announces that the joke's over and Chazz announces that he's in love and Alexis loves him. Why does he think that? Atticus told him so. Zane proposes they just tackle him but Alexis thinks that one duel couldn't hurt and decides to duel Chazz.


Chazz plays Ojama Yellow (0000) in Attack Mode, then sets 2 cards and plays Love Letter, which gives Alexis either his face down card or his monster and she chooses one of his face down cards, exactly as Chazz planned. He plays Giant Trunade, returning all Spell and Trap Cards on the field back to their owners' hands. Next he plays Hidden Wish, which deals Alexis 1000 damage and gives him 1000 LPs since it returned from Alexis' field to his hand, raising his score to 5000 and dropping her score to 3000. After more love talk from Chazz, Alexis is now getting grossed out. Then he activates Treasure Map, which lets him draw 2 cards, both of which he sets face down. (The real card also forces you to discard 1 card from your hand.) Alexis draws and plays Blade Skater (1400) in Attack Mode and attacks OY but Chazz activates Ring of Destruction, which has been edited for US as shown at 11:41 into the US episode.

It destroys 1 monster and deals damage to both players equal to its ATK, leaving Chazz with 3600 and Alexis with 1600. Chazz plays Graceful Charity to draw 3 cards and discard 2. Next he uses Pot of Greed for an additional 2 cards. Then he activates Ojama Trio, which places 3 Ojama tokens on Alexis' field and she takes 300 damage if one is destroyed. After that he plays Poly to summon Ojama King (0000) in Attack Mode. As usual, more zeros are added to Ojama King's ATK in the US as shown at 12:56 into the US episode.


With his effect, up to 3 of Alexis' Monster Card Zones can't be used. Alexis can't summon any new monsters so she'll be defenseless! (Well not really since she has the Ojama Tokens on her field.) Alexis sets 1 card to end her turn, thinking it should throw "chazz-anova for a loop. Chazz plays Dress Up, giving OK 300 ATK for a total of, well, 300 and lets him change the mode of the monster it battles but Chazz chooses not to and attacks Ojama Black, lowering his score to 2900. He then activates Dramatic Crossroads, which forces Alexis to either show her hand and give Chazz one of the cards or discard one random card.


Alexis says she's in love with dueling and a heartbroken Chazz collapses as Atticus rushes over. Chazz quickly stands as Alexis chooses to discard one card as she hopes that she doesn't discard the one card that can get her out of this mess and she doesn't. If Chazz really wants a wedding, she'll give it to him as she plays Ritual Sanctuary, letting her add a Ritual Spell Card from her deck to her hand by discarding 1 Spell Card and she plays it, Machine Angel Ritual, allowing her to summon a Cyber Angel Ritual Monster. Chazz points out that she has no Monster Zones left but Alexis says that a Ritual Summon doesn't count towards the no sacrifice rule so she tributes all 3 tokens for Cyber Angel Benten (1800) in Attack Mode.

(Ritual Summons require Tributes in the CG so she wouldn't be able to Ritual Summon in this case.) She attacks with CAB, destroying OK and leaving Chazz with 1400 LPs. With CAB's effect, Chazz takes damage equal to the DEF of the monster she destroyed, wiping out Chazz's remaining LPs. Chazz says it doesn't matter for the Chazz stands alone! He collapses in tears as Alexis asks if they can be friends. The ground shakes as Jaden says what Banner warned them about is here.