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Episode 34: The Fear Factor

At a duel, Jaden attacks with Wildheart but the mysterious duelist plays Blue-Eyes and wins the duel. He is dragged downwards by two hands as he apologizes to his friends. He awakens as we discover it was only a dream as Syrus tells him he was moaning in his sleep. Is he okay? Jaden says he doesn't know. Syrus knows what'll cheer Jaden up, a nice dip in the Academy Wading Pool. Jaden agrees. In the AWP, Syrus asks Jaden if he's over the nightmare yet but Chumley gives him that look like Syrus shouldn't have asked. He asked because he cared! Jaden sinks underwater then reappears on the other side of Syrus, taunting him that he has Syrus' towel. Syrus chases after him as Chazz dumps water on him, saying to take a chill pill. After Jaden's "chazzeroo" rhyme, Syrus throws water on Chazz. Syrus won't pay for that because it was priceless.

Jaden once again sinks down and remembers when Zane lost the duel and his soul, then when he won and Camula lost her soul. Dueling used to be about fun but now it's about winning. Jaden is pulled underwater and is transported to some ice-like fortress. He sees two Duel Spirits and is later joined by Chazz, Chumley and Syrus and their Duel Sprits. Kaibaman shows, saying that they'll only get answers if they duel him. He senses deep fear that Jaden will lose and have to face a Blue-Eyes card.

(Where did he get it? In the Yu-Gi-Oh anime, there were only 3 and in Kaiba's deck after the 4th was ripped up by Kaiba himself.) Jaden accepts the duel and plays Elemental Hero Bubbleman (0800) in Attack Mode and Jaden gets 2 more cards since Bubbleman's alone. Next, he plays Bubble Blaster, giving Bubbleman 800 more ATK for 1600. He hopes that this duel doesn't end the same way his nightmare did. Kaibaman says it's too late to back out from the duel and plays Kaibaman (0200) in Attack Mode, then tributes it for Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000) in Attack Mode. He attacks and BB's effect destroys itself and reduces damage to 0. Jaden uses Poly to summon Elemental Hero Mudballman (3000) in Defense Mode.

Kaibaman plays Pot of Greed for 2 cards. Next he plays Burst Stream of Destruction. Jaden asks if it's an attack the Blue Eyes has. (It is, though White Lightning is more comonly used.) Its effect destroys all monsters Jaden controls if Blue-Eyes is out. Syrus says that if BEWD attacks, it's all over. (Well no it isn't for Jaden would still have 1000 LPs left.) As Chazz says BEWD cannot attack this turn.

Next he plays Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands (1400) in Attack Mode and by his effect, Kaibaman can add a Ritual Monster/Ritual Spell from his deck to his hand. He selects White Dragon Ritual. Different Dimension Dragon (behind White Dragon Ritual) has been completely redesigned for US as shown at 11:45 into the episode. He says it won't stay for long for he plays it, White Dragon Ritual, tributing Manju for Paladin of White Dragon (1900) in Attack Mode. He may not be a dragon but he trained one.

 (The real card is a Dragon-Type monster.) He attacks with Paladin, dropping Jaden's score to 2100. Next he uses his effect, tributing it for another BEWD in Attack Mode to end his turn. Jaden uses Monster Reincarnation, which he discards Necroshade to retrieve Clayman. Next, he uses Necroshade's effect to bring out Elemental Hero Bladedge (2600) in Attack Mode. Syrus says as powerful as Bladedge is, it's not strong enough to defeat BEWD.


 However, Jaden isn't so sure as he plays Skyscraper, giving an Elemental Hero monster 1000 ATK if it battles a stronger monster, raising Bladedge's ATK to 3600. He attacks, destroying BEWD and dropping Kaibaman's score to 3400. He sets a card to end his turn. Kaibaman reminds Jaden that his friends are still at stake and he must be willing to face defeat. He plays Silent Doom to revive his Blue-Eyes from the Graveyard.


Then he uses Poly for Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (4500) in Attack Mode and attacks but Jaden activates Edge Hammer, which by tributing Bladedge, he can destroy 1 monster Kaibaman controls and deal him damage equal to its ATK but Kaibaman still stands, saying he'll force defeat if Jaden won't accept it and plays De-Fusion to bring back his BEWDs, then attacks and wins the duel. He asks if Jaden's scared now but Jaden says he's excited. How do they get back home? Kaibaman says that Kuriboh is they way they came here and it is what will take them back but Jaden must wish for it and does, so they are all moved back to the AWP. This is the first time Syrus ended more wound-up than when he first entered the wading pool. Jaden still has Syrus' towel and wacks him with it.