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Episode 18: The King of Copycats (1)

At DA, Jaden rushes over to a crowd, who is watching a duel between Syrus and Dimitri. Syrus explains that DA has been chosen as the first stop for the exhibit of Yugi's deck. So why the duel? Dorothy explains that Syrus is dueling for the last ticket to get into the exhibit and the winner gets it. Can they imagine a better prize? Yeah, one with two tickets. Does Jaden want to bring a third friend? Syrus already has his and is dueling for Jaden.

Dimitri, acting like Dr. Crowler (whom I will indicate as Dimitri/Crowler and this will be the format of every other deck and duelist Dimitri copies.), draws and plays Heavy Storm, destroying his face down Statue of the Wicked cards. Jaden says it sounds familiar and it should for Dr. Crowler used that move on him during his first duel. He tributes the tokens for Ancient Gear Golem (3000) in Attack Mode and attacks, triggering Jetroid's ability, letting Syrus play a Trap Card, like Magic Cylinder! (In the real game, AGG's effect prevents the activation of your opponent's Spell and Trap Cards until the end of the Damage Step.) Dimitri/Crowler's LPs are wiped out.


Jaden congratulates him and Syrus says it was easy. He had already seen how Jaden beat Dr. Crowler and since Dimitri copied his deck, Syrus knew exactly what to do. He grabs the last ticket and hands it to Jaden. Dorothy instructs everyone to head back to class since the "show" is over. The students leave, making fun of Dimitri the entire time. Bastion says that's about the worst of it. Sure, until the next time Dimitri loses, well he's had it! Inside his dorm, Dimitri doesn't understand. He watches, he studies and still loses. Crowler's deck is just as useless as all the rest. It doesn't matter what deck he copies, he always just loses. If copying the greatest duelist won't help, what will? A photograph of Yugi falls in front of him. It's so obvious...becoming the greatest duelist! Back at their dorm, while Jaden stares at his Winged Kuriboh card, Syrus tells Chumley the story of how he beat Dr. Crowler's deck.

He then questions why Jaden's staring at his card and Jaden tells him that he can't get Yugi's deck out of his head. He suggests to go now and Chumley agrees since they'll avoid the rush. Wait so Syrus dueled for that ticked and Jaden isn't going to even use it? Jaden assures Syrus that they'll go early tomorrow too. Inside the exhibit building, the guards thank Crowler for letting them leave early and say goodnight. Crowler agrees, it will be quite a good night. After all, how many evenings can one say they are in the presence of greatness, of the world's most famous dueling deck...it's gone?! In the halls of DA, the guards discuss Crowler while Jaden and the gang sneak past them. They run into Bastion. Are they taking a sneak peek at the deck? They hear someone yell and rush over to discover Crowler and the broken display case, accusing Crowler for the broken case but Crowler responds it wasn't him.

He urges them to search him but Jaden believes that Crowler didn't steal the deck. They must find this thief! Outside Dimitri is looking at Yugi's deck of cards, saying it's done. Oops! Watapon, third card behind Dark Magician, has been accidentally been shown as a Normal Monster at 8:51 in the Japanese version of the episode!

Now that he has the greatest deck, he'll become the greatest duelist! He starts to reveal his face when Syrus arrives, announcing that someone has stolen Yugi's deck. "Stole? What does he mean? It's his deck" Dimitri says, acting like Yugi and offers a duel to prove it.

Just in front of the bridge entrance, Chumley, and Bastion report back to Jaden, saying all is clear when they hear Syrus yell and rush over. Jaden asks what happened and Syrus tells him that Dimitri has it and beat him with it. Jaden orders Dimitri to return the deck but Dimitri says he is the King of Games and that Dimitri is some kid who studies and copies other duelist's decks. Jaden accepts the challenge (although Dimitri never stated he wanted to duel). (For once, both catch phrases from the King of Games in both Yu-Gi-Oh series are used in one episode.)


Jaden plays Elemental Hero Burstinatrix (0800) in Defense Mode and ends his turn. (This episode also features some of the music used in the original Yu-Gi-Oh series) Dimitri/Yami uses Poly to summon Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast (2100) in Attack Mode. He attacks and destroys Burstinatrix. Does Syrus have any advice on how to beat Yugi's deck. Syrus says none, he tried everything. Bastion explains that to win this duel, he must exploit the failings of whomever Dimitri is copying but Dimitri is copying Yugi, a duelist whose weakness aren't so well-known, if he has any. Jaden also plays Poly to summon Elemental Hero Thunder Giant (2400) in Attack Mode, then uses his ability, letting him destroy a monster whose original ATK is less than his.


(The real card requires a cost of 1 card from your hand but can be used multiple times during your turn.) Chimera is destroyed but that activated its ability, letting Dimitri/Yami play Berformet (1800) in Defense Mode from the Graveyard. Jaden attacks and destroys Berfomet. Dimitri/Yami draws and plays Monster Reincarnation, which by discarding 1 card, lets him bring back a monster from his Graveyard and he chooses Gazelle. Next he summons Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts (1500) in Attack Mode and uses Swords of Revealing Light, which prevents attacks from Jaden's monsters for 3 turns. Jaden draws, saying he's gotta break that spell. Thunder Giant has been modified for US , as shown at 13:51 into the episode although it's hard to tell.

He plays Dark Catapulter (1500) in Defense Mode but Dimitri/Yami activates Dark Renewal, which tributes a monster from both players and lets him revive a Spellcaster from his Graveyard, but wait, there aren't any for last time Jaden checked, the only two monsters in his Grave are Chimera and Berformet! Dimitri/Yami reminds Jaden that he discarded a Spellcaster monster to his Graveyard with Monster Reincarnation so he summons Dark Magician (2500) in Attack Mode. Jaden switches Thunder Giant to Defense Mode and ends his turn. Dimitri/Yami activates Thousand Knives, which with Dark Magician out, he can destroy any one of Jaden's monsters so TG is destroyed. Next he attacks Jaden directly, leaving him with 1500 LPs. Jaden playsWroughtweiler(1200) in Defense Mode and ends his turn.

 Dimitri/Yami attacks and destroys Wroughtweiler but that activates its effect, letting Jaden return Polymerization and an Elemental Hero from his Grave to his hand. Jaden plays Burstinatrix in Defense Mode, saying she's tough but is no match for is Dark Magician (or any other monster with at least 850 ATK). Dimitri/Yami attacks Burstinatrix but Jaden activatesA Hero Emerges,forcing Dimitri/Yami to pick a card from Jaden's hand and if it's a monster, Jaden can summon it.

Dimitri/Yami chooses far left, which is Bladedge, so Jaden summons it (2600) in Attack Mode. Syrus says that now Jaden has a monster out that can defeat the Dark Magician. Bastion adds that Bladedge can defeat every other monster in Yugi's deck for without any Egyptian God Cards, the Dark Magician is the strongest monster Yugi has (well not exactly since he has Dark Paladin (2900 ATK), Buster Blader (2600 ATK) and Magician of Black Chaos (2800 ATK).)

Dimitri/Yami says they're quite wrong for while DM is the strongest monster in his deck it's not about the cards but what you do with them and he plays Dedication through Light and Darkness, which he tributes DM for Dark Magician of Chaos (2800) in Attack Mode. (Yugi actually has Magician of Black Chaos, which the writers probably thought would be too easy to defeat so they substituted DMoC instead.) By summoning him successfully, he can return a Spell Card from his Grave to his hand. He attacks and destroys Bladedge, dropping Jaden's score to 1300. Jaden doesn't know if he can defeat this deck for getting your game on might not be enough!