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Episode 219: In the Name of the Pharaoh!

In Egypt, Zorc ridicules how the mighty Yami is now on his knees without an army, friends or much of a kingdom but Yami maintains that the Creator of Light still burns and Zorc can't win. Zorc continues ranting that Yami had the power to lock Zorc away but seems to have forgotten it but Yami won't give in, yet collapses, needing Yugi and crew's help. At last, Yugi and friends arrive and decide to battle Zorc with Egyptian Bakura's men coming up behind them. Yugi brings out Dark Magician, Joey summons Red-Eyes Black Dragon (Red-Eyes B. Dragon in the CG), Tristan plays Super Roboyaru and Tea` adds Fire Sorcerer.


They attack the approaching army, which has since become grim reapers of sorts and are destroyed but quickly return. Mana decides to bring out Dark Magician Girl and DMG and DM destroy two of the grim reapers while Yugi and friends attend to Yami's aid. Yami learns that they found his name but can't read it and worse still, Zorc takes out their monsters, leaving Tristan down by 1200 LPs to 2800, Joey down by 2400 to 1600, and Tea` down by 1000 to 3000. The grim reapers return again and despite Yami's protest, DMG and DM attack again, losing the battle to Zorc and Yugi loses 2500 LPs to bring his score down to 1500.


Zorc orders them to surrender to the darkness but Yugi and crew don't give up and Yami's cartouche falls into view and Tea` gets an idea to concentrate on Yami's name to make it appear there. As Kaiba awakens, Yami's name begins appearing on the cartouche. Zorc isn't waiting for the rest and attacks but Kaiba uses Ring of Defense to block the attack. Zorc retaliates with a blast that affects the entire group but when the smoke clears, Yami has his name and he makes it known. Now Yami must use the Egyptian Gods to make the Creator of Light appear and defeat Zorc. Yami calls the Gods from within Yugi's deck and restores them from their statues. While they're powerless on their own, Yami didn't merge them together and that's what he does to form the The Creator of Light, which appears and destroys Zorc. (The real card is an Effect Monster that requires the player to tribute the God Cards to Summon it.)

The storm clears up and CoL explains that there will not be another evil as the creator of the Shadow Realm is gone but Yami still has another task ahead to complete his destiny. Yami thanks those around him for what they've done and Kaiba appears, asking when they'll stop using their friendship speech and denies ever even remotely admitting that there may be truth to the stuff he's been told about Egypt. At the palace, Yami knows that soon Egypt will be restored to its former glory and Seto will be the one to do it as Yami is leaving soon or rather his memories don't go any further. As he fades away, Yami leaves Seto the Millennium Puzzle and says to continue his own father's path. As the group depart, Mana and Seto wave goodbye.