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Episode 208: In Search of a King

As the battle is about to unfold, the girl's opponents mock her and attack with their monsters with no resistance from the girl so Seto agrees to battle for her and summons his Duos. However, the opponents decide to return the favor after the girl is freed. His attack with Duos cuts most of the chains holding the platforms and one of the opponents tumbles into the abyss below while Seto and the girl cling to the last chain. The other opponent has been spared thanks to his monster but that same monster has also captured Duos. However, the girl unleashes her inner Blue-Eyes White Dragon on the opponent and his monster, sending the opponent to the Shadow Realm and destroying his monster while freeing Seto and herself.

Aknaden suggests taking the thrown as he's heard rumors that Yami's soul is gone but Seto refuses to take the throne and walks away while Aknaden decides to seize the thrown for him. Meanwhile, Egyptian Bakura places the Millennium Puzzle and Ring in their place on the Millennium Stone, knowing that once all seven are there, Zorc the Dark One can be unleashed. However, a ghostly hand picks him up and throws him aside, ordering him to find the 8th Key, something not even Yami would remember after wiping his memory clean. Still, EB realizes that this key unlocks Zorc not the Millennium Items and now just has to find the key.

Meanwhile, the group are struggling to pull Bobasa back on to land and eventually succeed before Bobasa shows them the Nile River. Joey figures Yami might be there and the group slide down the rocky slope. Elsewhere, Mana knows she has what it takes to be a great Spellcaster and manages to get a fish following her moves until it stops, deflates and returns to the water.

She doesn't know what to do without Mahad to guide her but sees Yugi and his group in the reflection and is perplexed at what they're wearing and Yami's current condition. Bobasa returns with a fish and Yami's cloak, a clue that Yami is around somewhere. EB's men show and race towards them but Mana throws a rogue wave at them before she and Yugi's group run away. Up above, Seto and his group aren't having any luck finding Yami but have found EB's trail and Siria will help find Yami as she takes to the skies.


We find Yami remembering that EB has his Millennium Puzzle, remembering what EB said earlier and a time when he was just born and the events that followed. When Yami comes to, a being named Hasan warns of Zorc the Dark One and when the time is right, Yami will know how to stop him. Yami gets out of the cave and sees a father and his son bringing in their net of fish. Yugi tells Mana the game of Duel Monsters and how Mana could be as powerful as the Dark Magician Girl card and thus Mana decided to change her name to Dark Magician Girl. Bobasa stops after suggesting Mana to make him a sandwich and the group see Yami and race to meet him.