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Episode 183: Rise of the Great Beast (1)

In the sky above Atlantis, Dark Magician Girl appears and orders the other monster spirits to join Yami, Joey and Kaiba to take down The Great Leviathan. To help, Joey plays Gearfried the Iron Knight, Rocket Warrior, and Gilford the Lightning, Kaiba adds XYZ-Dragon Cannon, Blade Knight, and Kaiser Sea Horse, and Yami brings out Black Luster Soldier, Buster Blader, and Valkyrion the Magna Warrior. However, none of the monsters make progress and get destroyed from TGL's counterattacks. Even the Legendary Knights are destroyed and Yami, Joey and Kaiba are snagged by some kind of elastic tar. Joey and Kaiba disappear in the muck and Yami struggles to hold on but Yugi gets an idea to call out to those trapped inside so that's what Yami does.


It works and the light from everyone joins Yami and Yami releases the Egyptian God Monsters and Kaiba and Joey. TGL retreats with the God Monsters following suit. Yami realizes that the God Monsters may need his help and he separates from Yugi, whom wishes him luck. Dartz protests that TGL was here first and will be there long after the God Monsters disappear. As he attacks, Yami orders the God Monsters to counter the attack and successfully send TGL down into the ocean. Spirits reunite with loved ones and friends as they emerge from TGL.

Skies clear and after regaining their family within, Raphael and Alister awaken on the ground. With the platform they stand on now crumbling and a mysterious black substance emerging, the gang bolt. They find the portal and leave but Yami convinces Yugi to stay back and Dartz appears, not ready to say goodbye yet. Yami summons Legendary Knight Timaeus but calls him back once it gets defeated. As long as mankind exists, so does TGL and despite orders to leave, Yugi stays, adding that the Orichalcos is using Dartz to do its dirty work. Yami declares that Dartz will have to go through him to get to to mankind and TGL attacks Yami. It could be farewell for the Pharaoh!