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Episode 183: Rise of the Great Beast (1)

As the battle with Dartz's great beast continues, the gang try a 2nd time to take down the beast wih their ards but it proves equally as futile. Unfortunately, Kaiba and Joey become trapped in some kind of black muck, leaving Yami to free them and defeat Dartz so he uses the God Cards to take the beast down. With the beast gone, Yami agrees to stay back while the others escape through a portal to safety. With Yami all alone, he faces the wrath of Dartz's beast once more and it could be the last time he does anything again.

Episode Cards
BATTLE 1: Kaiba: XYZ-Dragon Cannon, Blade Knight, Kaiser Sea Horse
Joey: Gearfried the Iron Knight, Rocket Warrior, Gilford the Lightning
                    Yami: BLS, BB, VtMW, LKT
Deviations from the TCG
1. Regular Dueling rules were ignored.