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Episode 170: Fighting for a Friend (2)

We find Yami and the gang still trapped by the Orichalcos Soldiers so Yami and Kaiba decided to bring out their Legendary Dragons but while they make their next move, Joey makes his in his duel against Valon by playing Marauding Captain (1200) in Attack Mode, then Battle Warrior (700) in Attack Mode by MC's effect. His direct attacks leave Valon down to 2100 LPs. Valon remains confident and draws, Special Summoning Psychic Armor Head from his Graveyard (0000) in Attack Mode by its effect. Next he activates the Seal of Orichalcos, boosting PAH's ATK by 500 to 500. Mai sees the Seal being activated and has a hunch who activated it and heads off.

Valon uses Full Armor Gravitation to pick up 10 cards and Special Summon any Armor monsters drawn. He plays Burning Knuckle, Jet Gauntlet, Over Boost, Active Guard, Buster Knuckle, and Advanced Shield (500 x 5) and (1500) respectively in Attack Mode. With that, he discards everything else drawn (but they don't tell you that). His new suit is stronger than the last one but Joey mentally protests that each piece has only 500 ATK (not true as Advanced Shield was Summoned and was therefore part of the "costume"). Psychic Amor Head finds Marauding Captain to be the proper target (mostly because of MC's other effect that makes it the attack target) and suggests Buster Knuckle, which gets 200 ATK per Amor card in play, raising its ATK to 1900. His attack destroys MC and leaves Joey's score down to 1800. Valon isn't so bad, he shares the same goal as Joey, making Mai happy but ever since Mai's last duel, all she can talk about is a rematch but Valon got to Joey first.


Joey draws and tributes BW for Jinzo (2400) in Attack Mode and PAH detects it. Joey attacks PAH with Jinzo but Buster Pyle is destroyed instead, leaving Valon down to 1600 LPs as Valon explains that he can redirect attacks to different Armor monsters if one of them is attacked.Meanwhile, Timaeus and Critias destroy the entire Orichalcos Soldier army that has stood before them and then Kaiba heads out, not interested in helping them further. Rebecca realizes that with Joey's Duel Disk activated, they can find him through Kaiba's tracking system and she heads off to hack into the system once more. Back at the duel, Valon draws and attacks with Burning Knuckle, which also gets 200 ATK per Armor card in play, raising its ATK to 1700. It's destroyed by Jinzo, leaving Valon down to 900 LPs but Jinzo is now kneeling down and down to 700 ATK points due to Burning Knuckle's effect. Joey mentally notes that Valon's move was very risky.

Joey draws and plays Rocket Warrior (1500) in Attack Mode and attacks, ending up destroying Advanced Shield instead of Over Boost but surviving thanks to its effect. Jinzo then battles Jet Gauntlet and ends up going with it by Jet Gauntlet's effect. In the streets, Mai is searching for Joey with no luck and is determined to make him pay for what he did to her and gets a boost from the Orichalcos after she briefly gets reminded of her past. Inside the trailer, Rebecca isn't having any luck with the password and while the group waits outside, Valon draws and summons another Buster Pyle (500) in Attack Mode to replace the piece lost on his arm. It attacks destroying RW and leaving Joey down to 1300 LPs by its effect. Valon ends his turn by equipping PAH with Data Brain. Joey draws and wants Valon to see how he fairs against Hermos!