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Episode 170: Fighting for a Friend (2)

The gang become trapped by Orichalcos Soldiers so they bring out their legendary dragons before considering their next move. Joey meanwhile starts going on the offensive and brings Valon to nearly 2000 LP. However, Valon quickly turns the tides with his Armor monsters and a 2nd Spell Card that brings them all out to play, not to mention the dreaded Field Spell. Joey then brings out an anti-Trap Card beatstick but even it is no match for Valon's Deck. Joey seems to be on the ropes until he draws his legendary dragon and is anxious to see how it fairs.

Episode Cards
DUEL 1: Joey: Marauding Captain, Battle Warrior (via Marauding Captain), Jinzo, Rocket Warrior
                Valon: PAH (via its effect), TSoO, FAG, (via FAG: BK, JG, OB, AG, BuKn, AS), BP, DB
Deviations from the TCG
1. Players started with only 4000 LP.
2. Obnoxious Celtic Guard was called "Obnoxious Celtic Guardian" in the Dub.
3. The Armor monsters were monsters that could equip to their own and provide protection and/or an analysis of their opponent.

4. The Seal of Orichalcos had different artwork, doubled the number of monsters its owner could have at a time, prevented both players from leaving until the Duel was over and didn't destroy their opponent's Special Summoned monsters.