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Episode 164: Reliving the Past

At the circle, Yami remains still, unable to forget what he did to Yugi. Not far away, Raphael arrives, confirming that Yami survived but has to change that. He calls Dartz about his finding, then goes to finish what he started but as Yugi's friends were warned about earlier, Raphael finds himself caught by the evil spirits. Dartz isn't surprised that Raphael doesn't understand this and demands Raphael to throw the Orichalcos Stone into the circle and calls upon the Orichalcos Soldier to bring Yami. The ground shakes as the Orichalcos Soldier appears and Ironheart has seen it before. The spirits help Yami literally see into the past and Yami realizes that this is the same being from that war. Ironheart recalls battling Dartz at the very spot Yami is now in the battle for Atlantis.


Dartz calls upon the Seal of Orichalcos and it appears where Yami and the OS are. OS then brings out whom Dartz calls Orichalcos Gigas (400) in Attack Mode, getting the 500 ATK boost to 900 from SoO's effect. Dartz then orders it to attack Yami but Yami dodges the first and the spririts block its second attack. Yami activates his Duel Disk and summons Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts (1500) and Berformet (1400) in Attack Mode. Then he uses Poly to bring out Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast (2100) in Attack Mode and attacks, destroying OG and leaving OS down to 2800 LPs.

OC uses OG's effect to bring it back with 500 more ATK, bringing its ATK up to 1400. It attacks but Chimera destroys it, leaving OS' score down to 2100. However, OG returns with 1900 ATK so Yami uses Fissure to destroy it, which works but OG comes back again with 2400 ATK. OG attacks, destroying Chimera to leave Yami down to 3700 LPs but letting Yami bring back Gazelle in Attack Mode, which gets attacked and prompts Yami to activate Mirror Force, which destroys OG but OG returns with 2900 ATK and destroys Gazelle to leave Yami down to 2300 and realizing that it can't be destroyed.


Nevertheless, as OG attacks, Yami plays Obnoxious Celtic Guardian (" ") (1400) in Attack Mode and it gets attacked, leaving Yami down to 800 LPs (Why would you play a weaker monster, especially against one that can't be destroyed?). One more attack and Yami is finished so Ironheart heads down the slope to deliver Yami the Eye of Timaeus card.  Yami is transported back to the ancient war and watches the events unfold. Knowing that Ironheart can't fight alone, Chris gets on Sky and the two help out. As Ironheart gets within feet of Yami's duel, Dartz strikes him down with lightning, causing him to disappear but not before he instructs Chris to deliver the card to Yami. Gigas continues attacking so Yami plays Kuriboh to spare his LPs. Along the way, Chris and Sky are hit with another bolt of lightning and fall to the ground. Chris gets up but Sky is beaten.


Chris forges on narrowly missing more lightning bolts but is finally hit and knocked to the ground again, just inches away. He delivers Yami the card before disappearing. Yami pleas for Timaeus' help and tributes OCG for Dark Magician Girl (2000) in Attack Mode. Next he plays Eye of Timaeus and fuses it with DMG for Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight (2600) in Attack Mode. Furthermore, he equips her with Excalibur, doubling its ATK to 5200. His attack destroys OG and the OS. The resulting light is seen by Tristan and Joey and Joey figures it has to do with his Claw of Hermos card, which is glowing and darts off despite Tristan's protest that Joey is to carry Rex now. Back at the duel, the Seal fades away and Yami thanks his monsters before they disappear. They move to a carving of the ancient battle showing Ironheart and Yami now has three more reasons to hunt down Dartz!