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Episode 151: An Unexpected Enemy

After hitching a ride with a stranger, they find the driver stopped at a gas station with no sign of coming out. Worse still, a different biker gang arrives while Raphael and Valon watch from above. Just when it looks like Yugi and the gang are done for, Mai steps in and take them all down with her cards but one of the bikers damages a gas pump, setting the whole gas station on the verge of exploding. Yugi and crew bolt by car but end up overheating the engine and Yami wonders why Mai didn't stick around with them. With no ride, they get a truck driver to pull over and let them on but he's not happy about it. While Kaiba heads off with his new Fang of Critias card, Yugi and the gang find Industrial Illusions completely deserted, except for Dartz's gang. In fact, Mai had gotten to Pegasus prior by defeating him in a Duel and taking his soul. Now Joey wants Mai back and agrees to Duel against her but she won't listen to anything he says.

Episode Cards
DUEL 1: Mai: TSoO (2 copies, 1 per Duel), HLPF, HL
Deviations from the TCG
1. Players started with only 4000 LP.
2. Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation destroyed a number of monsters the opponent controlled equal to the number of Harpie Ladies the owner controlled and dealt the opponent damage equal the combined ATK of their destroyed monsters.

3. The Seal of Orichalcos took the soul of the player that lost a Duel it was used in.