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Episode 151: An Unexpected Enemy

Inside the car, with no sign of the driver, the group decide to check up on him. They quickly find that the gas station is empty but Joey picks up on a noise that turns out to be a second biker gang. Yami finds this to look dangerous and takes over for Yugi. Realizing the biker gang isn't taking requests, the gang bolt with the biker gang right behind them and we find that it was the first biker gang that sent the second as Raphael and Valon converse from atop a cliff.  The gang find themselves surrounded as the biker gang literally make circles around them. When one of them attacks, they get reflected back  and the group have no idea what hit them until a familiar face appears on her own motorcycle and takes out the group with her cards (I wish I could do this but it's impossible so I don't know how she's doing that unless the group is really all bones and no skin).

Yugi and crew dart off again but Joey stays back when he finds a Duel Monsters card and discovers Mai is the one that helped out as she takes the card and Joey gets a glimpse of her face. One more biker member attacks and Mai sends him off his bike, which slams into the gas pump, starting an inferno. Joey gets into the car and they zoom away just as the gas station explodes but Mai emerges from the flames. Raphael goes to find out who this someone is that likes to crash parties but Valon already knows who she is and where she's going. Back at Duelist Kingdom, Mokuba asks Kaiba about what Alister had done and said but Kaiba refuses to believe it and can't understand how he got the Fang of Critias card. He decides that only the real Pegasus would have info and flies off in his Blue-Eyes White Jet.

Meanwhile, the group's car overheats, leaving them to walk until Joey and Tristan argue and Tea` and Yami have to break them up. Squealing tires are heard and result from a pick-up truck coming down the road so Tea` gets his attention to stop as he's already in love with her but has to put that aside when he sees there's more than just her. Nevertheless, he lets them ride in back but isn't too happy about it. Tea` asks Joey about how he know it was Mai and learns that it was a Harpie Lady card and a glimpse of her face that revealed her. The group think it's great what Mai did but Yami wonders why she didn't stick around. Elsewhere, Rex and Weevil have just come back from their beating with the street gang but another thug steals Weevil's wallet and is stopped by Duke Devlin's die and taken aboard on a trip in Duke's car. The duo decide to lie about being Yugi's friends to get the break they've been waiting for and explain to Duke what they know.

At Industrial Illusions, Yami and the gang find the place empty but Yami fears the first biker gang is expecting them and already got to Pegasus. Fears are justified when the gates close behind them. They also find it's not as empty as they thought as Mai arrives from the balcony to the ground floor on her motorcycle, removing the helmet and revealing herself completely as Mai. However, she's not the Mai they knew and recalls her duel with Pegasus, where she activates the Seal of Orichalcos and gets Pegasus down to 100 Life Points. Her turn begins as she plays Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation, letting her destroy monsters up to the same number of Harpie Lady monsters she has and dealing Pegasus damage equal to his monsters' ATK, winning the duel and taking Pegasus' soul and shows the gang Pegasus' soul inside the card.

Joey demands she start talking and finds there's more of the biker gang as Raphael and Valon appear. Mai was never a part of their group and wants to defeat all of them and activates her Duel Disk, saying she's starting with Joey. She takes her turn by activating the Seal of Orichalcos. Joeys pleas are ignored by Mai as she summons Harpie Lady (1300) in Attack Mode, getting the 500 ATK boost to 1800 by The Seal's effect. Joey won't lose another friend and they have to stop this duel now!