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Episode 129: Clash in the Coliseum (1)

Kaiba is already at the top with Yami on his way up but Kaiba will win if Yami doesn't arrive soon. Down below, the rest of the gang monitor Joey and find him motionless apart from a brief hand twitch. Yami arrives and Kaiba takes them to a holographic version of the colisseum with screaming fans. Yami does what he can before Kaiba gains the upper hand with a stronger monster and a powerful Spell Card. Yami strengthens his defenses before Kaiba opts to bring out his God Card but Yami intervenes and takes back one of his monsters. However, Kaiba has another Spell Card and uses it to regain one of his. Just when Yami appears to face Kaiba's God Card, Yami counters with a Trap Card that pins it in place for 4 turns. Kaiba switches tactics by bringing out a powerful Fusion Monster, then takes aim at Yami's God Card but Yami gets his God Card from Kaiba's hand with his own Spell Card.

Episode Cards
DUEL 1: Kaiba: XHC, SpSa, SE, EC, YDH, XYDC, LoO
Queen's Knight, Alpha the Magnet Warrior, Change of Heart, Lightforce Sword, Exchange
Deviations from the TCG
1. Players started with only 4000 LP.
2. Soul Exchange let the owner Tribute any number of opponent's monsters for a Tribute Summon and didn't take away their Battle Phase.

3. XY-Dragon Cannon appeared by combining its Fusion Materials.
4. Lightforce Sword could even stop monsters about to be Summoned to the field.
5. Exchange had different artwork.
6. Enemy Controller cost 1000 LP to use either effect.
7. Lullaby of Obedience cost only 1000 LP to use and simply added the declared card from the opponent's Deck to your hand.