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Episode 129: Clash in the Coliseum (1)

At the top of the Duel Tower, Roland tells Kaiba that he'll win automatically if Yami doesn't show up soon and Kaiba knows Yami would be a fool to miss the duel because the winner faces Dark Marik for the championship. Yami is on the way via the elevator and when he arrives, the platform is raised almost immediately. Kaiba asks where Yami's friends are and Yami states that Joey is in more danger than Kaiba could ever know but Kaiba wants none of it because as far as he's concerned, Joey never belonged in the tournament.


Meanwhile, Serenity pleads for Joey to awaken and there's some minor hand movement but Duke dismisses it as a reflex. Tristan decides to find Mokuba to learn why there's no chopper on the way yet. Tea` ponders how the tournament got so far out of hand and Ishizu senses this, assuring to look into the light.Back at the duel, both duelists draw their cards and Kaiba decides to add a holographic coliseum to their duel and lectures Yami on past civilization (so you believe this but not what Ishizu tells you?) and gives Yami the first move.


Yami obliges by playing Queen's Knight (1600) in Defense Mode, then setting 1 card to end his turn. Kaiba's draw gets him his God Card and Yami wonders if Kaiba will uses the same combo used on Ishizu to defeat him, then figures there's something new planned for him. Nevertheless, Kaiba summons X-Head Cannon (1800) in Attack Mode, then activates Spell Sanctuary, letting both players add a Spell Card to their hands from their decks (and apparently also lets the player use that Spell Card on their opponent's turn as stated in the Japanese version).


Yami gets suspicious, but figures Kaiba's choice must've been worth the risk. Kaiba sets 1 card face down to end his turn, confident that Yami will stare in the face of defeat. Meanwhile, Tristan learns of the problem Mokuba has been having with communication and tries getting through himself. Dark Marik washes his face before exiting the bathroom, confident that Yami will bow before him. Back at the duel, Yami draws and summons Alpha the Magnet Warrior (1700) in Defense Mode and sets 1 more card to end his turn.


Kaiba uses Soul Exchange in an effort to tribute Yami's and his own (the real card only lets you tribute 1 monster in place of your own and you can't conduct your Battle Phase that turn) but Yami is ready with his face down Change of Heart card to take Kaiba's X-Head Cannon for the turn. However, Kaiba activates Enemy Controller to take back his XHC for 1000 Life Points, brining his score down to 3000. (The real Enemy Controller has no Life Point cost but forces you to tribute a monster to gain control of an opponent's monster.) However, just as he's about to summon Obelisk, Yami activates his other face down card, Lightforce Sword, keeping Obelisk pinned on the field for 3 turns. Ishizu takes the elevator, still wondering what will happen during Yami's duel with Kaiba.


Yami draws, having nothing on the field or in his hand that can take down XHC so he sets 1 card to end this turn. Dark Marik arrives through the hologram coliseum to see Kaiba play Y-Dragon Head (1500) in Attack Mode and Kaiba gets Yami to realize they combine for XY-Dragon Cannon (2200) in Attack Mode. (The real card is Special Summoned by removing from play its Fusion Materials.) Once Kaiba plays Z-Metal Tank, he'll make his monster stronger (in the CG, much like XYDC, XYZ-Dragon Cannon is a separate Fusion Monster that is summoned the same way as XYDC, making it impossible to simply add ZMT to XYDC). Worse still, Yami knows that once Kaiba gets Obelisk back, he can tribute XYDC for it summoning (not so in the CG as XYDC is one Monster Card).

His attack takes out Yami's Alpha. Next, he uses Lullaby of Obedience, allowing Kaiba to add 1 high-level monster from Yami's Deck to his hand, choosing Slifer the Sky Dragon, which was so buried Yami wouldn't have drawn it anyway (at a cost of 1000 Life Points, which'll bring his score down to 2000 but that's not stated in either version of the episode). However, Yami figured this might happen and activates Exchange, remembering the last time he used it and it still has the altered Japanese artwork as shown at 18:30 into the US episode). His choice gives him Slifer back and forces Kaiba to take a Trap Card. Now the virtual audience cheers Yami on.