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Episode 107: Mechanical Mayhem (2)

Serenity's cries are heard and the gang race off to find her. Duke starts to take control of the Duel with dice cards that Nesbitt protests have no logic at all. However, Nesbitt returns the favor by making a new Deck Master using his old one and a Spell Card's effect to revive another old one. Serenity draws, having no idea what to do until her Deck Master sheds light on a move she can make by discarding 1 card from her hand. Serenity is able to bring out a storng Fusion Monster and power it up enough to take down Nesbitt's new Deck Master and Nesbitt himself but Nesbitt won't go down empty handed and takes Tristan's body anyway, leaving Tristan to be a robot monkey for the forseeable future.

Episode Cards
DUEL 1: Duke Devlin: Dimensionhole, DD, DiDu, OtR (via DD),
(via his Deck Master ability after being Set by Tristan)

                Serenity: Marie the Fallen One
, St. Joan

                Nesbitt/Deck Master:
RK (from the sidelines), RP, MK (via Recycling Plant), PMK
Deviations from the TCG
1. Players started with only 4000 LP and were forced to choose a monster to serve as their Deck Master.
2. If their Deck Master was destroyed, the owner lost the Duel automatically.
3. Players could move their Deck Masters to the field at any time during their turn.
4. Marie the Fallen One was a Normal Monster in the Dub.
5. Perfect Machine King was a Fusion Monster that gained 500 ATK for every Machine-Type monster in play, including itself.

6. Goddess with the Third Eye was a Deck Master that could Fusion Summon without the owner needing Polymerization by having the owner discard 1 card from their hand.