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Episode 107: Mechanical Mayhem (2)

Yugi's group hear Serenity's cries once more and race off. Meanwhile, Serenity has put the blame on herself for what has happened in the duel thus far (and I'm sure Duke knows it's true but is trying to comfort her). Nesbit is making her matters worse so they agree to skip her turn and Duke begins with Dimensionhole, removing his own monster from play for the turn (it comes back during your next Standby Phase with the real card), lowering Nesbit's Machine King by 100 ATK down to 3300. Next he simultaneously plays the Field Spell Dimension Dice and his other Spell Dice Dungeon. Then he tributes his 2 monsters for Orgoth the Relentless (2500) in Attack Mode. Using Dimension Dice's effect, he moves OtR on the board and Nesbit selects MK. With two less Machines out, MK is down to 3100 ATK. They'll take turns rolling the die and Duke's roll yields a six, doubling his monster's ATK to 5000. Nesbit isn't so lucky and gets a 1, lowering his monster's ATK by 1000 to 2100 and leaving Nesbit to question whether Duke is making the rules up. Duke attacks, destroying MK and leaving Nesbit's score down to 1100.

Nesbit draws, saying their luck is about to run out and moves his Deck Master Robotic Knight (1600) to the field in Attack Mode, then plays Recycling Plant, letting him revive a monster and fuse it with himself. He revives Machine King and fuses to become Perfect Machine King (2700) in Attack Mode, gaining 500 ATK per Machine for a total of 4700 plus 500 thanks to CN's effect, giving his final total ATK 5200. (The real PMK is an Effect Monster that does not gain 500 ATK for itself.) His roll cuts his monster's ATK in half to 3850 and he protests that the game is illogical. Duke rolls a 1, leaving his monster 1000 less ATK to 1500. Nesbit attacks, destroying OtR and leaving Duke down to 150 LPs.

Watching from his lair, Noah protests that Nesbit isn't a real robot but a scared little man deep down. Soon the Big Five will have new bodies and won't be working for Seto Kaiba. Kaiba mentally says destroying the lab was his best idea and recalls Nesbit watching his lab be destroyed and stating that it was a terrible mistake only to be warned to offer something else for the company or be without a job. He spent months building games for Kaiba and hated every minute of it. Duke's coaxing isn't doing much good and Nesbit warns that Serenity has two minutes to make a move or he'll count it as a forfeit and she'll join Tristan. At last, Serenity gets the courage to take her turn and throw an insult Nesbit's way.


Yugi's group finds Duke and Serenity's duel and their cheerful moment is cut short. Serenity gets up after her brother's words are spoken and inspects her hand. Oops! At 14:11 into the US episode, Marie the Fallen One at far right is a Normal Monster! She remembers the rules Tristan taught her back when they were on the train to Battle City and tributes Lady Panther for Marie the Fallen One (1700) in Attack Mode. She looks for the Polymerization card when her Deck Master Goddess with the Third Eye can fuse monsters without Poly by discarding 1 Spell Card. Serenity agrees to the terms and helps her bring out St. Joan (2800) in Attack Mode, not enough to defeat PMK.

However, thanks to Command Angel's effect, St Joan gets 400 ATK, giving it 3200 ATK. Duke uses his Deck Master's ability to discard 2 cards and activate Tristan's face down card, which is Rare Metal Soul and chooses St. Joan for its effect, raising his ATK by 1000 to 4200, equal to PMK's ATK (as PMK had been losing 500 ATK due to the loss of Machine-Type monsters on the field but there appears to have been no indication that this occured). Both monsters are destroyed but since PMK was Nesbit's new Deck Master, he loses but still vows to claim Tristan's body. Yugi's group crowds around Serenity. They're back together but just need Tristan. In some kind of lab, a robotic monkey thing appears, asking where he is in Tristan's voice.