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Yu-Gi-Oh "Mind Game (Part 3)" Episode Cards

1. Any Japanese cards below may be poorly translated.

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Card #2
The Winged Dragon of Ra
DIVINE / Divine-Beast / Level 10 / ATK ???? / DEF ????
Spirits sing of a powerful creature that rules over all that is mystic.
Released in: Legendary Collection (LC01-EN003)
Notes: 1. Card was gained control of after Mai failed to recite the necessary ancient chant.

2. In both versions of the episode, the owner had to recite a chant before the monster would appear and its ATK and DEF were determined by the monsters used to Tribute Summon it.
Used by: Dark Marik
Card #1
Holding Legs
EARTH / Fiend / Level 4 / ATK 800 / DEF 600
When this card is Summoned, return all Spell and Trap Cards on the field to their owners' hands.
Released in: No release
Notes: Card info is from Yu-Gi-Oh Wikia.
Used by: Dark Marik