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Robot Wars Pullback Toy Reviews

House Robots
The mighty referee for the house robots doesn't have his timer to count the dead robots out or any real way to give red/yellow cards except maybe with its puny scoreboard. Plus his motor design is the same as Shunt's but moving his arms moves his head (only in one direction) Probably the only thing effective is that front wedge he has since his extinguisher is just for show.
This one works just like the real one! His jaws open and close with that lever on his back and he's hard to flip!
Well he has the dreaded bump and reverse motor where the toy will change direction and continue on the same path until it hits something else. His axe is lame too since it only works from the tiny spring just underneath it. His scoops don't touch the ground either. There's also a gold version available but it's just the the original painted gold in a different box.
Mr. Psycho
I was surprised that this one didn't have the friction motor that Sir Killalot had. The claw on his left arm works perfectly and can grab pretty well!
Sir Killalot
He has interchangeable weapons and his motor is friction instead of pullback like the others.
Sgt. Bash
He comes with two weapons (drill and saw) and his jaws work but they don't stay open and because of not being near enough to the ground, the jaws can't grab anything useful.
She has the interchangeable weapons (flywheel and chainsaw) and her tusks are free-moving by means of the lever on her forehead. I dislike the fact that her tusks don't even come close to reaching the ground. Much like Shunt, there's a variant of this toy available but there's just a new paint job (she's silver) and packaging.

Dead Metal

They got his design pretty well down to the last detail! His jaws open and close (and if yours is like mine, you can wedge them open without needing anything else) The only things I dislike about him is that his saw doesn't spin very well and his saw's mount doesn't move forward very easily (unless you take out the screws for the saw's mount, which is tricky).


Competitor Robots
Firestorm 4
He at least has a working flipper (unlike his minibot form) but his wedge shares the same characteristic as his minibot form: It isn't low enough to be effective!


Well I must say he's very sturdy in construction. However, his stupid ripcord is what irks me. From what I gather, its supposed to help him thrust forward like the other pullbacks do. I don't have the stupid thing and am glad I don't since now he can drive forwards, backwards and any other direction. In my opinion, he should've instead had a pullback motor, it would save space in the box as well.


X-Terminator 2
His scoop is pretty effective but he too has the spring-loaded axe and the toy is exclusive to The Gauntlet Challenger Box playset.

Wheely Big Cheese

I think this one has the strongest spring-loaded flipper of the spring-loaded flipper pullbacks! I have tried it against others and all were flipped (except Growler). The downside is that this design prevents him from running properly upside down.


One thing I like about this one is that its disc moves as the robot does. It comes with two covers, so you can relive those earlier battles it had or start new ones!
Panic Attack
This one at least has a manually operated weapon like Dantomkia and its forks are within an inch from the ground but his wedge skirts aren't low enough to prevent most robots from getting underneath and he doesn't have that self-righting top like his bigger counterpart does.
Chaos 2
The two-time reigning champion Chaos 2. His design is pretty good except that his flipper and it's mechanism aren't very strong. He can't really flip any of the other pullbacks. He'd be lucky to get underneath them even since his flipper doesn't touch the ground. Unfortunately, his flipper mechanism works for a limited time as it tends to break (as stated on certain sites) and will prevent the flipper from closing completely, or at all Could be better overall and this problem persisted even after the toy was modified.
No complaints here except that the blade doesn't move when the robot moves (which is mostly because it's powered by a really fragile spring), nor is his blade colored like it's supposed to. Instead it's all black.


Another well-constructed pullback! He even comes with his interchangeable scoop, which is pretty effective! The downside is, he can't run forwards upside down, he has to run backwards. I personally would've given him two pullback motors, one on top and one on the bottom but I guess they wanted to be as close to the real thing as possible.


An unexpected surprise in this one is that it has two pullback motors, one for each wheel, letting it perform tight figure 8s! Its front scoop is pretty well flush with the floor as well but its flaws are that its beak doesn't drop slowly down like the real one does (probably because they thought it'd be boring) and to get the beak to work, you have to press hard on the button on the side. The mechanism on the front wedge is almost impossible to use since it has to be hit pretty hard to activate. You're better off using the button on the side.
I'm very impressed with this one's design! It's front prongs are very low to the ground, making it virtually impossible for others to get underneath it, and its flipper is also manually operated so there's pretty much no chance of it failing! It can get stuck on its back end, though this is often temporary. Except to pay a pretty penny for this one and the rarer ones like Tornado.