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Robot Wars Minibots Toy Reviews

House Robots
Sgt. Bash
They designed him well except for one thing: his jaws are molded shut but at least his turret is movable though.
Her tusks are movable but you'll have difficulty using them and her tail weapon isn't interchangeable. Could be better.
Sir Killalot
His arms move but his pincers are of little use since they're molded shut.
Dead Metal
I kind of understand them having to not put in his saw blade to put in that center wheel but his jaws are molded shut so he can't grab anyone and drag them around. At least his motorized wheels are in the exact place the real one's are, though.
Dominator 2
I like his design! His front "wedge" can get under almost any of the other minibots and his axe moves too!
Well I can clearly say this one could've been designed better. His wedge has little if any chance of getting underneath anything and his crushing beak is stuck in "attack" mode.
Suicidal Tendencies
His treads aren't movable, in fact his little pincer thing is the only thing movable besides his mini pullback motor.
Mega Morg
Has a movable weapon but his self-righting mechanism won't help him roll back over.
X-Terminator 2
None of his weaponry is movable but at least his wedge has potential to get underneath, though.
Plunderbird 5
Well I must say, it's wedge is pretty good but its weapon only partially moves, which I think is pretty dumb. 
Wild Thing
His disk moves but the same cannot be said for his self-righting arm.
Panic Attack
With his forks that high, I don't see any of his opponents panicking, especially Chaos 2 who can easily get underneath them from any angle.
He's not nearly as destructive as his IRL counterpart is since his disk is molded into his body and if flipped over, he's done for he has the spiked cover, preventing self-righting.
This one too cannot run any of it's other ways up since the actual wheels are part of the robot's body instead of being movable like the wheels it was given when upright. At least it's blade moves, though.
Wheely Big Cheese
Like Firestorm, this one also has the problem with its flipper being not only molded into the frame but being too thick at the front to even get underneath any other competitor. It also cannot run upside down.
Very well-detailed and designed except that his axe isn't movable and neither is his scoop, which also isn't close enough to the ground to do much.
This one certainly cannot split into two robots but at least its flippers work, which seems to be a rarity among the minibots as not all of them have working weapons.
Firestorm 3
He can join Chaos 2 in the "my flipper is part of the body" club as he too cannot use his flipper to flip his opponents and worse still, his front wedge doesn't extend at least most of the way to the floor anyway.
The only downside to this one is that he doesn't run upside down.
Also well designed! However, since it's a minibot and not larger, it doesn't have the counter for counting out dead robots (neither does the Pullback version) and like the other pullbacks, it has 3 wheels, 2 for the motor and one to help balance the robot so to speak.
Chaos 2
This one is fairly well designed! It's flipper acts at best a "ramp" to get under other minibots and push them around since it's molded into the body. Also, unlike the real Chaos 2, this one can land on its side and on its "slanted back" where that clear panel is on the real version and the Pullback version.