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BattleBots Video Game Reviews


Mechadon Hand-Held Game
Despite not having any real success to its name, Mechadon was a real crowd pleaser so it's no wonder it'd have an entire game devoted to it. It's probably the most a toy designer could ask for. The game itself is a bit tricky to play the way it's intended. You're playing as Mechadon and roll the game console along the floor and use the jaws to drag opponents to the hazards, which appear in a semi-circle sporadically during a match. I've found much more success just using the wheels to move as a whole. Unfortunately, there's no sounds from the show, but you do face 4 bots from the show (though sadly with pretty much the same game sprite).
BattleBots: Beyond the BattleBox
Of the two games, this I prefer because not only do you get more bots to fight against, but you're not limited to using the ones in the game. You can make your own too. The downside is making your own can prove just as costly as the real deal. There's also some bugs in the game that were fixed when the game was re-released, though I didn't spend more than 5 minutes on this re-release as I thought it was the same game under a different name (and it pretty much is). It's honestly much closer to the show as you even get judges decisions in the same way with the 45 point system being used. There is also some commentary, but most of it is pretty generic.