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A design not seen since 1999 that ended up winning Team CoolRobots the championship in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's certainly much more accurate than the Custom Series version, but isn't really any more capable of winning fights. The way they work is each of them has a plastic piece that attaches to the underside of the opponent. This way, the two can fight, but you don't get any control over who wins as the weapons are going to be constantly moving. This means certain robots will always win or lose against their opponent. What's interesting is the packaging doesn't tell you who's who, which may make things confusing.

Vlad the Impaler
Now THIS is the accuracy I wanted with the Custom Series toy. Much improved, though the srimech isn't going to help it here as it just serves as the locking mechanism for the weapon. I just play with it the way the real builders would, with the forks down and locked. Works MUCH better that way.

El Diablo
Naturally, El Diablo's teeth were much too small to have any effect on fights so Tiger Electroncs gave them acual bite. I never tested this out, but it's a much more robust version over the Battle Basher.