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BattleBots MiniBots Reviews


More info: https://battlebots.fandom.com/wiki/MiniBots
Mouser Mecha Catbot
It's amazing how much detail can be put into such a tiny toy. Mouser is quite easily recognizable in its Season 2.0 design, complete with the cat face on the front, the saws and even the cybernetic implant. It's too bad there's no pullback feature, or even wheels like the
Robot Wars MiniBots.
Mauler 5150
As a sharp contrast to Mouser, we have Mauler 5150, whom lacks just about every detail of the real robot other than the flails on the side and bolts around the perimeter. There's no sponsorships or anything to really tell you it's Mauler and I attribute that to their apparent rushed schedule, which was noted on the archived Interactive Toy website. A real shame considering it doesn't even spin, contrary to the BattleChain version, which is about the same size.
Scrap Daddy HW210:
Yes, one of the most unpopular robots on the show, one that never appeared on TV, except for about 5 seconds in the very first ep and maybe briefly later on in a recap. They got a toy but a bot like 3-time champ Hazard or Voltronic did not. This Scrap Daddy bot I'd say is one of the harder ones to replicate, especially its disc, but unfortunately it stands no chance in a match with pretty much any of the others.
Mecha Tentoumushi
Lisa Winter's crowd favorite was a pretty obvious choice to be among the 50 toys made in Fall 2001. They even include the antennae and the spiked "spine" to clarify it's the Season 2.0 version. Much more detail than Mauler for sure.
Team Loki/Fembot's deadly full-body spinner is faithfully replicated here, right down to even including an antenna, which wasn't prominantly shown on the real robot despite obviously needing one. There's even the Team Loki logo and the sort-of belt around the middle of the robot and the "sweet knockers" as they were dubbed by the team.
Complete Control
Derek Young's much less controversial robot proved to be a crowd pleaser as well by managing to suplex its opponents, but often not without toppling itself in the process. Unfortunately, with the front forks up, it can't really do anything in a match, but I suppose it may get a lucky grab here or there.
I know what you're thinking. "Who are you talking about?" You wouldn't know of this robot from the classic series as it too never appeared on TV (neither did Doorstop, a basic wedge, but it was also 1 of the 50 toys in the range). The spikes are kinda sharp though.