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Battlebots Metal Mechanics Reviews

1. Toys below are only from what I still have.
Deadblow (version 1)
Pros: Weapon resets using rubber pully, 4-wheel drive, top armor is made with actual metal
Cons: Weapon is not as fast as real robot's weapon
Deadblow (version 2)
Pros: Wedges are close to the ground, chassis builds on wedges being included, top armor remains made of metal
Cons: Side wedges are not hinged, flipper attachment on weapon is wrong color and makes weapon harder to use, tires on wheels are still wrong color, weapon is not as fast as real robot's weapon
Pros: Accurate to real robot, weapon resets on its own using rubber belt, top and front wedge are made of metal
Cons: Weapon does not have real robot's range of motion, only moves weapon, wedge is hindered by plastic feet under toy
Pros: Only tracked robot in the range, quite accurate to real robot, some parts are made of metal
Cons: Tracks are very stiff, instructions depict putting weapon sticker in place after weapon is already installed
Backlash (version 1)

Pros: Simple assembly, top, side and rear armor are made of metal
Cons: Weapon tends to stall repeatedly thanks to chunky weapon teeth catching on weapon belt, wedge is hinged, nuts can be tricky to install at bottom of chassis
Backlash (version 2)
Pros: Improved weapon speed, more stable than previous version, still includes metal top, side and rear armor
Cons: Still uses old kit's inaccurate assembly of rear wedge, wheels underneath weapon supports do not move well
Pros: Unique kit in the range, accurate to real robot, includes battle damage stickers
Cons: Weapon has very limited range, turret can only be turned manually, fitting chassis to top armor can be difficult
Mauler 5150
Pros: Includes handle to hold the toy while weapon is spinning, includes battle damage stickers, accurately reflects robot's Season 3.0 design
Cons: Weapon is quite slow, and especially a hassle with stickers, which otherwise leave toy looking plain