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Battlebots Deluxe Metal Mechanics Toy Review

A unique kit with two possible robots to choose from. You get the choice to build either Minion or Deadblow from the included parts. What's interesting is that the chassis is able to be split apart to make both robots. I'm not sure how they did that, but it works pretty well. It's unfortunate that the wheels don't really match the wheel designs of the real robots and the depiction on the box is a fight that would never happen due to vast differences in weight and both robots being in a different weight class. I guess they're trying to have both be in the same weight class, but for fans of the show, it's highly inaccurate, especially with Deadblow causing damage to Minion's body. The choice of weapons for whichever bot you build is a nice touch, but most of them aren't found on the real robot.

A pretty sleek design for a kit based on the robot. No battle damage stickers for these two bots, but you still get stickers that depict sponsors found on the real robot, though their translucent so you may have a hard time seeing them against the black pieces. What's unfortunate is that the top half of the wedge uses two "brackets" that are just dropped into place, meaning they can just pull out at any time. I get they wanted to have it removable incase you change your mind, but I think they could've done better for that.

I'm not entirely sure why they chose Deadblow for a kit when it already had one by this point and is a poor matchup for Minion as a whole due to reasons already described at the top. The wheels included also do not match Deadblow's at all, and most of the included weapons look pretty much useless. The instructions are also not clear how the weapon assembly is connected, but supposedly it can strike several times a second. All in all, the other weapons just make a complicated kit even more complicated to assemble and far less accurate.