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Battlebots Battle Bashers Toy Reviews

                                                                           Atomic Wedgie
The overall design of this one is pretty good. However, unlike its real-life counterpart, it cannot run upside-down due to its tri-foils up too high, which is another problem. Next, his wedge doesn't completely touch the ground (due to the small wheels he has at the front underneath him), which is a shame because I like to actually battle with them as they did on the show. One final problem is that he can't use the wedge he has properly to get underneath anyone due to the small yellow "tab" if you will on the front.
                                    El Diablo
Another pretty good design by Road Champs. His drum always moves when the robot moves forward (until you disable it) However, he too lacks the ability to run upside down. It's also a shame that his treads aren't what his little friction motor attaches to; it's instead attached to the drum, leaving the treads to be mostly decoration.
                                  Alpha Raptor
Again, here's another Battle Basher that doesn't have it's wheels being what it drives on, it's that same motor. Other than that, he's a pretty good design as well.
                                Vlad the Impaler
Here's one of the Battle Bashers where that little motor works well here! What doesn't work well are his lifting forks. They don't even come close to touching the ground, and appear to be shaped like how Vlad's forks were when in the pits (for safety). They got the overall body design right, though.
I must say, this is definitely one of the better designed Battle Bashers. While the wedge skirts don't completely touch the ground, they are close at least (when compared to the closeness of Vlad's lifting forks) Though, if you're like me and just want to battle them as they did on the show, you'll get kind of annoyed at Biohazard's little "fins" on his lifting arm (which really can't lift with the skirts down).
This one was also designed well, apart from the little "stub" under his wedge.
Unfortunately, this one can join Atomic Wedgie in the "wedge with a tab at the front" club since he too cannot use his wedge to his advantage.
                                  Bad Attitude
Road Champs also designed this one well, except for the tab on the front of his wedge.