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HEXBUG BattleBots BattleBox Arena FX Review


While originally meant for the original playset (which has since been rereleased and updated a bit), it's actually good for any arena you have. It comes complete with a strip of velcro to stick it just about anywhere and is bound to hold strongly for a while. I like that it comes with actual lights and sounds from the show (which is a feature that is not true for the original BattleBox playset). In fact, you not only get Faruq Tauheed's pre-fight intros (minus any names being spoken) and all the sounds leading up to a match beginning.

You even get the robotic voices confirming teams are ready to fight and the buttons lighting up too. What's a bit off about the module is the last 10 seconds are counted as though John Remar (one of the Head Referees on the show) is counting out a robot. Furthermore, it's only really a 2 minute match, whereas matches go up to 3 minutes on the show. It's not much of an issue though, but it could've been done a tiny bit better like actually having the sound of the last 10 seconds and even the buzzer sound. All it takes is like 2 AA batteries, which isn't bad at all. You can even cut right past Faruq's intro and go right into the next match or declare a KO yourself.