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My Robot Wars Tournaments (Page 2)

Round 1: Angler V Bender
Fight Details: Bender and Angler charge towards one another and Bender is flipped over but self-rights. Both robots try to push each other around but are unable. Angler rams Bender into the rails. Bender tries to wedge Angler into the rails but Angler escapes. He activates the Pit just as Angler was on the edge of the Pit. Bender smacks Angler in an attempt to put him into the Pit but falls in himself.
Round 2 (Semis): X-Treme Destruction V Spin2Win
Fight Details: X-Treme D. and Spin2Win meet in the arena's center. X-Treme D. gets underneath Spin2Win and activates the Pit. He attempts to put Spin2Win into the Pit but both robots become stuck so Refbot separates the bots. Spin2Win rams X-Treme D. with his wedge and spikes and is flipped over but is invertible. Both robots remain mobile and out of the Pit for the rest of the match. By a close Judges Decision, X-Treme Destruction is declared the winner.
Round 3: (Finals): Angler V X-Treme Destruction
Fight Details: X-Treme D. and Angler race towards one another and are both flipped over and self-right. Angler gets underneath X-Treme D. and tips him on his side but X-Treme D. self-rights.This happens several more times before Angler gets his lifting arm up and uses it to drag X-Treme D. to the Pit Release Button and activates it. With a minute remaining in the match both bots fall into the Pit and are released but remain mobile for the rest of the match. Angler is the Champion by a close Judges Decision!!!
Round 1: Bender V Wheelchair Bot
Fight Details: Bender and WB meet in the arena's center. WB slams Bender into the rails. Bender flips WB over. Both robots push back and forth when Bender is sent flying into Sir Killalot's CPZ but escapes. WB flips Bender over but Bender self-rights. WB is then sent to near Killalot's CPZ but escapes. WB then activates the Pit and both robots move dangerously close to it until WB falls in. The winner is Bender!
Round 2: Razler V X-Treme Destruction
Fight Details: Razler meets X-Treme D. in the arena's center. X-Treme D. pushes Razler around and tips him onto his side. He then tries to shove Razler into the rails the hard way but ends up righting Razler instead. Razler attempts to return the favor but X-Treme D. shoves him into the rails with Razler on his back end. X-Treme D. pushes Razler again into the rails and activates the Pit. Razler tries to push X-Treme D. into the Pit only to fall in himself. X-Treme D. wins!
Round 3: U Lose V Spin2Win
Fight Details: U Lose attacks Spin2Win and Spin2Win manages to flip U Lose onto his top but U Lose self-rights. Spin2Win tries to ram U Lose with his spikes but gets caught on the arena rails. U Lose activates the Pit. In an attempt to free himself, Spin2Win loses one of his wheels. U Lose pushes Spin2Win near the Pit  and somehow ends up on his side. Amazingly, despite having only one wheel left, Spin2Win pushes U Lose into the Pit!
Round 1: Spin2Win V Hypnosis
Fight Details: Both robots clash in the center of the arena and neither bot is able to turn things in their favors. Spin2Win flips Hypnosis over but Hypnosis has a self-righting mechanism. Spin2Win gets into Sir Killalot's CPZ but as Killalot tries to drag Hypnosis into his corner, he ironically pushes him away! Hypnosis flips Spin2Win over but Spin2Win is invertible and resumes fighting. Spin2Win rams Hypnosis so hard that Hypnosis flips over and loses a tooth from his blade, disabling it. Hypnosis rights himself. Spin2Win activates the Pit and both robots clash and he nearly falls into the Pit. They clash again and once more, Spin2Win almost falls into the Pit but escapes. Suddenly, Spin2Win 's wedge falls off. Both robots move near Killalot's CPZ and Spin2Win sends Hypnosis flying out of the arena, giving him the win!
Round 2: U Lose V Flammin' Hot Bot
Fight Details: U Lose and Flammin' Hot Bot attack one another and neither bot takes damage. U Lose flips FHB over and FHB struggles to self-right but eventually does and loses his  "flame spike" in the process. Both robots clash and the impact sends FHB out of the arena in pieces, giving U Lose the win!
Round 3: Lifter V Angler
Fight Details: Lifter and Angler come at one another. Lifter tries to get his lifting arm underneath Angler but Angler slams him into the rails. Lifter tries again but misses. He does this several more times and all but one of which are misses. Lifter finally manages to get underneath Angler and flips him over. As he does so, he uses his lifting arm as a clamp and activates the Pit. Angler slams him into the wall such that Lifter's wheels are completely off the ground. Refbot comes over but Lifter somehow frees himself. Lifter gets underneath Angler's lifting arm and takes him to the pit but he falls in instead!
Round 1: Wheelchair bot V Anto
Fight Details: Anto and WB meet in the arena's center. WB flips Anto over onto his side but amazingly, Anto continues moving. He knocks Anto back over. Anto races over and activates the Pit. WB flips Anto onto his back but Anto has a self-righting mechanism and uses it. With seconds remaining in the Heat, WB hits Anto hard and he goes flying towards the Pit but doesn't fall in. By Judges Decision, WB wins the Heat!
Round 2: Razler V S.A.W. (Super Aggressive Warrior)
Fight Details: S.A.W. attacks Razler but deals no damage. Razler grabs SAW and takes him to the rails to deal some "damage". S.A.W.  gets away seconds later. S.A.W. hits him so hard that he goes flying. Razler comes back as S.A.W. hits him but S.A.W. lands upside down but self-rights. S.A.W. hits Razler again but destroys himself in the process. Refbot counts S.A.W. out and the House Robots put his parts into the Pit.
Round 3:  I Maul U V X-Treme Destruction
Fight Details: X-Treme D. gets underneath I Maul U and slams him into the rails. IMU comes back with his blade only to get stuck on the top of X-Treme D.. Refbot separates the bots and the Heat continues. I Maul U charges towards X-Treme D. only to go up and over him. He tries again and once more is launched into the air upside down. He attacks X-Treme D. and X-Treme D. flips over and self-rights. X-Treme D. rams I Maul U, popping off I Maul U's wedge. As time runs out, I Maul U and X-Treme D. become stuck once more. X-Treme Destruction wins by Judges Decision!
Round 1: Lifter V Micro Chaos
Fight Details: Lifter races over towards Micro Chaos and knocks him on his side. Micro Chaos self-rights and continues. Lifter again gets underneath him and flips him over onto his back panel, disabling Micro Chaos. He spins for victory but knocks Micro Chaos back onto his top, allowing him to right himself again. After some hits with his opponent he races over to activate the Pit but can't reach the button. Micro Chaos assists him by activating it. Lifter gets underneath Micro Chaos again and Micro Chaos once more ends up on his back panel and is pushed into the Pit.
Round 2: Quarter Pounder V Angler
Fight Details: Both robots attack one another only to bounce off each other. This happens several times throughout the Heat. After playing pinball with their opponent, both robots charge towards one another one last time with seconds remaining and both become disabled as time runs out. By Judges Decision, Angler wins!
Round 3: BULLdozer V Bender
Fight Details: BULL gets under Bender and flips him over. Bender rights himself. He is repeatedly flipped over by BULL throughout the Heat. Finally, he gets at Bull and manages to get him stuck on the rails but BULL frees himself. Both robots collide and become disabled, Bender on his backside and BULL on his side. Refbot comes out to separate them. Seconds later, as BULL tries to get Bender into the Pit, both robots become disabled again. Bender frees himself but BULL cannot so Refbot counts him out. Sgt. Bash and Sir Killalot put BULL Into the Pit.