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The 1st fan-made BattleBots tournament.

1. Fights shown are from oldest (bottom) to newest (top).
Round 19 (Finals): Toro vs. Chaos 2
Fight Details:
Chaos 2 gets under Toro and flips him over. Toro self-rights and flips Chaos 2 over. Chaos 2 self-rights as well. Toro gets under Chaos 2 again and flips him onto his back. Once again, Chaos 2 rights himself and gets flipped again by Toro and lands on his side. The Pulverizors pound Chaos 2 until he is tipped back onto his back, which he responds by flipping back over. Toro tries to flip Chaos 2 over but in the process, his flipper becomes disabled, to which Chaos 2 takes advantage of by completely disabling the flipper. He flips Toro onto his top but Toro cannot self-right due to his disabled flipper and is counted out while the Killsaws do damage. Chaos 2 wins by KO and is the champion!!!!!!!
Round 18: Toro vs. Techno Destructo
Fight Details:
Both bots hit each other twice but nothing happens. Toro flips TD over but TD is able to run on his side. Toro flips him back over. Both bots take a ride on the Killsaws. Toro flips him again and takes him to the Pulverizors, which remove his first roll-over cage side. He then takes TD to another Pulverizor and TD suffers more damage. Without his roll-over cage, TD is able to run upside down and continues the match. Both bots ram one another and Toro ends up on his back end and is unable to tip himself back over right away but tips himself onto his back and self-rights. The match ends as Toro gets one more flip. Toro wins by Judges Decision!
Round 17: Chaos 2 vs. El Diablo
Fight Details: El Diablo charges at Chaos 2 but he only rides up and over. This happens several times throughout the match. Chaos 2 and El Diablo ram each other and Chaos 2 ends up on El Diablo's back and El Diablo takes him to the Killsaws. As the match wears on, El Diablo rams Chaos 2 and his drum goes flying out of the arena and somehow lands back in the arena. Without his drum, El Diablo smacks Chaos 2 and both bots become stuck together for the remainder of the match. Chaos 2 wins by Judges Decision!
Round 16 (Semis): Toro vs. Dooall
Fight Details: Both bots have difficulties moving out of their squares. Toro flips Dooall over and disables his own flipper as a result. He gets under Dooall and takes him towards the Pulverizors, which pound on Dooall until it "breaks off". Dooall charges Toro only to be taken to the second Pulverizors, where his weapon comes off. The match ends with not much damage to either bot.
Round 15: Vlad the Impaler vs. El Diablo
Fight Details:
Both bots casually approach one another. Vlad gets under El Diablo and takes him under the Pulverizors, which hit hard until the hammer "breaks off". The next hit links the two together with El Diablo on his side and his drum locked with one of Vlad's panels. The Killsaws are able to separate the bots and they keep fighting. El Diablo and Vlad take a hit from the saws again. Vlad rams El Diablo and he "rolls over" onto his back but his righting mechanism flips him back over. This continues at least 3 times. El Diablo takes another few hits from the Pulverizors and one of his spikes comes off. Both bots clash again and El Diablo's drum is disabled. The drum is sent flying out of the arena following the next hit. Time runs out and the judges declare El Diablo the winner despite his damage to himself.
Round 14: Chaos 2 vs. T-Minus
Fight Details: Both bots meet in the center of the arena and T-Minus attempts and fails to flip Chaos 2 over. Chaos 2 tips TM over and TM has trouble flipping back over but succeeds. TM gets pushed under the Pulverizors and the hammer "breaks off". Chaos 2 flips TM over and once again TM rights himself. Not much happened for the remainder of the match. Chaos 2 is the winner by Judges Decision!
Round 13: Dooall vs. Sabotage
Fight Details: Sabotage and Dooall ram one another. Sabotage strains to flip Dooall over and succeeds to get him on his side, where he cannot move. Sabotage tips him back over and the match continues. Sabotage rams Dooall and is flipped over, but is designed to run both ways so he continues. Amazingly. despite all of his ramming, no parts are taken off until the last hit and most of his entire flipper comes off. Dooall is left high-centered on the front of Sabotage's flipper. The Killsaws do light damage to Dooall as time runs out. By Judges Decision, Dooall is declared the winner. 
Round 12: Dooall vs. Backlash 2
Fight Details:
Dooall slams Backlash 2 into the wall but Backlash 2 recovers. Dooall appears to have drive problems on his left tread but manages to keep going. Both bots clash in the center of the arena with Backlash 2 suffering damage. Dooall pushes Backlash 2 under the Pulverizors for 4 solid hits and Backlash 2's wedge is spit open. The next hit sends Backlash 2 into the wall in such a way that he lands just short of his self-righting mechanism. He is counted down but not out as he finds a way to tip himself back over. Both bots ram each other again and this time, Backlash 2 has no way of righting and is counted down and out. Dooall wins by KO!
Round 11: Toro vs. Question Mark
Fight Details:
Toro immediately attacks Question Mark and QM's first panel comes off, which is followed by the second panel seconds later. This hit disables Toro's flipper. QM pushes Toro under the Pulverizor, which appears to do no damage until the hammer "breaks off". Toro's flipper somehow pops back into place and gets under QM twice and flips him over both times. After more ramming from both bots, Toro flips him over but this time, QM's remaining self-righting panels are on the outside and he cannot right himself and is counted out. Toro wins by KO!
Round 10: Dr. Inferno Jr. vs. Techno Destructo
Fight Details:
Both bots meet in the arena's center but no damage is done. Techno attacks again only to have Dr. Inferno push him under the Pulverizors, where Techno's "rollover cage" is taken off. Techno comes back and rams Dr. Inferno so hard that Dr. Inferno flips over and his body is "mangled". He is counted out and Techno wins by KO!
Round 9: Chaos 2 vs Firestorm
Fight Details:
Both bots casually move out of each other's squares. Chaos 2 attempts to flip Firestorm over but cannot. Firestorm manages to get underneath Chaos 2 and slams him into the wall. Chaos 2 this time flips Firestorm over, but thanks to Firestorm's self-righting mechanism, he flips back over. Chaos 2 again flips Firestorm over and again Firestorm rights himself. Firestorm then takes a hit from the Killsaws. Chaos 2 manages to again get underneath Firestorm and flip him over but he lands under the Pulverizors, which pound Firestorm until it "breaks off".  This continues until Firestorm is hit by the Pulverizors, which activate his flipper mechanism. Firestorm comes back and pushes Chaos 2 under the Pulverizors for some revenge. Time runs out as Chaos 2 makes one final flip over on Firestorm. Chaos 2 is wins by Judges Decision!
Round 8: T-Minus vs. Mauler 5150
Fight Details:
Mauler and T-Minus race out of their squares and T-Minus tries to flip Mauler over and succeeds. Mauler ventures too close to the Killsaws and is flipped on his side. He is counted down but at the last second, T-Minus tips him onto his back. T-Minus takes a hit from the Killsaws. T-Minus attempts to flip Mauler over again but his flipper malfunctions and he cannot complete the flip. Mauler sees the opportunity and rams T-Minus into the wall where T-Minus' body is in such a way that he cannot move. He corrects the problem however. Time runs out and despite T-Minus' damage to his armor, the judges award him the victory.
Round 7: Sabotage vs. The Devil
Fight Details:
The Devil gets immediately flipped over by Sabotage. The Devil flips back over with the help of his self-righting mechanism. Sabotage puts The Devil onto his back and takes him to the Pulverizors.  Both bots hit head-on and Sabotage flips over, but he is designed to run upside-down so he continues the match. The Devil pushes Sabotage under the Pulverizors, where Sabotage , after four hits, loses his flipper. They both clash in the arena once more but this time, The Devil loses the ability to drive forward or backward, only in circles due to his loss of his right tread. As the match continues, The Devil stops moving. He is counted down but seconds before the countdown ended, he found the ability to move his left tread again. Time runs out. Sabotage is awarded victory despite loss of flipper.
Round 6: Vlad the Inhaler vs. Dr. Inferno Jr.
Fight Details:
Vlad races out of his square while Dr. Inferno is having minor difficulties getting out but overcomes the problem. Vlad rams into Dr. Inferno only to be rammed into the wall. Both bots ram again but this time Vlad ends up upside down with one of his panels on the outside. He tries to self-right but is unable to as he is counted out. Dr. Inferno Jr. wins by KO!
Round 5: Minion vs. Vlad the Impaler
Fight Details:
Both bots casually approach one another. Vlad then takes a ride over the Killsaws followed by being pounded by the Pulverizors. Afterwards, Vlad gets underneath Minion and takes him to the Pulverizors where Minion's saw is taken off. Minion and Vlad attempt to ram one another but misses, therefore becomes cornered between the Killsaws and the Pulverizors. Both manage to escape and at this point, Minion's motor cover is open. Vlad attacks Minion, flipping him over and removing Minion's "wheel holder" and since Minion can no longer self-right, he is counted out, while Vlad goes and sits back in his square while Minion is counted out.
Round 4: Diesector vs. El Diablo
Fight Details:
El Diablo storms out of his square and gets under Diesector, pushing him under the Pulverizors. Diesector opens his jaws in an attempt to clamp Diablo but fails. Diablo moves too close to the Killsaws and gets hit. Diesector manages to get under Diablo twice but Diablo escapes both times. Diesector is having trouble going around the bent decal stickers on the BattleBox floor but manages to get around it. Diablo rams Diesector and manages to flip him over. In response to this, Diesector opens his jaws and rams Diablo but nothing happens. Both bots take damage from both the Killsaws and the Pulverizors. As time runs out both bots continue attacking one another. The judges award Diablo the winner by Judges Decision.
Round 3: Hazard vs. Toro
Fight Details:
Both bots slowly make their way towards each other. Toro attempts to flip Hazard over but fails. He tries again and this time Hazard's wedge lifts up, but Hazard's blade knocks it back down. Next, Toro flips Hazard over and pushes him towards the Pulverizors where Hazard takes minimal damage. Hazard, with his self-righting device, flips back over. Toro again manages to flip Hazard but this time Hazard really soars into the air. Toro once again attempts to shove Hazard under the Pulverizor, which pounds Hazard until it "breaks" off. Hazard somehow has the ability to run upside down and attacks Toro, who flips him again, disabling his flipper. Despite this, Toro pushes Hazard under the next Pulverizor, where half of Hazard's blade comes off. With seconds remaining, Hazard slams the now weaponless Toro into the wall. The judges decide that Toro is the winner!
Round 2: Ziggo vs. Question Mark
Fight Details:
Ziggo and Question Mark immediately hit each other with no damage to either bot. Both bots ram each other again and this time Ziggo topples over. Thanks to Ziggo's self-righting flag, he rights himself back onto his wheels. Question Mark gets too close to the Killsaws and is flipped over, which he corrects by self-righting. He and Ziggo ram each other but this time one of Question Mark's panels comes partially off. Seconds later, the panel comes completely off and the bots continue to slam each other. At this point, Ziggo ends up with his flag over the Killsaws, which tip him back over. Question Mark ends up being too close to the Pulverizors and gets hit, therefore his other panel lifts up. Both bots continue their back-and-forth "rammathon" as time runs out. By Judges Decision, the judges declare Question Mark the winner.
Round 1: Alpha Raptor vs. Techno Destructo
Fight Details:
Techno Destructo and Alpha Raptor meet in the center of the arena, where Techno Destructo flips Alpha Raptor onto his back. He moves too close to the Pulverizors and his flipper extention is removed. Alpha Raptor attempts to right himself, but only ends up on his flat end. Techno Destructo pushes Alpha under the Pulverizor and Alpha's lifter head is removed. Techno then wacks Alpha to see if he can push him back over, but instead he loses a side of his "roll-over cage" and Alpha ends up between the arena wall and the Killsaws. He is unable to right himself as he is counted down and out. Techno wins by KO!