My Yu-Gi-Oh and Gx Episodes Season 4, Episode 6

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*Any Japanese cards below may be poorly translated.


The Paths of Destiny (3)


          “I summon Spear Dragon (1900) in Attack Mode,” said Kaiba. Spear Dragon, attack his Doom Lord! Doom Lord is not destroyed. Your LPs aren’t safe thanks to Spear Dragon’s effect for he deals damage to you equal to the difference in his ATK and Doom Lord’s DEF.

          “I don’t think so,” said Aster. As long as Clock Tower Prison has 4 Clock Counters on it, I’ll never take any Battle Damage.

          “I use Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy your Clock Tower!” said Kaiba. Clock Tower Prison is destroyed.

          “Thank you, now I can summon another Destiny Hero to my field,” said Aster. Thanks to Clock Tower’s other effect, if it’s destroyed with 4 Clock Counters on it, I can now summon Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster (????) in Attack Mode. Dreadmaster’s effect now activates, destroying all Destiny Hero Monsters I control but there aren’t any and he also lets me bring back Double Dude and Diamond Dude to my field. As an added bonus, his ATK and DEF equal Diamond Dude and Double Dude’s combined ATK! Dreadmaster’s ATK rises to 2400.

          “Big deal, he’s no match for my Ultimate Dragon,” said Kaiba. My Spear Dragon now switches to Defense Mode and I also switch Vorse Raider to Defense Mode and end my turn. (0)

          “I play another Field Spell, Dark City, boosting the ATK of a Destiny Hero Monster that attacks a Monster with more ATK,” said Aster. Dreadmaster, destroy Vorse Raider!

          “I activate Shrink, which halves your Monster’s ATK for one turn!” said Kaiba. Dreadmaster’s ATK drops to 1200 then rises to 2200 by Dark City’s effect and Vorse Raider is destroyed.

          “I end my turn,” said Aster. (0) No one hides from destiny!

          “I tribute Spear Dragon for Luster Dragon #2 (2400) in Attack Mode,” said Kaiba. That ends my turn. (0)

          “My move,” said Aster. Now, I tribute my 3 Monsters for the one and only Destiny Hero - Plasma (1900) in Attack Mode.

          “All that for a 1900 ATK Monster?” asked Kaiba. How pathetic.

          “Have you heard of his special effect?” asked Aster. What he does is allow me to equip him with one of your Monsters and gain half of that Monster’s ATK and every one of that Monster’s effects. So I’ll take your Ultimate Dragon! Plasma’s ATK rises to 4150. Destiny Hero Plasma, destroy Luster Dragon #2!

          “You’ve triggered my Trap Card, Shadow Spell,” said Kaiba. Your Monster loses 700 ATK and is forbidden to change Modes. Plasma’s ATK drops to 3450.

          “I end my turn,” said Aster. (0)

          “Time to finish you off!” said Kaiba. I remove my Blue-Eyes and my Vorse Raider from play to summon a Monster that will take your Monster down despite having less ATK!

          “What Monster?” asked Aster.

          “I summon Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envy of the End (3000) in Attack Mode,” said Kaiba. Next, I use his special effect. By paying 1000 points, all cards in our hands and on the field are automatically destroyed and you take 300 damage per card destroyed! His LPs drop to 250 and Chaos Emperor Dragon, Shadow Spell, Luster Dragon #2, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Spear Dragon and Dark City, and Destiny Hero Plasma are destroyed, along with the remaining cards in Kaiba’s hand, reducing Aster’s LPs to 2900.

          “So much for your strategy said Aster. I thought you said you were going to beat me this turn but I guess not as I only lost 2100 points.

          “Just go,” said Kaiba. (0)

          “Fine,” said Aster. I summon D - Cubic (0000) in Defense Mode and end my turn. (0)

          “How sad,” said Kaiba drawing his card. I use my Monster Reborn Spell to revive my Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to my field. Ultimate Dragon, trounce his last defense! D - Cubic is destroyed. Make your final move! (0)

To be continued…


Card Info:

Luster Dragon #2
WIND / Dragon / Level 6 / ATK 2400 / DEF 1400
This dragon feeds on emerald. Enchanted by this monster even when attacked, few people live to tell of its beauty.
Found In: Starter Deck 2006
Set #: YSD-EN003
Rarity(s): Common
Notes: Its original printed name was Luster Dragon until another Monster Card with that name arrived in MFC and its new name became what you see here.
           Yu-Gi-Oh US: Called "Luster Dragon" during a scene of an episode.
Card User: Seto Kaiba

Card Info:

Destiny Hero - Plasma
DARK / Warrior / Level 8 / ATK 1900 / DEF 600
You cannot play this card except for Special Summon by sacrificing 3 monsters you have in play. Once per turn, you can equip this card with 1 monster your opponent has in play and have this card get half that monster's ATK. While face up, this card negates the effects of all other Effect Monsters in play.
Found In: Japanese World Championship 2007 Video Game Pack
Set #: WC07-JPB01
Rarity(s): Ultra Rare
Notes: GX Anime: It absorbed the effects of the monster it equipped itself with and required "D - Force" to be active to negate Monster effects.
Card User: Aster Phoenix

Card Info:

Shadow Spell
Continuous Trap
Select 1 face-up monster on your opponent's side of the field. Decrease the ATK of the selected monster by 700 points. The monster cannot attack or change its battle position. When the selected monster is destroyed or removed from the field, this card is also destroyed.
Found In: Starter Deck: Kaiba Evolution
Set #: SKE-041
Rarity(s): Super Rare
Notes: Yu-Gi-Oh Anime: It was a Continuous Spell.
            Yu-Gi-Oh Japan: Its artwork was different.
Card User: Seto Kaiba

Card Info:

Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End
DARK / Dragon / Level 8 / ATK 3000 / DEF 2500
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by removing from play 1 LIGHT and 1 DARK monster in your Graveyard. By paying 1000 Life Points, send all cards in both players' hands and on the field to the Graveyard. Inflict 300 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points for each card that is sent to the Graveyard by this effect.
Found In: Dark Revelation Volume 2
Set #: DR2-EN056
Rarity(s): Ultra Rare
Notes: Yu-Gi-Oh US: Called "Chaos Emperor Dragon".
Card User: Seto Kaiba

Card Info:

D - Cubic
DARK / Machine / Level 1 / ATK 0 / DEF 0
If you Tribute Summon a Monster by Tributing this card, you can activate one of the following effects: - By discarding 2 "D - Cubic" cards, treat this card as two tributes for the Tribute Summon. - By discarding 3 "D - Cubic" cards, treat this card as three tributes for the Tribute Summon.
Found In: Not Yet Released
Set #: None
Rarity(s): Common
Notes: None
Card User: Aster Phoenix

Card Info:

Monster Reborn
Normal Spell
Select 1 monster from either you or your opponent's Graveyard. Special Summon the selected monster on your side of the field.
Found In: Dark Beginning 1
Set #: DB1-EN133
Rarity(s): Ultra Rare
Notes: Yu-Gi-Oh US: Called "Reborn the Monster" for a period and stated it could revive a monster from the Deck during a scene of an episode.
            Yu-Gi-Oh Japan: Its artwork was different.
Card User: Seto Kaiba

Card Info:

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (original artwork)
LIGHT / Dragon-Type Fusion / Level 12 / ATK 4500 / DEF 3800
"Blue-Eyes White Dragon" + "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" + "Blue-Eyes White Dragon"
Found In: Ultimate Edition 1
Set #: JMP-EN005
Rarity(s): Ultra Rare
Notes: Product is a two-pack blister containing 2 Dark Revelation Volume 2 packs and an Ultra Rare version of this card and card was Special Summoned by Monster Reborn's effect.
Card User: Seto Kaiba