My Yu-Gi-Oh and Gx Movie Episode 40

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*Any Japanese cards below may be poorly translated


Fate’s Seal (40)


            “Well Yugi, this is goodbye as my Serpent will destroy your Blue Gadget and win me the duel!” proclaimed Dartz.

            “Guess again, we’re taking over from here,” called two voices. *They unmask themselves*

            “They call me Jack Atlas and I rule the duels,” explained Jack.

            Yusei Fudo, 3rd king of games,” added Yusei. 

            “Well you both seem to know what you’re talking about so why not,” agreed Jaden. *He switches places with Yusei and Jack*

            “I’ll play Mad Archfiend (1800) in Attack Mode and since I have a Tuner monster as well as well thanks to Monster Reborn, I can give all of my monsters a tune-up to and by sending them to the Graveyard, I’ll perform a Synchro Summon for Red Dragon Archfiend (3000) in Attack Mode. Next, I’ll play 2 Creation Resonators (0800 x2) in Attack Mode since I have a Level 8 or higher Synchro monster in play. Then I’ll use my face down Level Retuner to drop 1 of the Creation Resonators’ Levels by 2. Now I can tune them and my Red Dragon Archfiend for something stronger! It’ll be the very monster to take you down! I’ll Synchro Summon Red Nova Dragon (3500) in Attack Mode and in case you plan to destroy him you’re out of luck for he can’t be destroyed by any card effect. Plus he gets 500 ATK for each Tuner monster in my Grave and with 3 being used to bring this guy out, he’ll have 1500 more ATK! *Red Nova’s ATK rises to 5000* Red Nova Dragon, take out Malefic Moon!

            “You clearly have ignored the effect of Fate’s Seal, doubling the ATK of my Malefic Moon!” retaliated (Sartorius).

            “You only think I did for I have a face down and it’s Zero Hole 2 and now all cards on the field are destroyed since I have no cards in my hand, all cards, that is except Red Nova Dragon! *All other cards are destroyed* With my attack not negated, I’ll attack you directly and you lose! *(Sartorius’) LPs drop to 0*

            “I have underestimated you and your friend this is…….goodbye,” stated (Sartorius) becoming Sartorius. *He collapses*

            “We did it, Jack,” said Yusei.

            “Together,” added Jack. *Yugi comes back to his senses*

            “Is the duel over? Who won?” asked Yugi.

            “They did,” answered Jaden.

            “You better believe we did, those two didn’t stand a chance, their deck wasn’t good enough for our combined power,” stated Jack.

            “There you are, where have you two been? You both are due at the satellite for fleeing Sector Security! protested Trudge coming in.

            “It’s alright, they saved the world from total doom, don’t ya think that’s enough to let them off the hook?” asked Jaden.

            “Well……that is a pretty major accomplishment and you do deserve our thanks…….so……….

alright, it’s a deal but no more of this, understand?” replied Trudge.

            “Now that the evil is gone, I don’t think we’ll have much to worry about now,” said Yusei.

            “At least not for quite some time,” added Jack.

            “You two are like legends, I’ve gotta try my dueling skills against you two sometime!” said Jaden excitedly.

            “It’d be a good one for sure,” replied Yusei.

            “You bet, I forced a draw with my school’s top student Zane Truesdale and it was so intense that we were exhausted when we finished,” told Jaden.

            “We might just let you try,” added Jack.

            “Until then, we’ve gotta get going, later guys,” said Yusei. *He and Jack walk away*  [Back in Yugi’s room…] *Yugi awakens*

            Now that was probably the most action-packed dream I’ve ever been in! I wonder if it was a sign of anything to come? Maybe it’s all in my head? It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen things ahead of time. I had the Millennium Necklace Ishizu gave me years ago and that was pretty well as accurate as it could be. Perhaps I just need to lay off the late-night snacks before bed? I guess all I can do is wait and see what the next adventure holds because I’m sure that’ll allow everything to come together.


Card Info:

Red Nova Dragon
DARK / Dragon-Type Synchro / Level 12 / ATK 3500 / DEF 3000
2 Tuners + "Red Dragon Archfiend"
This card gains 500 ATK for each Tuner monster in your Graveyard. This card cannot be destroyed by the effects of your opponent's Spells, Traps, or monsters. When your opponent's monster declares an attack, you can select it, then remove this card from play and negate the attack. During the End Phase, Special Summon this card that was removed by this effect.
Found In: Collector's Tins 2010
Set #: CT07-EN005
Rarity(s): Secret Rare
Notes: None
Card User: Jack Atlas

Card Info:

Zero Hole 2
OC Normal Trap
Activate only when you have no cards in your hand. Destroy all cards on the field.
Found In: Does Not Exist
Set #: None
Rarity(s): Common
Notes: None
Card User: Jack Atlas