My Yu-Gi-Oh and Gx Movie Episode 21

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Fateís Seal (21)


            ďLetís see what I can do now with a dice roll! *The dice land* Too cool, I got a pair of Level 3 Summon Crests so Iíll unlock Elemental Hero Burstinatrix (15/10/10) in Attack Mode. Plus Iíve got a few movement crests from before so Iíll use 2 for both Avian and Burstinatrix to advance them 2 squares each! *Avian and Burstinatrix advance move forward 2 squares* Youíre up Duke,Ē said Jaden.

            ďOh I am and wait until you see what I unleash here! *He rolls the dice and they land* Iíve got a pair of Level 3 Summon Crests so I can unlock whatís inside the rare black die, the Warp Vortex and when I get the other Warp Vortex, itíll go on your side of the field so my monsters will have no trouble getting to your Heart Points but until then, I end my turn,Ē announced Duke.

            ďHeís right, I canít block more than one attack now so Iíll have to get more monsters out! Itís my roll now so letís get some Summon Crests! *The dice land* Iíll summon out another Warp Vortex!Ē proclaimed Jaden.

            ďHow did you get a rare black die?Ē questioned Duke.

            ďWell I just picked up a bunch of dice and I guess it happened to be in my pile. With Burstinatrix near the hole, Iíll have her jump in and reappear on your side. *Burstinatrix jumps in and comes out the other Warp Vortex* Plus, since your Warp Vortex is close to your Heart Points, Burstinatrix can attack you because thanks to her effect, I can take out 2 attack crests and have her attack you from 3 squares away so do your thing Burstinatrix!Ē stated Jaden. *Dukeís upper-most Heart Point turns off*

            ďThatís as far as youíre getting as itís my roll now! *He rolls the dice and they land* I dimension the dice to unlock Shadowknight Archfiend (30/20/30) in Attack Mode. With an attack number of 30, and being so close to the same Warp Vortex that you jumped out of last turn, Iíll just take out your Burstinatrix right now using the 2 Movement Crests I rolled since my 1 Movement Crest was treated as 2 on the particular die I rolled. Iíll move Shadowknight to within striking distance of your Burstinatrix! *Shadowknight moves 2 squares* Archfiend take out Burstinatrix! *Burstinatrix is destroyed* Thatís just the beginning as all your other monsters will meet the same fate each round!Ē announced Duke.

            ďYeah well Iíve still got Card Trooper and Avian with me and itís time to see who Iíll add to the line-up with a dice roll! *The dice land* The only problem is, I didnít get another 2 Summon Crests and my other monsters are too far away to reach Dukeís Heart Points. Iíll just have to sit this one out for now. Iíll leave it at that,Ē stated Jaden.

            ďHow unfortunate but at least I can backup what I say with my dice rolls and speaking of which, itís time I start mine so here goes! *The dice land* Here comes an Item Summoning and with it, Iíll unlock Dangerous Machine Type-6! *Dangerous Machine appears on Dukeís field* With its effect, I can transfer any type of crests in my Crest Pool to another type but for right now, I think Iíll leave my Crest Pool alone and have my Shadowknight take the Warp Vortex for a spin! *Shadowknight jumps into the Warp Vortex and appears on Jadenís side of the field* Since Shadowknight was a Level 4 summoning, he has a very powerful special ability and here it comes as I give up all my remaining Magic Crests to let him strike twice and with your Heart Points in his direct line of fire, Iíll get to take out 2 of your Heart Points! Shadowknight, attack! *Jadenís top and middle Heart Points turn off* Once I get my next turn, youíre done!Ē said Duke.

            ďHere goes! Level 4 dice! Time to see if I can bring out a strong monster too! I roll the dice! *The dice land* Thisíll be good as I got 2 Level 4 Summon Crests and with them, Iíll unlock Elemental Hero Flame Wingman (40/30/30) in Attack Position!

            ďToo bad heís not within striking distance of my monster,Ē replied Duke.

            ďYeah but heís in perfect position for the Warp Vortex so Wingman, jump on in! *Flame Wingman jumps into the Warp Vortex and appears on Dukeís field* This is where it ends as Flame Wingman can strike and take out your last Heart Point so let him have it, Wingman! *Dukeís last Heart Point turns off* Thatís game, Duke,Ē said Jaden.

            ďIím impressed. You made it seem like you had been playing this game forever when it was only your first time,Ē remarked Duke.

            ďIím just naturally lucky. Weíll have to do this again sometime, that was sweet!Ē stated Jaden.

            ďThereís still something I need to do and thatís get this new summoning into the game,Ē replied Duke.

            ďNow thatís something I wanna see! Itíll make this game better than ever before!


*There were no cards used in this episode.*