My Yu-Gi-Oh and Gx Movie Episode 8

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Fate’s Seal (8)


            “Your pointless stalling is further proving my point that you are not a worthy tomb keeper. *His LPs drop to 3500 by Lava Golem’s effect*I activate Gravekeeper’s Stele, which lets me return 2 Gravekeeper’s monsters from my Graveyard to my hand and I’ll choose the two you tributed to bring out the Lava Golem I possess. Plus it too is unaffected by Necrovalley. Then I play my Assailant in Attack Mode and end my turn by setting 2 cards face down,” finished Chief. (5)

            “Only one turn left before my Steelcage is destroyed so I’d better make this count. I summon Gravekeeper’s Cannonholder (1700) in Defense Mode. Then I activate my hidden card, my own Rite of the Spirit to revive my Gravekeeper’s Spy!*Gravekeeper’s Spy appears*. With my Cannonholder’s effect, I tribute my Spy and Descendant to deal you 700 damage for both of them! *Chief’s LPs drop to 2100* I’ll end my turn with that. (3)

            “Enough stalling! *His LPs drop to 1100 by Lava Golem’s effect* Say farewell to all the monsters in your hand as I activate Royal Tribute, forcing both of us to discard all monsters in our hands to the Grave!” announced Chief.

            “I activate Skull Invitation, which will deal 300 damage to the player that sends cards to the Grave and since you’re tossing out 5, you’ll take 1500 damage and I’ll lose 900. This duel is over, Chief! *They discard their cards and Chief’s LPs drop to 0 while his own LPs drop to 5700*

            “Well done, master,” rewarded Odeon to Marik.

            “Perhaps I have been mistaken. You have proven to me that you are indeed a good tomb keeper. It’s time we put aside our differences and agree to continue protecting our grounds,” Chief told Marik.*They go their separate ways* [Meanwhile…]

            “With the rules of the past book now outdated, it’s time to take matters into my own hands and perhaps by using these items as bait to draw my partner in I can make my selection this way. *He takes the items and walks away, wearing a different outfit* [Elsewhere…]

            “Something is definitely wrong here. This place is generally packed with people, especially since Pegasus himself is going to be revealing that new summoning soon,” thought Sartorius. [Back at their pharaoh tomb…]

            “The items are gone!” shouted Marik.

            “What? Who could’ve taken them and with our high-tech security system?” asked Ishizu.

            “We must get them back,” insisted Marik.

            “It’s too dangerous, master but if you must go, then I’m going as well,” Odeon told Marik.

            “Very well, then I’ll stay here and think of a better security system and who might’ve caused all this,” stated Ishizu. *Marik and Odeon bolt outside again* [Outside…]

            “There’s Yugi and his friends. Maybe they have some idea of what’s going on,” pointed Marik. *They rush over*

            “How could all the Millennium Items be stolen just like that?” asked Joey.

            “That’s what we aren’t sure about either. After all, our security system there has been problem-free until now,” agreed Marik.

            “Let’s split up and find this guy,” proclaimed Jaden.

            “Right!” agreed everyone else. *They split off* [With Yugi’s team…]

            “No sign of anyone yet,” announced Yugi.

            “There’s no one in this part of town, it’s weird,” said Tea`.

            “It’s like everyone dropped off the face of the earth except for us and Jaden’s friends,” added Tristan.

            “I just hope Jaden is having better luck on his side,” said Yugi. [With Jaden’s team…]

            “There’s someone,” shouted Jaden.

            “I wonder if he’s one of those new duelists that arrived,” pondered Alexis.

            “There’s only one way to find out,” stated Jaden.

            “So good that you found me, Jaden,” said the duelist.

            “Who are you and what’s in that bag?” asked Jaden.

            “Duel me and you’ll find out soon enough but fail and join my side!” demanded the duelist.

To be continued…


Card Info:

Skull Invitation
Continuous Trap
Each time a card(s) is sent to the Graveyard, inflict 300 damage to its owner for each card sent.
Found In: English Structure Deck: Marik
Set #: SDMA-EN031
Rarity(s): Common
Notes: None
Card User: Marik Ishtar