My Yu-Gi-Oh and Gx Movie Episode 1

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Fate’s Seal (1)

[Inside Battle City…]

            “Man it’s good to have Viper out of da way,” said Joey.

            “Yeah, who knows what he would’ve done if I hadn’t defeated him. Maybe now we can have a normal life here. I’ll just get some sleep and see you guys tomorrow,” said Yugi.

            “I think after all that, that’s sounds like a good idea. See you later, Yugi,” said Tea`.[Inside Yugi’s house…]

            “Night grandpa,” said Yugi.

            “Goodnight, Yugi,” answered his grandpa. *Yugi gets into bed and sleeps* [In his dream…]

            “Where is everyone? It’s like they disappeared off the face of the Earth,” said  Yugi.  

            “Hey, king of games. Glad to see ya,” said Jaden.

            “Same here I guess. So where is everyone?” asked Yugi.

            “There is definitely something strange going on here. Though there always does so that’s not all that new,” said Alexis.

            “Greetings fellow duelists, I have some very important news that you’ll want to hear. There is a special kind of summoning to be released very soon. You’ll find out what it is soon enough but know this, it’ll change the way you duel,” announced Pegasus.

            “A new summoning?” questioned Alexis.

            “A new summoning, this sounds awesome,” exclaimed Jaden.

            “I hope it’s not too complicated,” pondered Syrus.

            “Well that’s one thing that’ll probably be out of the question. After all, if no one can play it or figure out how to play it, the whole thing will be a bust,” explained Alexis.

            “If it’s supposed to change the way we duel, I can’t wait to get one,” replied Jaden.

            “Are you talking about that new summoning Pegasus mentioned? There’s a rumor going around that the cards will be a different color than what we’ve ever seen before,” said Chazz.

            “Now what I’m wondering is if this new type of card will be compatible with our duel disks. Can’t play a new troop if it doesn’t even sign a treaty with the duel disk,” said Hassleberry. [Meanwhile…]

            “A new summoning indeed. Unfortunately for them, I already have one, the very card Pegasus had before his announcement. Once I find a partner to harness the power of this card…..*he sees a news report about new duelists approaching* Well now, I think I’ve found who my opponent will be. It will be a long journey before I select my partner as my past team members weren’t good enough. *he looks through his book of past duelists* My partner needs to be more powerful than any other duelist. Sartorius…..the duelist who tried to take over the world with light……he’s certainly one to think about but can he or any of them truly master this new summoning? Only one way to find out. I have to find these duelists and duel them!” thought Dartz to himself. [Elsewhere….]

            “Grandpa, I’m back,” announced Yugi.

            “Yugi, there’s something I want you to see. It just came up on the news,” explained Solomon. *Yugi walks over to the TV*

            “Several duelists riding strange variations of bicycles have emerged onto the scene and police are now looking into this,” said the reporter.

            “We never had a police force before. It’s good that we have it now because there were plenty of times before where other duelists got their cards stolen and without any police to catch them, they were able to take whatever they wanted,” recalled Yugi.

            “Rest assured that these duelists will be identified by the end of the week,” said the policeman.

            “I hope so,” said Yugi. [Later that day…]

            “Wait a sec, guys, look over there,” announced Tea`.

            “It’s the duelists from the news,” said Yugi. *they rush over and run into Jaden and his friends*

            “Catch the new guys yet?” asked Jaden.

            “I watched the news report about it an hour ago. It seems a little strange that they don’t know who these people are and that it’ll take a week to find all of this out,” replied Yugi. [With good Sartorius and Sarina…]

            “New duelists, something this town needs to stage new tournaments. Without my tarot deck, I cannot predict what they will do and one can only hope that there is nothing sinister about them,” thought Sartorius.


*There were no cards used in this episode.*