My Yu-Gi-Oh Episodes Season 6, Episode 29

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The Third Seal of Oreichalkos (Part 1)

Previously on Yu-Gi-Oh…

            “All right,” said Yami. I activate Brain Control. This card lets me control one of your monsters for the price of 800 lifepoints. Yami’s lifepoints drop to 7200. I control your Labyrinth Wall! Next, I remove Wall of Illusion from play to summon Summoned Skull (2500/1200) in Attack Mode. Summoned Skull’s stats become (3000/800) thanks to Mystic Plasma Zone. Next, I switch Big Shield Gardna to Attack Mode. Big Shield Gardna, attack his lifepoints! Dox’s lifepoints drop to 5100. Summoned Skull, direct attack! Dox’s lifepoints drop to 2100. Finish him off, Dark Blade! Dox’s lifepoints drop to 0. We won! This duel is over!

            “I can’t believe you took out my Gate Guardian!” said Para. 

            “Next time we duel, we will win,” said Dox. In Dartz’s lair…

            “Finally, our time has come to take down the Pharaoh and young Joseph Wheeler!” said Dartz.

            “The Pharaoh won’t win because we have the power of the Oreichalkos,” said Raphael.

            “With the power of the Oreichalkos, I shall reign supreme!” said Dartz. We can’t lose with the power of the Seal in our hands.

            “Yes master,” said Raphael. Those two duelists are going down! Raphael laughs.

            “It’s Dartz… and some other guy,” said Joey.

            “Raphael,” said Yugi.

            “Look, it’s time that we defeat you two once and for all,” said Raphael.

            “Well, you won’t be beating us any time soon,” said Yami.

            “I doubt that, Pharaoh,” said Raphael. In fact, I’ll destroy Wheeler while Dartz takes you out. The odds of you defeating us are slim to none. Wheeler, you won’t stand a chance against the Guardians I have in store for you.

            “Just try me!” said Joey.

            “Pharaoh, don’t get any hopes of defeating master Dartz,” said Raphael. He has cards beyond your wildest dreams.

            “I will win, I know it,” said Yami. I will find a way to take you down, Dartz.

            “We’ll see about that, Pharaoh,” said Dartz. What makes you think that with an indestructible Oreichalkos Gigas in my deck that you have a chance against me? I’d say you’re losing your mind.

            “Wait until I defeat you,” said Yami.

            “It is not that you’ll defeat me it is I that will defeat you,” said Dartz. There’s not a card in your deck that can stand against the overwhelming power of my deck.  The power of the Oreichalkos will lead to my victory and your demise, Pharaoh.

            “The same goes for you, Wheeler,” said Raphael.

            “I don’t think so,” said Joey. Yugi and I are going to take you two apart!” said Joey.

            “Joey is right,” said Yami. The two of you are no match for our friendship,” said Yami. Dartz laughs.

            “Hey, where’s the joke, Dartz?” asked Joey.

            “You two are a joke,” said Dartz. What makes you think I’m going to believe the two of you? You, Joey wouldn’t last a half an hour in a duel against Raphael. As for you, Pharaoh, the likelihood of you defeating me is like Atlantis rising from the depths of the Earth. In other words, your hopes of defeating me are very small.

            “Wheeler, how do you know that you’ll defeat me?” asked Raphael.

            “Because I have a belief in the Heart of the Cards,” said Joey.

            “That’s right, Joey,” said Yami. Thanks to the Heart of the Cards, we will prevail. There is nothing you guys can do to break it.

To be continued…


*There were no cards used in this episode*